How the cain consciousness – in western nations, Arab nations and Israel – blocks peace in the Middle East

TOPICS: Israeli government influenced by Cain consciousness – dysfunction of Cain consciousness – Israel seems ready to commit genocide – how far would the Israeli government go if they could get away with it? – how much has the Cain consciousness influenced other nations? – did Israel create Hezbollah? – force creates counter-force – only way to break spiral of violence is to rise above Cain consciousness – the Jews could have been way-showers for peace – Jesus gave the Jews a teaching on nonviolence – does not mean people have to become Christian – must embody universal principles – keeping a military as deterrence without using it for revenge – turning the other cheek is not weakness – the master key to Israel’s future – creation of Israel a way to deflect guilt – Israel must justify its existence by its own behavior – transcending terrorism – not giving fanatics a justification for violence – cannot destroy terrorism through violence – must remove popular support – elitism and superiority blinds the West – cannot eradicate a militia that enjoys popular support – force alienates modern Arabs, and they are the key to changing the equation – democracy is not a magic wand –

Question from Kim: Jesus, I was quite frankly shocked when I (on July 26, 2006) read the following about the Israeli Justice Minister, Haim Ramon:

“We received yesterday at the Rome conference permission from the world… to continue the operation,” He added that Israel had given the civilians of southern Lebanon ample time to quit the area and therefore anyone still remaining there could be considered a Hezbollah supporter.

“All those now in south Lebanon are terrorists who are related in some way to Hezbollah,” Mr Ramon said.

I wonder if you have any comments on these remarks and the situation in general. I know Mother Mary recently talked about the situation and that you have commented on it twice already, Link 1, Link 2. Yet I thought you might have something new to say about the Israeli actions in Lebanon and the attitude behind them displayed in these comments by the Justice minister.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As Mother Mary explains in her discourse, the situation in the Middle East must be allowed to outplay itself until certain problems become so obvious that they can be seen by all, including the people blinded by those problems. As she also points out, the primary problem is the Cain consciousness. Now, there are those who would take an incorrect interpretation of the Old Testament and argue that Israel represents Abel and the Arabs represent Cain. This view is held by some powerful Christian groups in the United States, and even the president is influenced by it in subtle ways.

However, for any thinking person the statements made by the Israeli Justice minister clearly show that the current Israeli government is heavily influenced by the Cain consciousness. The central aspect of the Cain consciousness is the black-and-white thinking that I expose in my discourse on the ego. It is expressed as follows:

  • When I don’t get my way, there is a conflict between me and my brother.
  • Any conflict between me and my brother can only be my brother’s fault. I am always the victim, never the aggressor.
  • If my brother disappeared, the problem would disappear.
  • If my brother will not submit to my demands, the only way to resolve the conflict is that my brother must die.
  • If my brother will not submit, I have a right to kill my brother, for I am – or should be – the favorite son and thus above the law.

In this case, the Israeli government reasons as follows:

  • Hezbollah is the cause of Israel’s problems (at least along the Northern border).
  • If Hezbollah and its supporters were gone, the problem would be solved. In fact, this is the ONLY way to solve the problem.
  • Because Israel is the victim, we have the right to kill all members and supporters of Hezbollah—in self-defense.
  • Because we have given fair warning, we can define that everyone left in Southern Lebanon is a member or supporter of Hezbollah.
  • Thus, we, the Israeli government, have the moral right to kill every human being in Southern Lebanon—men, women and children.

Here is the reality of the matter:

  • Only black-and-white thinking could make the Israeli government reason that when the world does not explicitly condemn Israel, the world is giving Israel permission to do whatever it wants—including killing hundreds of civilians and systematically destroying Lebanon’s infrastructure.
  • Only black-and-white thinking could make the Israeli government respond with such overwhelming force to an incident that was no worse than so many others over the past decades.
  • Only black-and-white thinking could make the Israeli government reason that a final solution needs to be found NOW although Hezbollah has existed since 1982.
  • Only black-and-white thinking could make the Israeli government reason that overwhelming force is the only possible response instead of pursuing a proportional response followed by diplomatic efforts.

Yet the underlying problem here is that the Israeli government officials have used the black-and-white thinking of the Cain consciousness to set themselves up in a position where they feel morally justified in committing genocide. Genocide is when you reason that ALL of the people belonging to a certain group – such as race, nationality, political orientation, or geographical region – are bad and thus should be killed indiscriminately to provide a final solution to a problem that you think demands a final solution.

I am deliberately using the term coined by the Nazi leaders as a justification for the holocaust against Jews. They reasoned as follows:

  • The cause of Germany’s problems is Jews.
  • All Jews are bad.
  • The final solution is to kill all Jews.

I think most honest people should be able to see that it is an incredible irony of history that the very same people who have positioned themselves as the world’s primary – although in reality far from only – victims of genocide have now put themselves in a position where they feel they are justified in doing to others what others did to them.

Therefore, the Israeli people need to take a long look in the mirror and consider whether they have now become – in quality although not (yet) in quantity – as bad as those they despise the most. As I said to the people of Israel long ago:

Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye. (Luke 6:42)

Based on the Israeli military campaign, can there be any doubt that if Israel had the means and felt they could get away with it, they would have moved into Lebanon and have killed EVERY member and supporter of Hezbollah—men, women and children? Israel’s own actions prove this for all who have eyes to see, as do the statements of the Justice minister. How can any thinking person say that the killing of hundreds of children and the systematic destruction of the Lebanese infrastructure is a proportional response or an act of self-defense?

Can there be any doubt the Israelis would also exterminate the members and supporters of Hamas if they could get away with it? And just how far would they go in solving the “Palestinian problem?” Have the Israeli government adopted a – largely unrecognized or denied – mindset of wishing the Palestinians would just disappear—a mindset that is ALWAYS the precursor to genocide.

How far has this mindset infiltrated the international community? Are there groups and individuals – especially in the United States – who would prefer to see Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, the Palestinians, the insurgents in Iraq or even all Muslims disappear? Can there be any doubt that many people in Muslim countries would like to see all Jews disappear, perhaps even all Christians or westerners?

The core of the Cain consciousness is that you see those who are different from you as a threat, and you think the only way to make the threat go away is for the people to disappear. The core of the Christ consciousness is that you see all people as coming from the same source – as part of the Body of God on earth – and you love your neighbors as yourself.

Can there be any doubt that until this mindset is forced into the open and recognized as belonging to a more barbaric age, there can be no solution to the situation in the Middle East? Any viable solution must start in the minds of the people, and currently the Cain consciousness is blocking a change in the minds of many people involved with the situation.

Now let us look at another irony. In 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon with the purpose of forcing the PLO out, an intent that came to fruition although this did not remove the PLO and its challenge to Israel. In the beginning, the Israeli action was welcomed by many in the Shia community in Lebanon, but as the Israeli occupation continued, a resistance movement formed, and it became known as Hezbollah.

As I explain throughout this website, and especially in this discourse on the ego, any unbalanced action you commit will create an opposite reaction from the universe. This natural law has been known since Newton, but its implications for human behavior have largely been ignored. Yet it is a fact that when an individual or nation commits an action that is against the Law of Love, the action will create its own opposite reaction. Force inevitably creates counter-force. Thus, it was the unbalanced action of the Israelis in Lebanon in 1982 that created a reaction that took the form of Hezbollah.

Take note that I am not thereby saying that Hezbollah and its actions are justified. What I am saying is that because Israel acted based on the Cain consciousness, it created a reaction from other people who are also trapped in the Cain consciousness. Right now, Israel is committing another unbalanced action based on the Cain consciousness, and this time they are justifying it by the actions of Hezbollah, a threat that they themselves created. Thus, it is inevitable – and foreseeable for all with eyes to see – that Israel’s current action will only create another reaction from those in the Cain consciousness – potentially the Arab community as a whole – that will only perpetuate the endless cycle of violence and revenge and revenge for revenge.

What could potentially break this spiral? Only one thing, namely that someone must rise above and abandon the Cain consciousness! How could this be done? Well, when I embodied in Israel 2,000 years ago, it was part of my purpose to give the Jewish people the tools to rise above the cycle of violence with their neighbors in which they had been caught for thousands of years. The hope was that this could fulfill the covenant between Israel and its God that was begun with Abraham and took a new turn with the Exodus from Egypt. That covenant gave the Jews an opportunity for being the way-showers for bringing peace to the Middle East, a potential that has so far remained unfulfilled.

What were the tools I gave to Israel? An entire teaching based on non-violence and an example of how to live this teaching! The center of it is that God has set up an immutable law that will return to a person or a people whatever they send out—although this will often happen in future times and lifetimes. Nevertheless, it is true that vengeance belongs to God and that HE will repay. Therefore, those who claim to believe in God should trust in God’s law, turn the other cheek and forgive seventy times seven.

Had my message been accepted by Israel – or by those in surrounding nations – the cycle of violence in the Middle East would have been broken centuries ago. My point being that the ONLY solution to the violence in the Middle East is that someone must start turning the other cheek and keep turning the other cheek until this love-based action has made the anti-love of those who keep hitting you so obvious that even they can see it.

As a passing note, Lebanon – especially the Christian community – has shown a far better example of this than any other nation in the Middle East, even though Lebanon still needs Christ discernment.

Take note that I am not hereby saying that Israel or its Arab neighbors need to become Christian. What I demonstrated was not a Christian belief system, but a set of universal principles, namely that if you want to escape from the cycle of suffering, you must start by turning the other cheek and forgiving others. When you have done this to a critical degree, the blows will stop coming and you can now live in peace. By allowing others to hit you, they will simply destroy themselves according to the immutable law of God. If you do not trust this law, you demonstrate that you do not trust God. Thus, you should stop thinking you are God’s chosen people.

Take note that I am not hereby saying that Israel should dismantle its army and refuse to defend itself against invasion. In the current situation, that would only lead to a more widespread war that would force western nations to prevent genocide of the Jewish people. Thus, Israel should maintain a military that is capable of discouraging the threat of foreign invasion from any power in the Middle East. Yet at the same time, Israel should never fall for the temptation to use that military in ANY action outside its own borders! The military should be to defend against invasion, not as a tool for revenge. If Israel is violated – as they were by the recent action of Hezbollah – then that should be taken up with the international community.

I realize that Israel will claim that its actions in Lebanon or Gaza are acts of self-defense, but this is an illusion that springs from the Cain consciousness. I realize Israel will say the attack by Hezbollah was unprovoked, but I can safely say that it has been a very long time since ANY attack in the Middle East was unprovoked.

One aspect of black-and-white thinking is that it causes people to refuse to take responsibility for their actions by appointing other people as scapegoats. This has misled the Israeli government into thinking that if it does not return any blow with an even greater blow, it will be perceived as weakness by its opponents. I am not denying that those caught in the Cain consciousness will see Israeli inaction as a weakness and exploit it. Yet, in reality, it is Israel’s highest role to allow itself to receive blow upon blow without retaliating, until it becomes obvious even to its attackers that Israel is a nation of peaceful people who believe in a God of Love.

I realize that what I am saying here is not likely to come to pass in the foreseeable future. Yet the master key to the survival of Israel is that it must become more Christian than even the most Christian nations, meaning that it embodies the principles of non-violence—which are fully compatible with the Jewish religion, especially in its mystical aspect of Kaballah.

Even from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, this makes sense. Israel was created only because of goodwill from the international community, a large part of which is Christian. The survival of Israel depends largely on the United States, which is a predominantly Christian nation. If Israel continues to display the decidedly unchristian values of revenge and violence, how long will it be before even the most blind people in the United States wake up and realize they cannot continue to furnish Israel with weapons and allow them to do whatever they want with them?

Historically, there is no question that Israel was created in part for reasons that are no longer valid. Even though the shock of the Holocaust was to some degree deflected by demonizing the Germans, many western nations realized that they too were guilty of persecuting Jews. Thus, the creation of Israel was a way to deflect this guilt. Also, many nations hoped that by creating a Jewish state, most of their own Jews would move to Israel, so they would be free of the problems they felt Jews represented.

Neither of these reasons are valid any longer, which means that Israel must now justify its continued existence by its own behavior.

There is still a segment of Christians who support Israel blindly because they have adopted the completely misguided belief that the Holy Land must be kept pure from Muslim influence and that the 12 tribes of Israel are somehow God’s chosen people and will be restored to prominence when I appear for the last judgment. Mother Mary sought to point out that there is no group of people on this planet who is infallible and above being influenced by the Cain consciousness. I realize some Christians and Jews will never accept this, which is why they will eventually bring about their own judgment and be removed from the earth.

Let me take this opportunity to comment on the problem in the current western view of how to deal with terrorism. As I seek to explain in my comments on the war in Iraq [Link 1, Link 2] it is impossible to solve the problem of terrorism by using force. The use of force only generates a counter-force—action leads to reaction. In fact, the rise of terrorism is a counter-force created by western nations and their unbalanced use of power against Muslim countries, going back to the crusades.

For there to be a long-term solution, someone must break the cycle of violence by turning the other cheek, and I had hoped that the western nations – who claim to be Christian nations – would not fall into the trap of responding with force. Yet instead they have fallen prey to the unchristian pattern of judging other people based on appearances instead of seeking to truly understand them. So let us take a closer look at how terrorism starts.

What is the cause of the rise of violent movements, such as Hezbollah and Hamas? Why do they have so much popular support, and why do the Muslims and Palestinians see them as resistance movements, much like many European countries had resistance movements during the second world war?

There are several main factors at play:

  • The population in many nations in the Middle East see the West as an aggressive force, seeking to impose its own values (freedom, democracy and – feared by many – Christianity) upon them. Due to the current western mindset, this is not an entirely unjustified perception, although it has been blown out of proportion by the fanaticism described below.
  • Because the western nations are blinded by their particular version of the Cain consciousness, they are not particularly responsive to the legitimate rights and needs of the people in the Middle East. Western nations have a long tradition for wanting to solve the world’s problems by making everyone like themselves—or killing those who won’t comply. A strategy that is a direct result of the Cain consciousness and can never work because force creates counter-force.
    Thus, the people on the receiving end – such as Muslims – feel their voice is not being heard, which is why they have turned to violence as a way to send a message and relieve their own frustrations. I am not saying I agree with this approach or that it is justified. I am simply pointing out that when western policy creates pressure and when the building pressure is ignored, at some point the kettle will blow

Because the Middle East is so heavily influenced by the Cain consciousness, many Arabs have become far too fanatical and this has created a paranoia that the West is out to destroy their nations, their way of life and Islam. I am not trying to justify this, I am simply pointing out that it is a factor that must be recognized. Thus, the West would do well not to give the fanatics any justification for expressing their fears through violence. This will only prevent the emergence of moderate movements in Muslim countries, and such movements are the only hope for Muslim nations transitioning peacefully into the 21st century—as they clearly need to do.

Fanatics will always be able to justify violence, but this does not explain why they have popular support. The support of a large portion of the general population can be explained only by the flight or fight syndrome. People in the Middle East feel they cannot flee western influence, they feel driven into a corner, and that is why they see no other way than to lash out with violence.

What I am trying to point out here is that there are legitimate and understandable reasons why Hezbollah and Hamas have popular support. It is simply not intelligent to say that these organizations are created and sustained by a small group of fanatics. I agree that the leadership of both organizations are fanatics, but it is naive to believe that killing the leaders will make the organizations disappear. Israel’s actions over several decades have proven this.

The fact of the matter is that these organizations will NOT disappear until they no longer enjoy popular support. Thus, the real issue that should be addressed by the West is why so many populations in the Middle East feel so threatened that they support these extremist organizations? And then the West should look in the mirror and remove the beam – the cain consciousness and its illusion of superiority – before they attempt to solve any problems in the Middle East.

Why is it that otherwise intelligent governments fail to see this? Because they are blinded by the Cain consciousness and its black-and-white thinking! They truly believe that their values – such as democracy – are superior and would solve the problems in the Middle East. Thus, they feel justified in imposing them upon others, and when resisted, they feel justified in responding with force. In their unwillingness to reexamine their own behavior, motives and values, they label those who resist as terrorists and perpetrate the myth that they are a small minority oppressing the people.

At the same time, many western nations are caught in the hypocrisy of thinking that all who support these movements are bad people and should be killed. Thus, they brandish all Shia Muslims in Lebanon as terrorist supporters, which is why hardly anyone protested against the statements by the Israeli Justice minister quoted above.

In reality, the Shia Muslims in Lebanon and the Palestinians are human beings just like Jews and Americans. I consider them my brothers, and when I walked the earth, I systematically reached out to those who were considered outcasts by the elitist Jews. The elitists were the kind of people who are blinded by the Cain consciousness into thinking they are the favorite sons, a mindset that has affected several western nations, especially the United States and Britain.

Thus, the only solution that the leaders of these two nations – Tony Blair and George Bush – can see is to create an international peacekeeping force that can go into Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah through force. Yet as long as this organization enjoys its current level of popular support – a support that has only grown after Israel’s disproportionate response – the equation will not change. As has been proven by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, it is not possible to eradicate a militia that enjoys popular support—at least not without committing genocide.

For an international force led by democratic governments to disarm Hezbollah without addressing the underlying issues that give it popular support, this force would have to be worse than a totalitarian nation such as Nazi Germany. In a world with a – somewhat – free press this cannot be done, and even Israel cannot do it. Thus, one does not need to be a prophet to predict that this initiative will fail to establish peace and will simply set the stage for the next violent confrontation.

My point here is not to blame anyone. I am simply pointing out that you cannot remove terrorism through force. You can only overcome this problem by transcending the consciousness that creates it, and you must begin by removing the beam in your own eye. Until the underlying issue of the Cain consciousness is addressed and dealt with, the equation in the Middle East will not change. If the West wants to have any chance of success in diplomatic or peacekeeping efforts, it needs to get out of the blindness caused by the Cain consciousness and start dealing with ALL of the people in the middle East as being of equal value as themselves—they must start loving others as themselves.

If there is to be peace in the Middle East, it must come from the moderate people in both Israel and Arab nations. As long as Israel and the West continue to base their policies on force and a sense of superiority, they will alienate the moderate Arabs and play in the hands of the extremists. This will prevent the moderate people from gaining influence in their own countries, for the actions of the West will prove the claims of the extremists. The moderate Arabs are the best hope for a change in Arab countries, and without such a change peace simply cannot happen.

Who says that democracy – at this stage of the evolution of many Arab countries – is the magic wand that will solve all problems in the region? Unless a democracy is based on a genuine transformation of consciousness, it will not succeed in bringing peace. There is no guarantee that democracy – especially when imposed through force as in Iraq – will bring peace. The only guarantee for peace is to transcend the Cain consciousness and do unto others what you want them to do to you—and continue to do so no matter what they do to you. How long should you continue to do this? I say not unto you until seven times, but until seventy times seven!

Kim: I am predicting that your comments will elicit a flood of e-mails from people accusing you – or me – of being anti-semitic—despite the fact that you have already commented on this.

Jesus: So let them judge themselves, for I am the Real Jesus Christ, and I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE!

And if you, Kim, still have concerns about people’s responses to this website, you can resign as my messenger at any time!

Kim: I have no concerns. Anyway, what can people who are open to this website do to improve the situation in the Middle East?

Jesus: Continue to use all of the teachings and tools I give to walk the path to personal Christhood, especially my teachings on the ego. This path will take you beyond the Cain consciousness, and as you raise yourself, you will raise all life. This is especially true for those who have personal ties to the Middle East.

Obviously, our decrees and invocations are other powerful tools, including our invocations for the Middle East.


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