How people make negative karma

TOPICS: You are responsible for your own actions; not those of others – you are responsible for your reactions to what others do to you – principle behind Golden Rule – how karmic spirals form – no one can escape their karma – complex karmic web – break the spiral through Golden Rule – no reason to punish, as God’s law will do that – do you want freedom or bondage? –

Question: Beloved Jesus, please tell more about how people make negative karma. For instance, can a person create karma if he listens to bad music against his will (indoors, where such music plays)? Or he is in a meeting with people, where they discus and introduce false ideas? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explain in many places on this website, everything in this world is made from God’s energy. Human beings have the capacity to use God’s energy in various ways. This can be done through their actions, but also through their thoughts and feelings. You are ultimately responsible for what you do with God’s energy through your actions, thoughts and feelings. However, you are not responsible for what other people do to you.

So let us examine the situation where you are forced to listen to music against your desire. In that case, there is no way you can make karma by listening to the music. However, you can make karma if you respond to the music or to the situation in a negative way. In other words, if you become irritated or angry, then you will make karma because those feelings will misqualify the energy of God streaming through your consciousness.

Again, if you are exposed to false ideas you will not make karma by simply hearing such ideas. However, if you respond negatively to the ideas or to the people presenting them, you can make karma. Likewise, if you were to accept such ideas and live your life according to them, you could make karma.

In short, you cannot make karma for other people’s actions. You can make karma for your reaction to other people’s actions.

This is one of the major principles behind the Golden Rule, but unfortunately most Christians have not understood the profound principle behind this rule. You live in a world in which every human being has free will. You also live in a world that is very far removed from God’s original purity and intent. Therefore, you have many people who have descended into a very low state of consciousness in which they are completely self-centered and selfish. So when you enter this world, it is inevitable that you will be exposed to people who will treat you in a way that is not according to the laws of God.

When a person mistreats you, that person will automatically make karma. There is no way the person could ever escape the responsibility for that karma, although it might not come back to the person in the present lifetime. This is clearly described in the Bible in the saying that a man will reap what he has sown. It is also clearly stated that God will return all karma to a person, “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay!”

Because people do not understand this, it often happens that when a person is mistreated by others, he or she either takes negative actions or enters into negative thoughts and feelings concerning the other person. This means that the second person has now made karma in the situation. So instead of a situation where one person violates the laws of God and makes karma, we have now have a snowball effect where the second person is tempted into also making karma.

This then can cause a downward spiral between two people that can continue to escalate for the rest of that lifetime and even over many lifetimes. This is what you see throughout the world, not only between individuals but also between groups of people, such as families communities, nations all races.

The world today is an incredible tangled web of karmic relationships between people. This web is extremely complex and presents numerous challenges for evolving lifestreams and for their spiritual teachers.

I came to set people free from this web of karmic entanglements, and I clearly realized that in order for people to be free, they had to somehow break the negative spiral of making more and more karma with each other. As the primary tool for breaking this endless cycle of karmic relationships, I gave the Golden Rule.

If someone comes up to you and slaps you across the face, that person has made karma. If you hit the person back or become angry or even fearful, you will also make karma. However, if you can remain completely non-attached and turn the other cheek, then you will not make karma from the situation. Thereby, you will set yourself free from any karmic spirals, and you can simply move on from the situation without having it weigh you down or pull you back.

Unfortunately, because my teachings on karma and reincarnation were removed from Christianity, most modern Christians have not understood the profound principle behind the Golden Rule. Therefore, they have not fully internalized the Golden Rule and that is why so many modern Christians find it difficult to follow this rule with the true spirit of non-attachment that comes from unconditional love.

Even if someone harms you severely, an understanding of karma will make you realize that the person can never escape responsibility for his actions. Therefore, you have absolutely no reason to seek to punish the person or to entertain negative thoughts or feelings towards the person. You can simply let go of the situation and lovingly allow God to return the person’s karma in due time. This sets you free to move on from the situation instead of entering into a negative spiral that can continue to build over many lifetimes, until you have created such a strong karmic tie to the person that you feel like you can never get away from him or her.

So the main motivation for following the Golden Rule is really whether you want your personal lifestream freedom or whether you want to remain in bondage to people who have harmed you in the past and perhaps are still harming you in the present. The only way to be free of such people is to fully internalize the Golden Rule and to turn the other cheek in unconditional love. This love becomes the person’s judgment and will ensure the return of the person’s karma.


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