How should western nations deal with Libya and other Arab countries

TOPICS: Turning the other cheek not only a passive measure – in Egypt protesters were non-violent – the masters work with many people but always encourage non-violence – in Libya there was no peaceful uprising – foreign powers trained the rebel groups and armed them – Libya not ready for democracy because too weak of a national consciousness – can a democracy be dominated by one religion – the ends can justify the means philosophy is the anti-thesis to democracy – democracy is not majority rule because it is based on inalienable rights – cannot force democracy upon people – you cannot eradicate a greater evil by committing a lesser evil – the ascended masters do not see things as we do – not the masters intent to establish western democracies all over the earth – the cause is always consciousness –

Question: Your comments on the situation in Libya would be appreciated. The main aspects I’m looking at: Yes, the U.S. and Allies use force against Libya to save lives in Libya, and to support the cause of freedom in Libya. But on the other hand they force themselves on an independent nation, they will cause loss of life themselves there, and the use of force and violence will hardly create a climate of cooperation. What would be the highest position and action the world could take in the current situation? Thank you.

Question: Which is the best world invocation for the situation in Libya?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (May 10, 2011)

What was the rule I gave almost 2,000 years ago? Wasn’t it to not resist evil but to turn the other cheek?

Of course, as with everything else, “turning the other cheek” has been misinterpreted and misunderstood, in many cases deliberately. Turning the other cheek is not necessarily a passive measure. You can indeed be very active, even in terms of provoking other people, but if you are not violent, you are still turning the other cheek.

When I deliberately provoked the power elite of my time, I was exercising the active side of turning the other cheek in that I was taking actions they could not ignore. Thus, I was in a sense forcing them to make a choice as to what they would do to me. I was not forcing them to use violence, but I was forcing them to outplay their state of consciousness. This was an active measure, yet I was still fulfilling the requirement for non-violent action.

With that in mind, take a look at the events in Egypt. A small group of what I recently called “peaceful revolutionaries” used modern technology to unite large numbers of Egyptians in an action that was not passive, but was indeed aimed at forcing the dictator to make a choice, and in so doing expose his consciousness and the consciousness behind his rule for all to see. Yet because the original demonstrators did not use violence, they were still within the boundaries of a non-violent action.

What you saw then was that the demonstrators were aggressively provoked by the regime, even by sending non-uniformed forces to stir up violence. The dictator, whose rule was based on violence, hoped that by provoking the demonstrators, he would be successful in getting them to fight back, thereby dragging their peaceful revolution into the mud of violence and revenge.

Had he been successful in doing this, the revolution would have failed. By fighting back, the demonstrators would have given Mubarak an excuse for using the army to reestablish “law and order.” Yet more importantly, they would have aborted the spiritual legitimacy of their quest and thus have stopped the rather considerable help they received from the spiritual realm.

As we explain throughout this website, the material world is simply the lowest level of a continuum of vibrations, stretching from the spiritual realm into the etheric, the mental and the emotional realms. Most people only see the material realm, but before an action can manifest in the material realm, it must have started in at least one of the higher realms.

We of the ascended masters have limited authority to act directly in the material realm, but we have greater authority to act in the higher realms. We are – through the numerous spiritual beings working with planet earth in various capacities – constantly seeking to raise the consciousness of humankind in many different ways. So when the physical events started in Egypt, they were simply the culmination of a long process that started in the spiritual realm with various councils and then was taken into the lower realms. It took decades of us working with many individuals before there had been a shift in consciousness that made the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt possible. Needless to say, we are working with people all over the world to create progress, so it is a matter of where we first see the formation of a critical mass that makes physical change possible.

Yet all of our efforts are guided by the Golden Rule and we NEVER encourage violent solutions. We know all too well that violence will only prolong the dualistic struggle and our overall goal is to raise this planet above duality, so we can bring in the Golden Age as quickly as possible.

So what I am saying is that there had been an enormous amount of work done from higher realms before the physical events in Tunisia and Egypt. And had the demonstrators turned violent, they would have lost our assistance, being left to carry on the process by their own powers and the powers they would have aligned themselves with through violence.

Based on this, it should be obvious that the situation in Libya was fundamentally different from the beginning. You did not see a peaceful uprising, but from the very start saw organized rebel forces who had both the training and the weapons to fight the well-trained and well-armed government forces. So where did the Libyan rebels receive their training and their arms? Well, surely not from the ascended masters!

Certainly, the Libyan rebels did not suddenly wake up one morning and decide to create an uprising. This was a process that had taken a long time and was obviously sponsored by outside forces. Yet those forces were not the ascended masters. We have been working with a small group of people in Libya, but there have not been enough people in that nation who were ready to truly understand the importance of a non-violent solution. So we have had limited options for working with Libya, thus leaving it – through the people’s free-will choices – to the forces on earth and the forces of darkness. Take your pick as to which foreign powers have been training and arming the Libyan rebels for years and decades.

My point is that there is a fundamental distinction to be made. If an uprising – or other change in society – is initiated by people who are truly understanding the importance of non-violence, then it will be supported by the ascended masters. If there is not sufficient commitment to non-violence, then we must step back and allow the people to learn their lessons through the school of hard knocks. This is how it has been on earth since the first people turned their backs to a direct relationship with their ascended teachers, as symbolized by the story of the Garden of Eden.

The very fact that no nation officially recognizes the need to seek guidance from the ascended realm – where we are beyond duality – will obviously make it unlikely that any nation would follow my advice here. Yet the wisest things that the western nations could have done was to adopt the approach I have just outlined, namely to work ONLY with people who are committed to non-violence.

What western nations have done in Libya was to do the opposite, namely to encourage a violent uprising against Gadaffi. This is not only unwise, but also quite inconsistent, as the West has for decades propped up dictators in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and many other Muslim countries. So why do you take out one dictator and not another, when both are providing the stability you want?

By intervening in Libya, the West has done something quite similar to what was done in Iraq. They have attempted to remove a dictator who was actually holding back the ethnic violence that otherwise would have ravaged the country. And this shows that Libya is not yet ready for democracy. A democracy simply cannot exist – at least not in full measure – in a nation where there is no national consciousness that can override differences, such as religion, race or ethnicity.

In fact, one of the big questions that needs to be asked here – underscored by recent violence in both Tunisia and Egypt – is whether a democracy can truly function in a nation where one religion is dominating the minds of most people. Can Muslim nations actually function as democracies unless Islam is reduced to a non-dominant role, as are religions in the West? Surely, most people can see that when the Catholic Church was dominating medieval Europe, there was no possibility of functioning democracies in that region? And surely most people can see that there was a good reason why the American founding fathers wrote into the Constitution that the state should neither endorse nor persecute any one religion.

If you step back and look at the deeper meaning, you see that this truly is not only a matter of religion. The underlying issue is that a democratic form of government simply cannot function if a majority of the people are affected by the consciousness of fanaticism—be it religious, political or motivated by other factors. Fanaticism is a state of mind that will never question the ethos that “the ends can justify the means,” and this frame of mind is the direct anti-thesis of democracy.

The very essence of democracy is NOT “majority rule,” a fact that many people have failed to understand. The essence of democracy is that all people have rights that are not defined by the state and thus must not be violated by any power on earth, including the majority.

So who defines these rights? Well, a power that is beyond the earth and thus beyond duality. You may call this power God, yet it is not necessary to do so. For democracy to function, there must be the recognition that a higher power exists and that this power has defined the rights of the people. Yet it is not necessary that this higher power be given a specific name or defined by a formal religion. In fact, if the higher power is defined by a religion that dominates the minds of the people, then democracy cannot function.

History has demonstrated the truth in the axiom that “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The moment any institution – be it the communist party, Catholicism or Islam – dominates a society, it will lead to fanaticism, and this inevitably and without fail causes people to think that their institution can override or even define the rights of the people. And the moment this happens, you no longer have a functioning democracy.

It really is that simple!

The conclusion is, of course, that democracy can never be forced upon a population. They must be prepared, usually through a long process that involves both the school of hard knocks and spiritual guidance of the more sensitive people among the population. Thus, the American belief that it can force freedom and democracy upon Muslim nations is naive.

Who established American democracy? Europeans who had the long and bloody history of Europe in their minds and who were sensitive to spiritual guidance. In other words, the most sensitive people had left Europe or had embodied in the colonies precisely because there was a better opportunity to establish democracy in America than in Europe. My point being that democracy did not appear in a vacuum, but the process that led to democracy in America was begun in Europe. And thus, you cannot roll into town, depose the dictator and expect that the people will instantly establish a democracy.

Again, the wisest approach for democratic nations is to be committed to non-violence and to only work with people in dictatorships who are committed to peaceful revolutions. Once you start with military force, where do you end? Should NATO also start bombing in Syria, Yemen or a half dozen other countries? And what happens when it becomes clear – as it did in the Balkans – that you cannot protect civilians from the safety of a jet airplane or an office in Washington DC? Do you send in troops and in how many countries? Can NATO police the entire Middle East? No one else ever could.

You might say that if the West had not stepped in in Libya, then Gaddafi’s troops would have killed civilians in the rebellious cities. Yet this is belied by the fact that if the rebels had not received training and weapons from the outside, they would never have started a violent uprising. Thus, it was the intervention of outside forces that put the civilians at risk in the first place. So where is the justification for violence?

If you look honestly at any situation, you see that there never is a true justification for violence. It is only when you look at a situation from a limited perspective – which is what the power elite always seek to accomplish – that violence seems necessary, justified or the lesser evil.

Let me give you another golden rule: There is no such thing as a “lesser” evil. The very concepts of evil and good spring from duality. Duality can never establish peace. When you truly see this, you know that you will never eradicate a greater evil by doing a lesser evil. You will transcend evil only when you stop responding in a dualistic manner by turning the other cheek.

In closing, let me give you the following thought. It would be highly constructive for spiritual people to contemplate that we of the ascended masters do not look at life on earth the same way human beings tend to do. I am aware that while you are still in embodiment, you cannot fully fathom the ascended state of consciousness, but you can have glimpses of it. However, you will not get those glimpses until you start opening your mind to the possibility that the ascended state is radically different from the unascended state. Thus, you must be willing to question your most cherished beliefs in order to glimpse our vision.

We of the ascended masters know very clearly that planet earth is nothing but a schoolroom. It has only one purpose, namely to serve as the outer framework in which human beings can raise their consciousness. Thus, even when we talk about a Golden Age, it is not our goal to establish some predefined advanced civilization. Our goal is always to raise people’s consciousness, and this can be done in many different ways. Democracy is one way to raise people’s consciousness, but it is not the only way and it only works for people at a certain level of maturity. So it is not our overall goal to establish a western form of democracy in every nation on earth.

However, even more important is that you who are spiritual people contemplate the true cause and effect sequence. People in embodiment tend to think that physical conditions produce a certain state of consciousness. For example, when the American administration decided to invade Iraq, some among the decision makers believed that if only they removed Saddam Hussein and established a free and democratic nation in Iraq, then the people’s consciousness would change very quickly.

The experience in Iraq clearly disproves this belief, but then take this even further. The realization we are seeking to bring out on this website is that physical conditions are NEVER the cause. The cause is ALWAYS found in consciousness.

This has many subtle aspects, but take just one. There is a common belief in western nations that if we only improve the physical conditions in less developed countries, then everything will be just as it is in the West. Yet this is not so. The current conditions found anywhere in the world are the outpicturing of the collective consciousness of the people. Until the consciousness changes, the outer conditions will not change in a fundamental way.

I am not thereby saying that western nations should stop seeking to improve physical conditions. If a person is bleeding, you must stop the bleeding by applying a band aid. But if you don’t remove the cause of the bleeding, the person will keep bleeding and you will have to continue to apply band aids.

This is the approach the West has been taking to helping less developed nations. It can go on indefinitely unless the West begins to recognize the importance of consciousness and makes changing the consciousness a priority. This, of course, would require western nations to first recognize the need to change the consciousness in their own nations. That change has already begun but will not come to fruition until the spiritual people in the West fully recognize the role of consciousness. Thus, my admonition for you to contemplate this.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you. Seek you first a change in consciousness, and a change in physical conditions will follow—not without effort but certainly without force.

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