How the Divine Mother holds the immaculate concept

TOPICS: Embodying the mother – accepting the mother’s love – the Divine Mother loves you unconditionally because she sees you as part of herself – overcome the sense of being inadequate – your highest potential – perfection is an illusion – multiplying what you have is the key to transcending what you have – being MORE –

Question: My question is for Mother Mary or the Divine Mother. In the interest of fulfilling my Divine Plan, what is the best way for me to embody the Mother, the Divine Feminine?

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:

To embody the Mother, to be the Mother in embodiment and to exemplify that for all people by exemplifying that Mother flame. Which then means that you must first learn to love yourself as the Mother already loves you and accept the Mother’s unconditional love for you, so that you cannot only feel, but express that love to all people. And thus, as always, begin by looking at what it might be in your own psychology, each one of you, that prevents you from accepting that the Divine Mother loves you unconditionally, each one of you unconditionally.

You must contemplate that whatever you think you might have done in this or a past life, nothing can take away the Divine Mother’s unconditional love for you—for the Divine Mother sees you as itself. I, Mother Mary, am one with the Divine Mother, and I see you as myself, each one of you, in the sense that I know you are all expressions of the Divine Mother, each having your unique God Flame, your unique talents and potential.

And thus, I hold that immaculate concept for you. And I will, if you give my rosaries, LINK if you tune in to my heart, if you ask me for inner direction, I will help you see that immaculate concept for yourself, so that you can live up to your highest potential.

Which should not become a source of stress, as many of you tend to panic when you hear the words, “living up to your highest potential.” For it ties in with your upbringing in a material universe, where you have been brain-washed, so to speak, with the concept that you are not adequate, that you are not worthy, that there is something missing – that you are somehow deficient – and thus cannot live up to the supposed standard of perfection that is required for your entry into heaven.

You need to see that this is a complete fallacy. It is a creation of those who want to keep you under their control by keeping you from discovering the Kingdom of God within you. There is no external standard that you have to live up to in order to live up to your highest potential. But you have to be—be that highest potential in action and be at peace knowing that whatever you express when it comes from the heart, is your highest potential at this moment.

The concept that you have been programmed to believe in over many lifetimes is that there is some standard of perfection and that you are so far below it, that the gap is almost insurmountable. Yet holding the immaculate concept as I do, I do not have a standard of perfection for each one of you. For I know there is no standard of perfection that can be defined—for even the very concept of a standard of perfection is based on separation from the River of Life and thus springs from the duality consciousness and the ego and the false teachers of humankind.

Instead, I look at each one of you as you are right now, your total state of consciousness, your total state of being. And the immaculate concept I hold is that you take what you are right now, multiply the talents you have right now and therefore make the best of what you are and the situation you face. Thus, when multiplying those talents, you come up one step higher—and that, my beloved, is living up to your highest potential as it is right now. And then, as you come up that step, there is another step. But that step is again not millions of miles removed from you. It is just one doable step away.

And thus, the immaculate concept means holding the concept that you make the most of what is there – you make the most of what “IS” at any given moment – multiplying it, coming up higher. And therefore, you are constantly living up to your highest potential when you are willing to be MORE and express that MORE.


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