How the Christian nation of America is influenced by the mind of anti-christ

TOPICS: Prisoner abuse and the desire to justify the war – ascended masters do not want to humiliate the U.S. – they want all nations to learn their lessons – staying the course – inflexibility leads to disaster – black-and-white thinking no longer works – the U.S. is opposing the universe itself and cannot win – imbalance caused by dualistic thinking – defining an outer enemy, thinking killing the enemy will solve all problems – reaching for the Christ mind – mindset that caused greatest atrocities of history – a vacuum after the Cold War – defining Islam as the enemy of America – black-and-white thinking in Iraq – epic struggle takes place in all people’s minds – America must rise to a higher view of Christianity – pounding your head against the concrete wall of the universe –

Question from Kim: Jesus, I just reread the comments on the Iraq war that you gave last year. I especially took note of the following: 

I will prophesy that if the administration decides to launch a war against Iraq, it is highly likely that it will later be seen as the greatest mistake of the Bush administration. I will also predict that such a war will not minimize the risk of terrorist attacks on American interests. On the contrary, it is likely to fuel further attacks. Furthermore, a war with Iraq will not help bring about world peace.

The simple fact is that after the attacks on September 11, 2001, the United States was in the position of being seen as the victim, and therefore it had widespread support and cooperation. A war with Iraq will almost certainly remove the impression that the United States is a victim. Instead, it will be seen as an aggressor and international support and cooperation will begin to evaporate, as is already evident in the United Nations.

I will prophesy that if the Bush administration goes to war against Iraq, this war will have ramifications that will haunt the United States, and indeed the entire planet, for a long time to come. Taken to the extreme, there is a risk, not a high risk but still a risk, that the war with Iraq can escalate into a worldwide conflict. If such a conflict ensues, it is likely to begin with an increase in the number of terrorist attacks. Yet there is a real risk that the situation can escalate into a full-blown war between nation states. Who can tell how far such a conflict might escalate? 

I am wondering if you have any comments about the latest developments, such as the continuing violence and the prisoner abuse problem?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (May 11, 2004)

I do have several comments. First of all, concerning the abuse of prisoners, I hope people will begin to ask themselves if there is a connection between this abuse and the fact that the United States government, especially during the fall of last year when much of the abuse took place, was under intense international pressure to justify the war by finding weapons of mass destruction, by finding Saddam Hussein or by finding a link to the terrorists in Al Qaeda. Could this possibly have created a frame of mind within the system that made it seem justifiable to do whatever it took to get the much needed information? If so, how high into the ranks of the military and the government did this mindset go?

In other words, is it likely that the abuse was created solely by the initiative of a handful of vigilantes, as the government currently claims, or was there a deeper systemic problem springing from the need to justify the war? I will prophesy that there will be more exposures, and I hope they will indeed uncover everything that there is to uncover in this matter—and I can assure you there is much to uncover.

My second comment is that no member of the ascended masters has any desire to see the United States humiliated before the eyes of the world. We did not support this war, as I explained in my previous comments,  but we would like to see the United States, and all the parties involved, emerge from the situation in a way that can lead to true progress in terms of establishing a more peaceful world. In other words, we would like all nations involved to learn the best possible lessons they can learn, incorporate those lessons into their policies and then move on in a constructive direction.

In that respect, we are gravely concerned when we hear the President of the United States, and most of those who support him in the government and the military – even some voices in the media – state that the United States simply needs to stay the course in Iraq. There seems to be a mindset that if the United States keeps doing what it has been doing so far, then things will eventually turn around and the movie will have a happy ending. I might remind people of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, namely that you keep doing the same thing but expect different results.

We of the ascended masters have been involved with humankind for thousands of years, and we have seen every mistake that was made during human history. Nothing is more concerning to us than to hear a powerful political or military leader state that he will not change course no matter what happens. This inflexibility and unwillingness to adapt to circumstances has been the cause of some of the greatest military and political disasters seen in human history. It is a mindset that always springs from pride, but in this case there is more to it that simple pride and arrogance.

As I said, I would like the United States to learn the highest possible lesson from this war. The highest possible lesson is that in today’s world black-and-white thinking no longer works. This form of thinking simply cannot produce results that are in harmony with the greater good of all. In fact, in today’s world allowing your actions to be motivated by black-and-white thinking is a recipe for disaster. The reason for that is simple.

As I explain in another discourse, cycles have turned and humankind has entered at new age, a new spiritual cycle. As Mother Mary explains in her discourse, it is extremely important to have a balance between the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. This has become much more important in the present age, and I can assure you that any form of imbalance leads to tension and eventually to self-destruction. If you become unbalanced, you create an action, and the universe will immediately create a reaction that will oppose your action. If you continue to go in the same direction, without being willing to change your approach, then you will be opposing the universe itself and no nation, not even the United States, can oppose the universe and win.

The essence of imbalance is the form of black-and-white thinking where you define the world in simplistic terms. This is precisely the kind of thinking that led the United States to go to war in Iraq. In all fairness, let me make it clear that President Bush was not dominated by this type of thinking when he took office. He was a much more balanced and pragmatic politician at that time. Yet after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, President Bush became more influenced by black-and-white thinking.

This mindset is a direct result of the unbalanced approach to Christianity that has been going on for almost 2,000 years and that in the United States has found its most extreme expression in the fundamentalist movement. This movement wants to define everything in the simplistic terms of a struggle between good and evil, and this is what leads people to define everything as either being good, meaning white, or evil, meaning black, with no shades in between. I am not here talking about race, I am simply talking about the colors black and white.

I am in no way denying that there is an epic struggle between good and evil on this planet. Yet as I attempt to explain throughout this website, the difference between good and evil cannot be understood or defined by the dualistic mind because to the dualistic mind everything is relative, meaning that good and evil also become relative terms. This is what leads people to define an outer enemy as the source of evil and to believe that if only they destroy that outer enemy, they have destroyed evil on this planet.

For almost two millennia, certain people in orthodox Christianity have defined outer enemies as being the representatives of anti-christ. This led to the Crusades, the inquisition, the persecution of scientists and many other atrocities. The reason being that when you begin to accept black-and-white thinking, you step on to a slippery slope, and before you know it, you end up believing in one of the most subtle lies promoted by the forces of anti-christ, namely the lie that the ends can justify the means. This then quickly leads to a belief that the higher goal of removing what you have defined as evil can justify going against the laws of God, such as the commandment that thou shalt not kill or my commandments in the Sermon on the Mount. This is what causes people to become trapped in a state of consciousness where they firmly believe they are good Christians, yet their actions are in direct violation of everything I stand for. They simply do not realize that anti-christ is a state of consciousness that elevates the relative viewpoints of the dualistic mind to infallible doctrines that are in opposition to the truth of Christ.

What I hope the more intelligent people in the United States, and around the world, will learn as a result of watching the events around the Iraq war is that when you engage in black-and-white thinking, you simply create an opposition to your actions that will eventually destroy yourself—unless you change your mindset.

My point here being that the only way to properly define good and evil is to reach for the higher understanding of the Christ mind. When you do have that perspective, you see that good and evil must be defined as states of consciousness, and every human being and every nation has the potential to be an instrument for both good and evil. Therefore, it is never justifiable to make generalizations and say that a particular group of people, a particular race or a particular nation, are all evil and therefore it is justified that we kill them all. This is a simplistic black-and-white perspective that will only lead to disaster. Eventually, especially in this new age, it will lead to self-destruction for those who insist on holding on to this mindset.

I might add that this mindset has led to the greatest conflicts in history. A typical example of black-and-white thinking was Nazi Germany. Yet the reason Nazi Germany rose to power was that black-and-white thinking was on the rise in many European nations and in the United States. Nazi Germany therefore became the reaction to the action of black-and-white thinking already present in the West. After the second World War, the West became locked in a power struggle with the Soviet Union. Both sides in this conflict were heavily influenced by black-and-white thinking, yet the Soviet Union was more extreme than the West, and that is why the Soviet Union eventually crumbled under its own weight.

What happened during the Clinton presidency was that the United States was in a vacuum left by the collapse of the Soviet Union. After decades of having struggled against an outer enemy, the United States suddenly had no obvious enemy. Unfortunately, the United States did not go through the necessary national soul-searching that could have led it to abandon the black-and-white thinking and reach for a higher national consciousness. As a result of this, and as a result of the lack of integrity that surfaced during the Clinton presidency, certain forces in the United States became more vocal, and those forces are exponents of black-and-white thinking.

The rise in fundamentalist thinking led to the creation of a counter force, and it was this force that actually found expression in the September 11 terrorist attacks. I am not saying that this force had not already been present for some time. I am saying that it was the increase in black-and-white thinking in the United States that triggered the terrorist attacks.

As I explained in my discourses on the Iraq war and the September 11 attacks, the United States had a unique opportunity to reach out to the world and forge a real brotherhood of nations that could have gradually worked toward a real resolution to the problem of terrorism—which by the way would require greater economic equality throughout the world.

Instead, the American president came under the influence of certain forces in the United States that are exponents of the black-and-white thinking. The president then used this black-and-white thinking to define an outer enemy, which I must tell you is, by many circles in America, seen as the religion of Islam itself. I know very well that everyone would deny this charge. Yet I must tell you that the most powerful exponents of black-and-white thinking are certain Christian groups in the United States, and many people in these groups consider the religion of Islam to be the real enemy of Christianity and of western civilization—even the real anti-christ. This line of thinking led directly to the definition of an Axis of Evil that eventually led to the Iraq war.

I realize that the president and most of his advisers truly believed that once Saddam Hussein was removed from power, the Iraqi people would welcome the Americans as liberators. I realize these people are genuinely shocked that this has not taken place, and they continue to believe that if only the United States stays the course, the Iraqi people will eventually come around. Yet what the American government does not understand is that the forces of action and reaction are also at play within the Iraqi nation.

It was the Iraqi people’s tendency to black-and-white thinking that created the counter force in the form of Saddam Hussein and his repressive government. This is a problem that you see in general in the Middle East. As I explained in my discourse on why Jews and Arabs hate each other, there are many people in the Middle East who simply cannot function without having an outer enemy. For the Iraqi people, their own leader became that enemy.

Now that this leader has been removed, the Iraqi people are subconsciously feeling a vacuum. Suddenly, the enemy they hated, and which gave them an excuse for not changing their state of consciousness (by facing the enemy within), has been removed. This means that their sense of stability, which Saddam Hussein provided (as did communism in the Soviet Union and Hitler in Nazi Germany) has been taken away, and because they are not ready to take responsibility for themselves and for their nation, they are fearful of the future. Therefore, instead of feeling liberated by the United States, they react with fear and transfer their hatred of their former dictator to the nation that threw them into this uncertain situation.

You see, black-and-white thinking is a form of spiritual immaturity, and the characteristic of this immaturity is that people cannot or will not take responsibility for their own lives and for their salvation. Therefore, they fall prey to the simplistic thinking that defines the world in terms of black and white. There is an epic struggle between good and evil, and that struggle is fought by forces far beyond your control and on an external battlefield. Therefore, it really isn’t your fault, and you don’t have to change your state of consciousness and take responsibility for yourself.

The more mature approach is to realize that the battle between good and evil is a battle between two states of consciousness, and therefore it is an internal battle fought in the minds and hearts of all human beings. The external battles are simply expressions of what is going on in the collective consciousness, and therefore the outer situation will not change until people change their consciousness. This change must begin on an individual basis, and someone must start the process—meaning you. I explain this in greater detail in another discourse.

I am not saying this is the case for all people in Iraq, because many people are ready for greater national freedom and responsibility. Nevertheless, what you see going on in Iraq right now is simply that people’s hatred of Saddam Hussein has been transferred to the Americans. And because people sense that the Americans are not as ruthless as Saddam Hussein, they do not have the same fear of standing up to the Americans as they had of standing up to Saddam. Therefore, they are now doing to the Americans what they should long ago have done to their own leader.

My point is that the United States, by going into Iraq, truly followed the old saying that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. The United States went into a nation with deep inner tensions, involving many different opposing forces. Therefore, the United States has now become involved with this intricate mesh of force and counter force. It has become a force that immediately creates a counter force.

Is there a way out? Yes there are indeed many constructive ways out for the United States. Yet to find a good way out, it will be necessary that some of the more moderate and balanced people in the United States military, in the government and in the Bush administration itself will reach for the balanced perspective of the Christ mind. In so doing they must be willing to leave behind the black-and-white thinking.

I am not going to give any particular advice in this forum. Yet I can assure you that we of the ascended masters are more than willing to work with the moderate and balanced people in the United States government. And if these people would reach for a higher understanding, we would willingly provide the understanding of how the crisis in Iraq could be solved in a way that represents the best possible outcome of a situation that was not the best possible to begin with.

I also sincerely hope that the United States will begin the process of freeing the soul of the nation from the penetrating effects of black-and-white thinking. As I explain throughout this website, orthodox Christianity is far removed from my original teachings. In this modern age, time has simply run away from this form of Christianity, and from any black-and-white approach to religion, including what you see in Islamic fundamentalist circles.

It is my sincere hope that the United States can rise to a higher understanding of the true principles behind Christianity and thereby leave behind the old ways that can only lead to conflict. If the United States does not abandon this way of thinking, I can assure you that in the coming years this nation will be involved in ever greater and ever more intense conflicts that will be even more messy and humiliating than what you currently see in Iraq.

God has given both individuals and nations free will. If you will not learn through a higher understanding, you will be given the opportunity to learn by seeing the consequences of your actions. This will happen when the universe creates a reaction to your action. The universe will literally form a concrete wall that opposes your unbalanced action. For a time, you might be able to pound your head against the concrete wall without major damage. Yet eventually, you will suffer a concussion or even more devastating effects.

It was black-and-white thinking that led the United States to go to war with Iraq. The war and the fact that the United States government insists on continuing on its present course, has created a counter force from the universe that this nation has no chance of overcoming. The more the United States insist on pushing in its current direction, the more the universe will push back. The opposition you see from the Iraqi people, and even from foreign fighters, is simply an expression of the fact that the universe is pushing back.

I am not thereby saying that the universe or the ascended masters approve of the attacks on Americans in Iraq. I am simply pointing out the fact that if the United States want to see this opposition diminish, it has to change course, it has to change its mindset and its fundamental approach to the situation in Iraq. It has to leave behind the black-and-white thinking that created the problem, because you simply cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem.

I sincerely hope that this nation will be able to change its mindset before the situation escalates even more. I hope we can avoid the worst-case scenario, which would be a full-scale civil war in Iraq after the hand-over of power. If such a civil war was indeed to take place, it would be almost inevitable that other nations would be drawn into the conflict, and it could quickly escalate beyond the control of anyone on this planet.

I realize that I last year stated that if the United States went to war with Iraq it would later be seen as one of the greatest mistakes of the Bush presidency. Recent opinion polls have shown that over half of the American people believe the war was a mistake. I am not saying this to gloat about my prophesy being right. I am saying it because I sincerely hope that the prophecy I just gave about the potential worst-case scenario will not come true and will indeed be proven wrong by the American government changing course as soon as possible.


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