How to deal with evil

TOPICS: Be wise as serpents – ultimate denial – leads to self-destruction – do not see it due to spiritual blindness – many beings fell with Lucifer – some have turned around – avoid being pulled into negative spirals – tares among the wheat – being harmless as doves – the end does not justify the means – cannot remove evil; can bring light – no holy war – avoid fanaticism – Christ consciousness is the key – the law of love – respect free will – free will cannot be forced – give them vision of Christ mind – what it truly means to turn the other cheek – transcend karmic spirals –

Question: How does Jesus want people to deal with evil?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

When I appeared 2,000 years ago, I told my followers to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. You must be wise as serpents so that you can see through the lies and the manipulations that pollute every aspect of life on this planet. You must be wise as serpents so that you can avoid being pulled into the downward spiral that the serpents have created on earth. You must understand that the lifestreams of these serpents are in a state of consciousness that is dominated by the ultimate denial.

They are denying God, they are denying themselves (their divine selves) and they are denying themselves as individualizations of God. Therefore, they live in a state of consciousness that is the ultimate spiritual blindness. They do not recognize the law of cause and effect, the law of karma. They do not recognize that they have created a downward spiral which will inevitably lead to their own destruction.

The serpents have descended into such a low state of consciousness that even a cosmic being like myself finds it virtually impossible to reach them. You will recall that after my crucifixion I descended to hell and spent three days preaching to the lifestreams who were trapped there. Hell is more than anything a state of consciousness. I was sent to these lifestreams in an attempt to appeal to those who had confined themselves to this level of consciousness. I must tell you frankly that I had little success in terms of reaching these lifestreams.

Yet, I will tell you that it is not a hopeless calling. As recorded in the Bible, a large number of beings fell with Lucifer. Many of them have since made a better decision and have started to climb back to our Father’s kingdom. Some of them have indeed made it all the way home. Yet, I must also tell you that those who remain are very difficult to reach. Therefore, I do not advise you to spend your time and energy in an attempt to help those who are not willing to help themselves.

Instead, I advise you to become wise to the ways of the serpents, so that you can avoid being pulled into their negative spiral. The idea of coming apart and being a separate and chosen people is based on the idea of the tares that are sown among the wheat. As long as the two are mixed together, God cannot pull out the tares without risking to pull out the wheat. Yet, if the wheat, meaning those whose dare to recognize themselves as sons and daughters of God, will separate themselves out from those in a lower state of consciousness, then God can indeed remove some of these lifestreams from planet earth. God can send them to a different place where they can receive yet another opportunity to make the choice to start the journey home.

How do you become a member of God’s separate and chosen people? I have already told you what it takes to be chosen (see Christhood section). You must choose to answer the call to manifest personal Christhood. You must choose to accept God’s calling.

Coming apart means more than anything else the coming apart in consciousness. You must make a concerted efforts to rise above the dualistic mind on a personal level. You must also make an effort to see through the lies and the manipulations that are spread throughout this planet by those who are seeking to ensnare you and drag you into their own self-created hell on earth. By reaching for Christ consciousness, you can quickly become wise to the ways of the serpents. At the same time, you can fulfill the second part of my command, namely to be harmless as doves.

When you attain a certain measure of Christ consciousness, you clearly discern what is of God and what is not of God. Therefore, you can simply leave behind that which is not of God. We have now come to a crucial point which has tripped up many sincere Christians (and many other religious people) throughout the ages. The question is: “How can you remove evil from planet earth?”

Many people start life as being not particularly religious. Then, they experience a conversion or awakening, and afterwards they are filled with a great (sometimes all-consuming) religious fervor or zeal. This zeal springs from a true desire to do God’s will and to help bring God’s kingdom to earth. Yet, if this zeal is not tempered by the harmlessness of the dove, it all too easily becomes perverted by the subtle logic of the serpents themselves. The modus operandi of the fallen angels who rebelled against God is that the end can justify the means. This is a completely false concept that has nothing whatsoever to do with God.

In heaven, the end can never justify the means. Yet, many religious people become so enthralled by the idea of fighting evil that they suddenly become willing to violate God’s law in order to bring his kingdom to earth. These religious people look at the many horrendous things that are happening on planet earth, and they somehow reason that if only they can remove the evil, then God’s kingdom will automatically appear. This is the false reasoning that springs from the dualistic mind.

You simply cannot remove evil from planet earth. To understand why, go into a room at night and turn off the light. You are now in a dark room. I want you to consider how you could possibly remove the darkness from that room? Could you put the darkness into bags and throw it out the window? Obviously, this would not work and the reason is that darkness has no substance and no reality whatsoever. Darkness is the absence of light. Bring light, and the darkness disappears.

When you look back at human history, you see that more atrocities have been committed in the name of religion than as the result of any other single cause. I must tell you that all of these atrocities were against the will and the intention of God. There is no such thing as a holy war. God loves religious fervor, but God does not want that fervor to be turned into fanaticism.

All battles, whether they resulted in bloodshed or were fought with other weapons, that were fought by religious people in an attempt to remove this or that darkness from planet earth have done nothing to bring about God’s kingdom. Yes, I realize this is a very radical statement that will offend many people. Nevertheless, I must tell you the truth. The simple fact is that if you fight evil, you are attempting to remove the darkness. I realize that to many people on earth, evil can seem very real. Yet, it only seems real because you look at it through the filter of the dualistic mind.

If you truly desire to bring God’s kingdom to earth, then you must focus your attention on bringing the light of the Christ consciousness. You must not allow yourself to be caught in the trap of attempting to remove evil. Simply focus on bringing light, and that light will eventually consume evil. Our God is a consuming fire. Yet, because of free will, God can only consume the darkness on earth when some of the people on earth allow themselves to become the open doors for God’s consuming fire. To become the open door for God’s fire, you must put on personal Christhood.

Let me make it clear here that I am not thereby saying that I want my followers to ignore everything that is wrong on this planet. Obviously, I want my followers to speak out against anything that is not of God. However, how can you speak out against what is not of God until you have attained a certain measure of Christ consciousness and thereby achieved the inner discernment that tells you what is of God and what is not of God?

My point here is that too many religious people allow themselves to think that they can actually do God’s work while they are still trapped by the dualistic mind. As a result, these people all too often select a scapegoat or decide that another group of people is the enemy. Such people reason that the main problem on earth is another group of people. Therefore, it becomes their religious duty to force these people to change their ways. If these people refuse to change, they must be eliminated. This is precisely the line of reasoning that caused Adolf Hitler to kill 6 million Jews in concentration camps. It is precisely this line of reasoning that caused a group of people to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It is precisely this line of reasoning that has caused more bloodshed than any other single factor seen on planet earth.

When you attain Christ consciousness, you attain the wisdom and discernment to see through the lies of the serpents. Yet, at the same time you also attain a total commitment to the will and the perfection of God. Thereby, you become non-attached to the things of this world.

This non-attachment is what I called the harmlessness of doves. When you are non-attached to the things of this world, you clearly see the folly of the idea that the ends can justify the means. You clearly realize that the only way to bring God’s kingdom to earth is through God’s own law. Seeking to bring God’s kingdom through means that are against God’s law simply will not work.

The most basic law of God is the law of love. I preached that law when I appeared on earth. Every aspect of my teaching is permeated by the law of love. Why do you think I told you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Why do you think I told you to love your neighbor as yourself? Why do you think every other true religion on planet earth preaches that very same message? It is because love is the very essence of God’s being. God is love. God is unconditional love.

The only way to bring God’s kingdom to earth is through unconditional love. Hatred and fanaticism simply will not do the trick. To bring God’s kingdom, you must embody God’s love. There is no other way. The many other ways that people follow are the ways that seem right unto a human (who is caught in the dualistic mind), yet the end thereof is the way of death (the way of those who deny God and their own Divinity).

I want you to be an instrument for bringing God’s kingdom to earth. However, to be such an instrument you must overcome the dualistic mind and its tendency to see other people as enemies. You must treat everyone with love.

There is nothing wrong with using your Christ discernment, as long as you are certain that it is Christ discernment, to expose an idea or belief that is not of God. I very much want my followers to be the open door through which the truth of God can be brought to the people of earth. I want my followers to bring truth to planet earth and thereby expose the many subtle lies of the serpents in your midst.

Yet, in bringing truth, you do not have to fight lies and you do not have to fight other people. You simply bring the truth, and then you leave it up to other people to make their free-will decisions as to how they will respond to that truth.

My point here is that the ultimate law of this universe is free will. If you love your neighbor as yourself, you will not violate your neighbor’s free will. You will give him or her the truth as you see it, but you will be completely non-attached to his or her response. You will allow your neighbor to make his or her own choices.

This is what God has done for you, and you must do the same for everyone else. What I am saying here is that you cannot bring God’s kingdom to earth by violating the free will of another human being. If God’s kingdom is to appear on earth, it must appear as the result of choices made by human beings. I am not thereby saying that every human being on earth needs to reach Christ consciousness and make the conscious choice to bring in God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom can indeed be brought to earth through a relatively small number of human beings who reach a certain measure of personal Christhood. Nevertheless, the very key to bringing God’s kingdom to earth is free will. If you want to help bring that kingdom to earth, then you must begin by developing an uncompromising respect for the free will of your brothers and sisters.

The serpents on earth have absolutely no respect for the free will of another human being. That is why those who consider themselves to be the servants of God must develop an uncompromising respect for the free will of another. Free will is a very interesting concept. A teacher cannot learn a lesson for the student. Likewise, no human being can make choices for another. Yes, you can force or manipulate someone into doing what you want them to do. But you cannot force them into doing so as the result of a free choice. You cannot force any human being to make a free choice (if you did it would not be free).

You can manipulate people into thinking that they only have certain options. Most people make choices based on incorrect or incomplete information about their options. Yet, if you do so, you are preventing them from making a free choice. Making a choice is a process that takes place inside the psyche of the individual.

Yet, most people on earth are not in a state of consciousness that allows them to make a free choice. They are so enveloped in the dualistic mind that all of the options they see are affected by the relativity of the dualistic mind. To make a truly free choice, the lifestream must be able to see beyond the dualistic mind. That higher vision can only come about through the Christ consciousness.

If you feel a desire to help bring truth to earth, start by making a very determined effort to attain personal Christhood. By doing so, you can give people an opportunity to choose between the truth of God and the lies of the dualistic mind. Truth is not simply a matter of making a true statement. Truth is a matter of vibration.

Despite the manipulation happening on earth, every human being has the potential to make the choice to reach for something higher. No matter how far a person has descended into the levels of the dualistic mind, the consciousness of hell, a lifestream can at any moment make the choice to reach for something higher. Not even the most clever and forceful fallen angels can take that potential away from the lifestream.

The potential of making a better choice is truly the hope for this world. If you consider yourself to be one of my true followers, then you must respect everyone’s free will. You must also hold the vision that the lifestream could, of its own free-will choosing, elect to reach for something higher. You must make it your life’s goal to inspire people to make that choice without attempting to force them in any way. I want you to offer everyone you meet a cup of cold water in Christ’s name. And then I want you to leave it up to them whether or not they will choose to drink.

I have a very good reason for making this request. You see, if you seek to force someone to drink, then you will make personal karma by doing so. If you leave the choice up to them, you have done what is required of you, and therefore you will make positive karma for yourself. If they reject the truth, then they will make negative karma, but that truly is none of your concern. Why do you think I told people to turn the other cheek? It is impossible to understand this command without understanding the law of karma.

You see, if someone harms you, that person inevitably makes karma. This is simply a law of God. Unfortunately, most people who are harmed by another react with anger and they often seek revenge. In manifesting this negative reaction, they make personal karma. Thereby, you might start a negative karmic spiral with the other person, and such negative spirals have led to family feuds or even wars between nations. Because of the law of karma, you have absolutely no need to seek revenge. Vengeance is mine saith the lord, I WILL repay. Through the law of karma, God has made sure that no human being could ever escape the consequences of his or her actions.

If someone harms you, that person has already made karma. Simply leave it up to God to return that karma to the person. God is perfectly capable of handling that side of the equation. What should be your concern is to make sure that you do not react in such a way that you create karma for yourself. The only way through which you can avoid making personal karma as the result of someone harming you is to remain completely non-attached. By remaining harmless as a dove, by responding with love and forgiveness, you will avoid making personal karma. Thereby, you will avoid entering a negative spiral that will pull you down.

I must tell you that for thousands of years the serpents in this world have attempted to pull all other people into their self-created downward spiral. They have done so by harming the innocent and thereby seeking to make the innocent sons and daughters of God respond with anger or other negative feelings. Because so many people were caught in the dualistic mind, it has been so easy for the serpents to make them respond negatively. Therefore, most people are today so heavily involved with these karmic spirals that they simply cannot free themselves to pursue the path of personal Christhood.

When I come to such lifestreams at inner levels to offer them my path, they are so attached to their feelings of anger, resentment or revenge that they simply cannot let go and follow me. When I say: “What is that to thee; follow thou me” they have no idea what I mean.

If you consider yourself one of my true followers, I want you to carefully contemplate these ideas. I need you to extricate yourself from all entanglement with the serpents of this world, with their institutions of power and with their self-created hell on earth. I need you to stop fighting for causes that are not of God. I need you to achieve the discernment that allows you to see the just causes for which you need to fight. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into a battle in which neither side is fighting for a just cause.

First of all, I need you to extricate yourself from the consciousness of anger and revenge. Let go of your attachments to this or that injustice.
Why do you think I told people to forgive seventy times seven? The reason is that forgiveness, total and unconditional forgiveness, is the very key to your personal freedom. If you will consider how I and my brothers and sisters in heaven treat each other, I am sure you will realize that we do not hold grudges. Spiritual beings are not above making mistakes. However, in heaven forgiveness of one’s mistakes is instantaneous.

What I am telling you is that you simply cannot enter the kingdom of heaven until you have forgiven everyone, including God and yourself. Forgiveness is the key to personal freedom. If you have not forgiven another, then you are maintaining a karmic tie to that person. If that other person happens to be a fallen angel who is absolutely determined to go to hell, then that person will pull you down. Why on earth would you want to maintain a karmic tie to someone who is hell-bent on going to hell?

Do you not see that it is in your own best interest to quickly remove all such ties? Do you not see that the very key to removing such ties is to practice total and unconditional forgiveness?


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels