How humanity has created all imbalances in nature

TOPICS: Separation between man and nature – technology that insulates people from nature – separation from God – beyond the compartmentalized approach to life – understanding energy waves – did people produce natural disasters – difficult to accept that thoughts have far-reaching consequences – people are part of the energy continuum – consciousness is basic reality – information is building block of matter – every thing starts as an idea – the earth was created in balance – humans created all imbalances – in the past, bodies had lower density – the earth is a learning platform – physical conditions is feedback on the consciousness of humankind –

Question: the earth changes are only a disaster now that we put up structures that fall down as a result of these changes? suddenly god is trying to get our attention, they are signs, karma? how is that possible since these things have been happening on/to the earth before there were even human eyes to behold the changes and be affected by them?  If we look at jupiter and see the giant red cloud go around, that’s a gigantic storm. or how about the storms on mars, or the hot, toxic venus . . . these things occur in nature all around us, and we can even look at these things and see beauty – but hell, put a house up and it falls down, it’s god trying to get our attention to let us know we’re evil. dunno, maybe it’s just that we don’t have the technology yet to build structures to withstand these continuing and ever-present changes, and it has nothing to do with our morality or spirituality at all.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

One of my goals with this website is to inspire the more spiritually open-minded people to see beyond the duality consciousness. This state of consciousness causes people to see themselves as being separated from the whole of which they are a part. In their minds they create compartments that are separated by barriers, and it gives them an excuse for rejecting responsibility.

For example, people trapped in the duality consciousness have created one compartment called “Nature” and another called “Human Affairs.” They see the two as separate with little or no interaction. So when an earthquake happens, it is caused by a “natural process,” and thus their behavior or state of consciousness could not possibly have anything to do with it. This gives them an excuse for continuing their lifestyle without considering that they might need to change themselves.

In their separateness, they have created technology that isolates them from nature. So if an earthquake destroys their houses, they start looking for technology to protect themselves better – and thus isolate themselves further from nature – instead of thinking that perhaps they need to change their approach and work with Mother earth instead of against her.

Others have in their separateness created a compartment called God, and they see him as an angry being in the sky. Thus, they can only reason that if natural disasters carry a message, it must be a message from the angry being in the sky who is trying to let them know they are evil. They will not see that the real God is within them and is only trying to guide them to what is enlightened self-interest.

As long as people remain trapped in this compartmentalized view of life and refuse to look for deeper causes – eventually seeing the interconnectedness of all life – I cannot help them. Yet for those willing to look beyond the surface, I can suggest a gradual approach to opening your mind.

Science has proven that everything is energy, and this has established the possibility of a connection between mind and matter, between natural processes and human affairs. So let us for arguments sake say that there is a natural process that causes tension in the earth’s crust. This tension is not only a material tension but has a deeper level of causality, namely an interaction of energy waves.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, it is theoretically possible that the energy waves produced by human minds can interact with the energy waves that cause tension in the earth’s crust. Thus, thought waves could potentially add to the already existing tension, and this could trigger an earthquake at a certain time or in a certain location. It might increase the magnitude of an earthquake, or it may even trigger an earthquake instead of a more gradual release of the tension that would not produce any surface damage.

It is true that so-called natural processes have been going on for millions of years, but where is the proof that they were as violent in the past as they are today? How do you know that such processes did not happen so gradually in the past that they did not cause as much damage on the surface? If a process happens slowly enough, it might not knock over a house. Or people might have time to move or make other adjustments to prevent the loss of life. Is it possible that what people call natural disasters did not occur before there were people around?

While this is not – yet – mainstream science, it should not be beyond the comprehension of spiritually-minded people, especially those open to New Age teachings. If these ideas are new to you, it might take some time for your mind to adjust to this expanded world view. It might take some time for your emotions to accept the greater responsibility that comes with such knowledge. You have to be willing to accept that your thoughts, feelings and actions have very far-reaching consequences, and for some people this can be a very difficult lesson that they resist with great emotion.

As you get used to a more expanded world view, you can take such considerations much further. By proving that everything is made from energy, Einstein proved that everything is interconnected. In other words, at the level of visible matter, nature and humans might appear to be separate, but at the deeper level of energy, they are both part of a larger whole—the energy continuum.

As many environmentally and spiritually aware people are beginning to realize, human beings cannot simply abandon their responsibility and think they can do whatever they want to the planet. Many people are realizing that human actions can have global effects, but I can assure you that what goes on in the human mind has a far more powerful effect on the energy system of planet earth.

Scientists will one day accept – as some scientists have already realized – that everything is created from consciousness. Quantum physicists have realized that consciousness can influence the most fundamental level of matter, namely elementary particles. They seriously consider the question, “Is the universe there when no one is looking?” In other words, consciousness is the fundamental reality, even behind energy.

It will one day be seen as an obvious fact that the basic building block of the material universe is information. It is information that tells pure energy waves how to form elementary particles and it tells these particles how to form atoms. It also tells atoms how to form molecules and it tells molecules how to form everything found in the material frequency spectrum. Thus, the ultimate cause of the physical effects seen in nature is what happens at the level of consciousness.

Nothing can exist as a “thing” without having first existed as an idea – an organization of information – in a self-conscious mind. This will one day be the fundamental paradigm of science, and scientists will look at today’s materialistic philosophy as you now look at the belief that the earth was flat.

Once you begin to adjust your world view to the reality that everything is consciousness, you will begin to overcome the compartmentalized approach to life. You will realize that your outer, physical circumstances are simply the effects of causes in your mind.

You might begin by accepting that you attract to you circumstances that reflect your state of mind, but at some point you will begin to see that you actually create your own reality. This opens up for the realization – as many New Age teachings say in various ways – that humankind has collectively created the current conditions on earth.

How far are you willing to take this realization? Can you accept that God’s representatives created a beautiful planet with complete balance, harmony and abundance in nature and that humankind has since then – by sinking into the consciousness of separation and duality – created ALL of the imbalances that lead to natural disasters, violent weather, infertile areas and even diseases?

Can you accept that the earth was originally created out of energies that were not as dense as matter is today and that it was the densification of “humankind’s” consciousness that caused energy to densify into what now appears as solid matter? Can you accept that this has happened over a very long period of time and that self-conscious beings have been influencing this planet for much longer than accepted by science?

In fact, lifestreams like the ones who are currently embodying in human bodies have been influencing this planet for far longer than human bodies have been available. In the distant past these lifestreams embodied in bodies of lesser density, which is why there is no fossil record of them or their civilizations.

The history of how the minds of self-conscious beings – call them humans or something else – has been influencing this planet goes very far back. It is very naive to assume that such beings have only been on this planet for 10-30.000 years. The real time-span is, as Maitreya explains in his book,  2.5 billion years.

Likewise, the conditions seen on other planets are also created by self-conscious beings. Currently, these beings are not residing in the same frequency spectrum as human beings. Nevertheless, the physical conditions on these planets are still caused by self-conscious beings exercising their creative powers in relation to these planets.

These ideas will be difficult to accept for people who are still trapped in the consciousness of separation, but scientists sometimes use an argument for the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence that has bearing here. The argument is that if humans were the only intelligent beings in such a vast universe, it would be an awful waste of space. Considering that scientists say the earth is 4.5 billion years old, we might say that if there had been humans on it for only 30.000 years, it would be an awful waste of time.

From its conception, the earth was designed as a learning platform for self-conscious, intelligent life. Some have come here, learned their lesson and ascended to higher realms. Others have come, failed to learn their lesson and have instead become stuck here. What is the lesson?

  • You are a co-creator with God.
  • You have free will to create anything you want.
  • You create through the powers of your mind. The images you hold in your mind will be projected upon the energy that makes up matter itself.
  • You cannot escape experiencing what you create because the material universe will outpicture the images you hold in your mind. The cosmic mirror will reflect back to you the material equivalent of your mental images.
  • If you create imbalance in the material frequency spectrum, you cannot move on until you have restored balance.
  • You cannot restore balance until you rise above the consciousness that caused you to create the imbalance.

Human beings have created all of the misery currently found on this planet, including natural disasters and all imbalances in nature. By refusing to take responsibility, they will remain in the consciousness of separation and continue to create more misery. By rising above that state of mind, they can create a better future for themselves and restore the original balance to the planet that provides them a platform for their spiritual evolution. You must chose to be or not to be. Choose life!


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels