How should humans treat animals?

TOPICS: Spiritual evolution rarely goes backwards – animals have group soul – animals can progress to the human level – animals grow by serving humans – humans have a right to use services of animals – do not have right to abuse animals – dualistic consciousness causes all mistreatment of animals – seek to raise consciousness –

Question: According to reincarnation, is it possible to reincarnate as an animal, a bug, or something beside a human; so therefore, would it be possible to have once lived as one of the above and then reincarnate as a human? In light of this thinking, wouldn’t it be kinder to abstain from eating and/or wearing all animal and insect products, even milk, eggs, and cheeses, in other words to strictly become strict vegan in eating and lifestyle.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

The purpose of life is to grow toward higher levels of awareness, higher levels of consciousness. Therefore, spiritual evolution generally does not go backward. So once a lifestream has attained to the human level, it rarely goes down to the animal level. I am not saying there are no exceptions to this, but I am saying that such exceptions are extremely rare. Therefore, the people who believe that humans regularly incarnate as animals are out of touch with reality.

If a lifestream was to go to a lower level of evolution and reincarnate as an animal, it would be because that lifestream had descended to that level of consciousness. In other words, there would be no difference between that lifestream and the lifestreams of other beings at that level. An animal does not have an individual soul. Animals have a group soul, and this is why you see a herd mentality in many animal species. So even if a human lifestream went backward and incarnated as an animal, that lifestream would not have the same type of individuality and consciousness as when it was at the human level. So it really doesn’t make sense to say that you could eat an animal with a human soul.

Planet earth was designed as a platform for the evolution of human lifestreams. Human lifestreams are at a higher level than animals. The lifestream of an animal can eventually progress to the human level. Nevertheless, animals are at a lower level of spiritual evolution than humans. Therefore, animals are subservient to humans and the key to their growth is to serve humans. One of the ways in which animals progress is in their interaction with humans, such as being domesticated animals or pets. Especially pets can progress by imitating the qualities and personalities of their owners. However, please do not misinterpret this to mean that I am saying people should have pets in order to help animals grow. This should be an individual decision.

What I am saying here is that human beings do have a right to make responsible use of the service that can be offered by animals. This service includes using animals for food. In other words, from a spiritual standpoint it is acceptable that people kill animals in order to survive.

However, there is a very fine line to be found in the treatment of animals, and people will be held accountable for mistreating animals. You currently see horrendous misuses of animals by human beings. The cause is that human beings have become trapped in the lower state of consciousness, the dualistic mind. That same state of consciousness also causes human beings to commit horrendous atrocities against other human beings.

Please understand that I am not trying to downplay the need to treat animals according to a Christ standard. I am not trying to downplay the efforts of the many truly spiritual and concerned people who are working for the protection of the environment and for improvements in the treatment of animals. However, I encourage such people to realize that the cause of all inhumane treatment of animals is the dualistic state of consciousness. Therefore, the only real solution to the problem is to raise the consciousness of humankind as a whole.

The best way to do that is to encourage those who are more spiritually advanced to attain Christ consciousness on an individual level. You will remember my statement that if I be lifted up I would draw all people unto me. The reality behind that statement is that all people are connected in consciousness. So if you raise the consciousness of one human being, you will raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

What I am saying here is that if you are concerned about improving the treatment of animals, the best thing you could possibly do is to make an all-out effort to attain Christ consciousness and to encourage other people to enter the true inner path that leads to Christ consciousness. This will improve the treatment of animals and human beings more than any other single factor.

I am not hereby saying that people should not work for improving the treatment of animals through various means, including raising public awareness of this problem. What I am saying is that you should heed the words in the statement to seek first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you. Make it your foremost priority to seek the Christ consciousness, and you will become much more effective in your work for improving the treatment of animals.

Concerning a vegetarian of vegan lifestyle, I have commented on this elsewhere.


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