How many universes?

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Question: Is there one universe or many universes?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

How many universes would you like there to be? As explained by Maitreya in his book, all of you are meant to grow towards full God consciousness. And when you reach that God consciousness, you have the opportunity – if you so choose – to become the creator of your own universe, your own world of form. Many, many, many lifestreams have walked that path and have attained that state and thus there are many universes. In fact so many that it is meaningless to put a number upon it, my beloved. For the linear minds of human beings would find it difficult to comprehend the actual number.

This however must be distinguished from the concept you find in science of parallel universes, where some scientists believe that when you make a choice, you split the universe in two (if you had two options), one universe where you choose the one option and one universe where you choose the other. This is not a reality, my beloved, because it would go against free will, in the sense that there would be a part of your being who would experience either option and thus you would not really have made a choice and experienced reaping the consequences of that choice.

But yes, there are indeed innumerable universes with more coming into being all of the time.

One thing I must say, however, is that this is a somewhat academic question since you are living in this universe. And your first focus should be to walk the path that is offered in this universe, for you cannot simply shift from this universe to another, if you do not like the present one. There is no universe shopping, my beloved.


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