How global warming and other environmental issues are being used by the power elite

TOPICS: Involves all four levels of the material realm – separate issue and debate – there are no natural cycles – an inconsistent approach to environmental problems – overcoming the denial of full responsibility – Spiritual friction causes global warming – Humankind’s refusal to adopt a more spiritual approach to life – Rising above a force-based approach to life – Positive aspects of global warming – A redistribution of economic opportunity – The debate about global warming and hidden agendas – Be wise as serpents – The force-based mindset of the power elite – How to be truly environmentally conscious –

Question: I have been a rather eager reader of your site(s) for about a year now. Thank you so much for your massive and very interesting messages to humanity. Today the first part of the report from UN’s Panel on Climate Change was released, and I thus pose this important question: What does Jesus say about Global warming?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

This is a complex issue. It is an issue with global implications, and I am not trying to be cute. When I use the word “global,” I use it in a deeper way than most humans, for I use it not simply to refer to everything on the physical planet but to everything within the total sphere of the earth, including the four aspects of the planet’s total energy field. Thus, in order to fully understand global warming, you have to look at the totality of the physical, psychological and spiritual issues involved.

Let us make a distinction between the actual issue of global warming and the debate about global warming, and let us begin by talking about the issue itself. I agree with the claim that the earth is warming, as shown by numerous scientific measurements and statistics as well as the unusual weather patterns that dot the headlines the world over. I also agree with the claim that this warming is caused by humans. In fact, I agree with those who say it is entirely caused by humans and is not the result of a natural variation of the earth’s climate. Yet that is where my agreement with the official, scientific version ends.

 There are no natural cycles

Some people claim that the warming of the earth is part of a natural cycle that has occurred many times throughout history. I do not disagree that there are certain cycles on the earth and that the climate has been warmer than now many times in the past. I disagree with this claim because there are NO natural cycles on this planet—if by “natural” you mean something that is not affected by humankind. Everything is made from consciousness and thus every condition on earth is either created by or affected by the consciousness of humankind.

An inconsistent approach to environmental problems

I am well aware that many people reject the idea that their consciousness can contribute to natural disasters, and I would like to take this opportunity to point out an inconsistency in the viewpoints of many people who claim to be environmentally conscious. If you look at some of the people who deny global warming, you will see that part of their motivation is that they refuse to believe that human actions can have global consequences. They will not accept that man-made pollution could actually affect the planetary climate and create devastating consequences. Many environmentally conscious people – whether they have a spiritual or a materialistic outlook on life – look down upon those who deny global warming without realizing that they are trapped in the exact same denial, only in a different disguise.

If you look at those who deny global warming, you will see that the psychological component is that these people are not willing to change their basic lifestyle. And since global warming seemingly points to the necessity of such basic changes, they deny it. Yet underneath this psychological reaction is a deeper spiritual reaction, which is that these people refuse to take full responsibility for their situation. They refuse to accept that their actions can have global consequences and that they need to change their outlook on life to incorporate such global concerns. The basis for this denial is a refusal to accept the very reason why human beings are in existence, namely that they were created to serve as co-creators with God and “have dominion” over the earth (Genesis 1:26).

Having dominion does not mean that you violently suppress the earth and force every aspect of nature to serve your needs. It means that you first take dominion over your self – your mind, psyche and energy field – and then use this self-mastery to make the earth – including nature – outpicture the highest vision – the immaculate concept – for this planet, held in the mind of God. I can assure you that God’s vision and laws allow for people – all people – to have the abundant life without destroying the environment. There is no necessity which says that a high material standard of living must be “conquered” by exploiting the environment or other people. This is simply an imbalance that springs from the human ego and its “me against you” attitude, which leads to spiritual blindness.

Being co-creators is the role for which humans beings were created, and the very issue of global warming is a product of the fact that most people have refused to play this role. This refusal comes in many subtle and clever disguises, but behind all of them is the fact that the human ego will always refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of its actions and its attitude to life. Thus, as long as people are blinded by the dualistic thinking of the ego, they will refuse to acknowledge the full consequences of their way of life.

Those who deny global warming are trapped in the surface layers of this refusal of accountability, and they refuse to acknowledge that human actions can have global consequences. Most environmentally conscious people can see the superficiality of this viewpoint, but they often fail to see that they are simply caught in a more subtle aspect of the ego’s denial of responsibility. They refuse to consider that the natural environment is not simply affected by people’s actions, but by the totality of the human being, including people’s consciousness.

My point is that if people are environmentally conscious – and accept that human actions can have global consequences – then it is inconsistent of them to deny that the natural environment is affected by people’s state of consciousness. These people have started to overcome the total denial of responsibility by admitting that actions have global consequences. But they have stopped short of accepting full responsibility by acknowledging that people’s state of consciousness has a far deeper impact on the environment than their physical actions.

Thus, if these people truly are as concerned about the environment as they claim, they need to look at the beam in their own eye and come to the full understanding that because everything is energy, the energy that makes up the physical planet is the same basic substance as the energy of thoughts and feelings. Which means that the physical planet will indeed be affected by the collective consciousness of humankind.

Overcoming the denial of full responsibility

I realize this is not an easy task, given the fact that most people have been brought up in an environment that is almost saturated with a denial of responsibility. The cause is that western society for centuries has been a battleground between two forces – represented by mainstream Christianity and materialistic science – that both deny the fact that human beings have full responsibility for this planet.

Christianity generally denies that human beings were created to be co-creators and were given dominion over the earth—a task they can only fulfill by putting on the mind of Christ and becoming the Living Christ in embodiment. And science claims that human beings are little more than highly evolved apes, which means it must of necessity deny the power of people’s minds, instead focusing only on physical pollution as the only possible cause of global warming.

Do you begin to see why I said global warming has global implications? Global warming is indeed produced by human beings, but the real cause is not physical pollution but the refusal to take full responsibility for this planet. Thus, we might say that the real cause is a denial of responsibility, and if humankind is to successfully deal with this issue, people must first acknowledge and confront the denial of accountability. This will require a total rethinking – a global rethinking – of people’s approach to life.

If humankind reduced the emission of greenhouse gases to zero, it would not stop global warming, for the cause goes much deeper. So unless the underlying spiritual cause is brought to the surface and dealt with, the planet will keep warming and the weather will keep getting more and more erratic. This is a consequence of the fact that the earth has certain cosmic cycles in which humankind is meant to learn certain lessons. And as Shiva explained, before the year 2012, humankind must learn that consciousness affects even the physical planet:

I ask you therefore to consider that the greatest need on this planet right now is for an awakening of humankind to the reality that the earth Mother herself is closely linked to the consciousness of humankind. And what happens as visible events in the body of the earth Mother are the products of the thoughts and feelings in the mass consciousness.

This is the one realization that is an absolute necessity on this planet. Humankind simply cannot rise to a higher level of consciousness until people start realizing the direct connection between the physical earth and their own consciousness. Otherwise they will continue to be shocked and dazed whenever an actual disaster occurs. And they will be unable to explain why—they will feel powerless and unable to do anything to avert this in the future. And so they are left paralyzed by a fear of the unknown instead of being mobilized to take dominion over the earth and multiply the spiritual light within them, the very light that can consume the cause of all future disasters.

So this is the one realization that must break through to the consciousness, the mass consciousness, of humankind. The only question is how it will break through. I therefore prophesy to you that between now and the year 2012, there are two ways that humankind can go.

There is the high road, where people start responding to the spiritual messages that have been given by the ascended masters through many different sources. And they raise their awareness and they take responsibility for their personal lives and for the planet as a whole. They accept that they must change their consciousness in order to avoid further natural disasters or wars.

This is the high road, and we very much hope that this is the path that humankind will take. But it can only happen if the top 10 percent of the population, as explained by Jesus in a recent discourse, will wake up and realize that they must be the forerunners because the 80 percent of the population cannot awaken themselves. And the lowest 10 percent of the population will do everything they can to keep the population trapped in ignorance.

I must tell you in honesty that if this awakening does not occur, then the second option will take place. And the alternative is that the number and severity of natural disasters will continue to intensify, until it becomes so great that people can no longer ignore that the earth is sending them a message. And the message is saying, “You must change or die, because if you do not change, I will die. And how can you survive if the platform for your physical lives is no more!” [end quote]

Spiritual friction causes global warming

What is the spiritual cause of global warming? Well, this is a complex issue that has more than one cause, but the main cause can be attributed to a kind of spiritual friction. You know that if you drive your car down a very steep grade and keep riding the brakes, they can eventually overheat and fail. The reason is that the friction of the brake parts rubbing against each other produces heat.

As cosmologists have discovered, the entire physical universe is expanding, but what they have not understood is that it is not simply expanding in a horizontal direction. In order to keep expanding, the universe cannot stay at the same level of vibration, or density. Physical matter itself must be raised in vibration, for otherwise the inertia in matter will stop the expansion of the universe, and it will start collapsing in what scientists call the Big Crunch.

My point is that the expansion of the universe is linked to a raising of the vibration of matter, which reduces the density of matter. This is a process that is briefly explained elsewhere. The basic idea is that one sphere is raised in vibration until it ascends and becomes part of the spiritual realm. The self-aware beings living in a sphere are meant to facilitate this process by raising their consciousness. There are billions and billions of such beings in the sphere of which the material universe is a part, and they have collectively created a momentum that drives not only the horizontal expansion of the universe but also the raising of the vibration of matter itself.

The earth is also meant to ascend in vibration, and it is up to the self-aware beings on this planet – human beings – to facilitate this process. If humans collectively choose not to raise their consciousness, this can slow down the ascension of the earth. However, no planet is an island, and the earth is part of a larger system, including the solar system and even the galaxy. There are many other self-aware beings in this system and they have already created an ascending momentum. So while humans have dominion over the earth and can choose to slow down the ascension of this planet, they cannot slow down the momentum of the larger system of which this planet is a part.

The consequence is that the momentum of the entire system is pulling on the earth, but the lower consciousness of humankind is like a dead weight seeking to hold the planet back. We might say that humans are applying the brakes and trying to slow down the ascension of the planet. And it is precisely this slow-down effect that produces a sort of friction that causes the entire planet to heat up. Physical matter on this planet is currently denser than it is meant to be, which causes inertia that causes friction that produces heat.

Humankind’s refusal to adopt a more spiritual approach to life

This affects every aspect of the four levels of the planetary energy field. However, there is truth to the fact that science believes global warming is caused primarily by air pollution. The air or atmosphere corresponds to the mental level of the planetary energy field, and this corresponds to the thoughts of humankind. The main problem here is that humans are refusing to change their mindset, their thinking, their understanding of life based on the “revelations” of both modern science and modern spirituality.

Instead, you see a majority of the population feeling like things are moving too fast, and they want to keep living the way they are used to, thus wanting society or progress to slow down to a pace they can handle. However, the fact is that the planet is in a transition phase between the Piscean and the Aquarian age. Because humans have been refusing to learn the lessons they needed to learn from the Piscean age – primarily caused by the Catholic and other mainstream churches denying people’s potential to become the Christ – the planet is behind and humans need to catch up quickly. Thus, it is indeed a demand of the times that humans – in one generation – make a leap in consciousness that normally would have taken several generations. And because people feel overwhelmed by this, they seek to slow down the process and hold on to their old ways of thinking—a phenomenon you can see in all areas of society if you are willing to be honest.

What is the main thing that needs to happen in terms of changing people’s thinking? For starters, people need to become aware of the duality consciousness and the fact that there is an alternative to this form of thinking, which is the discernment of the Christ consciousness. People need to rise above black-and-white thinking without becoming trapped in gray thinking.

For millennia western society was dominated by the Christian religion, which basically gives people an excuse for not accepting full responsibility for themselves – you are sinners – and for their planet—Jesus will save the world. This was a black-and-white view of the world. Yet since the influence of Christianity started waning, science has taken over, and it also gives people an excuse by portraying them as materialistic beings who do not have the power of mind to have dominion over themselves or their planet. Science basically says that you cannot know truth beyond what can be proven through materialistic experiments, and this is a denial of the mind’s built-in ability to know Christ truth. Thus, science primarily promotes a world view in which there is no absolute truth, which is a form of gray thinking.

Yet what is behind both movements? It is the subtle idea that human beings were created as incomplete or deficient beings who cannot take care of themselves, neither spiritually nor materially. Thus, the population needs someone to lead them, namely the elite who run the religious, scientific, economic, political and military establishments. Thus, you will see that there was always a power elite that sought to prevent people from finding or accepting the truth that will make them free. What is that truth? I expressed it this way 2,000 years ago, “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21).

If you look at the past, you will see that humans have gone through a number of revolutions in thinking, for example by giving up the belief that the earth was flat. Today, people cannot understand just how trapped people were in this belief and thus cannot appreciate what a dramatic change in people’s thinking was required in order to let go of what you see as a very primitive belief. Yet I can assure you that in just a few generations people will look back at your time in much the same way.

Future generations will have accepted that their consciousness affects everything, and they will look back at your generation without being able to understand just how stuck people are in the current world view. They will be unable to understand why your generation could not see through and let go of the old beliefs and accept what they will see as perfectly obvious, namely that people’s consciousness affects every aspect of their physical circumstances. They will see your generation as being just as primitive as the people who insisted on holding on to the belief in a flat earth.

I understand that while you are still inside the mental box of an illusion, it forms a veil that colors the way you look at life. Yet once the bubble bursts, you will look at the world with new eyes, and you will see how obvious it was that your old beliefs were limited. You will suddenly see that the emperor has nothing on.

Rising above a force-based approach to life

On an even broader scale, the change in thinking I am talking about involves that people begin to understand that everything is energy and therefore their minds are far more powerful than both traditional religion and materialistic science will admit. In fact, it requires people to understand the four levels of the world and how everything in the physical realm begins in the identity realm, then becomes thoughts, then emotions and finally becomes manifest as a physical phenomenon or circumstance.

When humans begin to understand this, a new world view will lead to a dramatic shift in how people look at life on earth. Let me sketch the most important consequences:

  • People will realize that the earth was created as a platform for their spiritual growth. Thus, they have a right to be here and it is God’s design that the earth should be home to ten billion people.
  • People will develop a new respect and love for the planet, including the natural environment. They will overcome all tendency to rape the environment for short-term gain and will not allow huge corporations or nations to do this anymore. Yet they will also realize that changing the environment so it can feed more people is perfectly within God’s plan for the earth.
  • People will realize that being alive is not enough and that ALL people must have a reasonable standard of living that gives them opportunity to pursue spiritual growth.
  • People will understand that in order to give ten billion people a reasonable standard of living without destroying the environment, a radical new approach must be found.
  • This new approach can be found ONLY by using the power of the mind to see beyond the present materialistic world view. This view is what keeps humankind trapped at a certain level, where people are restricted to using what we might call force-based technology. With this I mean technology that forcefully takes resources and either burns fossil fuel or forcefully splits atoms in order to produce energy. The inevitable result of such technology is the raping of the environment in order to get resources and the production of pollution.

The alternative is for humankind to rise to a higher level where they can receive more advanced technology. Such technology is already in existence and the ascended masters are simply waiting for the breakthrough in consciousness in order to release it. This will allow for the production of free energy that does not require physical resources and thus does not rape the environment or produce pollution. I know this sounds like science-fiction, but it only does so because humans are still stuck in the mindset that thinks it has to take everything through force. When people overcome this mindset, they will realize the full ramifications of the radical truth I stated 2,000 years ago:

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. (Luke 12:32)

God is perfectly willing to give humankind everything they need in order to turn this planet into a paradise, a Golden Age. Yet people must be willing to receive it, for until they are, giving them technology would only cause them to destroy themselves. The general population must also come to the point of being willing to accept full responsibility for their situation, for until they do, it is inevitable that they will be ruled by an elite. The continued existence of a power elite is a direct result of the fact that most human beings will not take full responsibility for their planet and will not change their thinking as I have explained.

This keeps the elite in power, and this will allow them to suppress the knowledge and technology for free energy. The simple fact is that the dream of the power elite is to have a monopoly, and free energy cannot be monopolized, which means that the present giant energy corporations will vanish when such technology is finally released. So the power elite are desperately trying to hold back such technology in order to preserve their monopolies. And as long as people have not taken responsibility and demanded change, they will be able to do so.

Positive aspects of global warming

Global warming is not necessarily a negative in the sense that it is within the long-term plan for the earth that the polar ice caps should melt and the climate become milder. This will open up vast new areas that today are not suitable for agriculture, and this can feed a larger population. Again, the environmentalist movement is based on the philosophy that overpopulation is a major cause of environmental problems, but this need not be so. If people live in a more balanced way than today, this planet can indeed sustain ten billion people, so any number below that is NOT overpopulation.

However, for the planet to sustain that number of people, the tilting of the earth’s axis must be reduced substantially, which will even out the climate and – if accompanied by a raising of the collective consciousness – will greatly increase food production. A straightening of the axis will reduce the temperature swings between summer and winter but will not completely remove seasons. And if the straightening process happens gradually, it will not cause major natural disasters or unbalanced weather patterns.

A redistribution of economic opportunity

There must also be a redistribution of resources and opportunity, so the earth is no longer ruled by a small power elite who is controlling and consuming a disproportionate amount of natural resources and wealth. It must be recognized that the purpose of wealth is to benefit the majority of the population rather than allowing a small elite to accumulate more wealth than anyone could possibly need or spend.

Again, this will require some major adjustments in people’s thinking, and if people continue to resist this process, the friction will only increase, leading to increased warming and more disruptive weather patterns. If you look back, you will see that in the 1960’s a new trend started that increased people’s awareness of the global community and the interconnectedness of life. Yet so far this has not translated into sufficient changes in the awareness of the general population. Instead, the ruling power elite have taken advantage of the trend to start a movement that seeks to use globalization as a front for expanding the power and control of the elite.

For this trend to be reversed so that global awareness leads to a global sense of responsibility, the most spiritual people must wake up and realize that they have to take dominion over this planet. This includes realizing that any issue can and will be used by the power elite to further their goals. And the environmental issue, including global warming, is no exception to this, as we explain in Healing Mother Earth.

The planetary immune system

It is important to understand that everything that happens on the physical level has a parallel component at the three higher levels. Specifically, physical pollution is only the visible effect of a pollution in the emotional and mental realms in the form of misqualified psychic energy produced by thoughts and feelings that are not based on love. When this energy becomes intense enough, it spills over and increases the effect of physical pollution. In other words, the physical component of global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases, but under normal circumstances, natural processes would be able to take care of this without devastating effects. The planet has processes that work much as the human immune system and the systems that clear toxins or waste products from the body.

However, this system is tied with the other three levels of the universe, so when too much emotional and mental energy is accumulated, it will reduce the physical cleansing processes—much like your immune system is weakened when you are under emotional stress. The result is that pollution becomes worse, so if the planetary system was functioning correctly, the emission of greenhouse gases would not have had a noticeable effect on the climate. My point being that for those who are concerned abut the environment and are open to spiritual solutions, giving Mother Mary’s invocations is a very productive way to purify the total energy system of the planet. And if this effort reached critical mass, it could free the system to purify itself and thus minimize the effects of physical pollution.

The debate about global warming and hidden agendas

The debate is more complex than the issue itself, because there are so many different groups that seek to influence it, and they have so many different motivations for doing so. Exploring this fully would take us into the very heart of what is going on with the earth, but this will have to wait until more background teachings are given. What I can say for now is that it is absolutely necessary that the most spiritually aware people overcome the naive belief that all those who claim to work for the environment are doing so with a benign motivation.

The sad fact is that there is hardly any area of human debate in which there is more manipulation than in the environmental debate. The reason for this is, of course, that there is more at stake here than in almost any other area of debate, since the issue is a control of global resources. Thus, there are many different players who pursue many different – and often mutually exclusive – interests. What may seem like a benign cause of saving the environment is often a mere camouflage for a hidden agenda.

Mother Mary already described one of the major factors in the environmental debate, namely that some very large companies use environmental organizations as a front for restricting the use of natural resources, thus giving themselves a government-sanctioned monopoly. However, this movement – and several well-known environmental organizations – can be traced back to the 1800s when the discovery of natural resources in the western United States threatened to overthrow the economic dominance of “old money” in the Northeastern states. Thus, certain large eastern businessmen started and funded several environmental organizations.

Obviously, such organizations have moved far beyond their original purpose, and during the cold war some of them were heavily influenced by the Soviet Union’s propaganda machine and its efforts to limit economic growth in the West. This led to the movement known as “Limits to Growth,” which claimed that there was a limit to the economic growth and the size of the human population. Thus, western nations had the choice between collapse or a voluntary restriction of growth. The means to restrict growth was state control over resources and the economy, creating a system that was very similar to a communist system, but with a different name.

As I mentioned above, there is indeed a limit to the growth rate in the population and the economy that can be sustained as long as humans are trapped in force-based technology. So there is a certain basis of truth behind the claims that are still being made by environmental organizations. However, as long as the debate does not go beyond materialistic causes, the debate itself serves a greater purpose, namely to prevent the raising of the consciousness of humankind to an entirely new level. And this is the true goal behind the current environmental debate.

Be wise as serpents

There are indeed many well-meaning people – even many among the top ten percent of the most spiritually aware people – who have been pulled into supporting environmentalist causes without seeing the hidden agenda behind them. This has often been accomplished by presenting emotionally charged issues, such a saving a particular species or a sensitive environment—what is often labeled with the fictive term “ecosystem.” Take note that I am not hereby saying that some of these causes are not worthy and necessary. It is indeed necessary – as just two examples – to save the whales and the rain-forests from unrestricted economic exploitation. However, my larger point is that by getting people to focus on such isolated issues, their attention is “conveniently” led away from the overall issues behind the scenes.

Many environmental causes are simply camouflage that are deliberately used to obscure the deeper causes. The main cause that is being obscured is the need to develop a higher and more spiritual world view. This is accomplished by focusing on materialistic issues and causes, often through a simplification of an issue that points to a very simple problem with a well-defined scapegoat. For example, whalers and loggers are to blame, and if we stop them, we will save the whales and the rain-forests.

Such emotionally charged environmental causes are often backed by dubious science, where one scientist is quoted by another who is quoted by others until there is a “body of scientific evidence” that has no reality to it yet seems convincing to lay people. The overall effect is that people can feel they are doing something for the earth, but their attention is cleverly led away from considering deeper causes. Of course, this hides the existence of the power elite as the real exploiters of the environment.

The force-based mindset of the power elite

The overall hidden agenda is the fact that the power elite are well aware of the danger that humankind could rise to a more spiritual outlook on life. They know that if this were to happen, they would be exposed, and once exposed they would lose the power over the population they have had for centuries, even millennia.

The power elite have a mindset that is entirely based upon a perversion of the command to multiply and have dominion over the earth. They see the earth and the general population as enemies that must be forcefully suppressed, and this mindset restricts humankind to force-based technology. The elite have taken power through force and they will do anything to keep it, including preventing the entire planet from rising to a higher level. Although these people think they are very sophisticated and intelligent, they are truly the blind leaders that I warned people about 2,000 years ago:

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. (Matthew 15:14)

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. (Matthew 10:16)

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. (Matthew 7:15)

The power elite have taken power by dividing the population, and they will do anything to keep the population divided. Thus, you will see many conflicting agendas in the environmental debate, and they simply serve the greater cause of keeping the people divided while obscuring the underlying cause of the elite’s agenda of control. The elite people think in a way that is entirely force-based, and one of their main success stories was the cold war, where they managed to create a tension between the communist and the capitalist blocks.

This was done by certain western financiers literally creating and financing the bolshevik revolution and the build-up of the Soviet Union to a major military power. This created the arms race that for decades kept the military-industrial complex in power and in profit. As I said, the environmental debate in the West became a tool for reinforcing tension, and it is still being used for this purpose. Big multinational corporations are also using the debate to seek to gain a monopoly in emerging economies, where they have found it difficult to gain a foothold.

From a superficial perspective there would seem to be a conflict between large multinational corporations and environmentalist movements, but this is just a surface appearance. At a deeper level, they work for the same overall agenda, which is to create tension and conflict that keeps the power elite in control. And even behind the power elite is a greater agenda of keeping the dualistic forces in control of this planet and preventing the spiritual awakening that is on the threshold of breaking through.

The origin of the power elite is explained in the following section. Yet as I said above, the underlying message is that the human population is the cause of environmental problems and that the elite are the saviors who can take care of it all—if only the population will submit to their control. The elite always seek to create a problem and then set themselves up as the only solution to the problem they have created. Yet as I say throughout this website, you cannot solve a problem while trapped in the same state of consciousness that created the problem. And that is why there will be no real solutions to environmental problems until the population wakes up and goes beyond the force-based, dualistic mindset that blinds the elite.

My overall point here is to make those who are open to this website aware that if you want to make the best possible contribution to solving – truly solving – environmental issues, you should begin by adjusting your thinking as follows:

  • The earth was created as a platform for the spiritual evolution of humankind. It was not created to be a pristine natural environment with no humans.
  • It is your intended role to be a co-creator who takes dominion over your own mind and then over the environment of earth, bringing it into alignment with God’s vision and laws.
  • The earth is meant to sustain ten billion people who all have a comfortable standard of living.
  • This can be done only through dramatic changes in politics and technology.
  • The only real solution to the current environmental problems is for humankind to rise to the level where they can receive technology that is not force-based.
  • For this to happen, humankind’s consciousness must take a dramatic leap, and the top ten percent of the most spiritually aware people must be the forerunners for this transition. Thus, attaining personal Christhood and inspiring others to follow the path to Christhood is the most important contribution you can make to the solution of environmental problems. Obviously, this involves telling people about the link between consciousness and physical circumstances, including environmental problems.

How to be truly environmentally conscious

The greater awareness that needs to emerge is that western society has been on the wrong track for centuries, even millennia, led astray by both orthodox Christianity and materialistic science—both of which have been used as fronts by the power elite. The most efficient way for the elite to manipulate a debate is to set up two opposite polarities and make people believe they have to choose either one, yet both polarities serve to maintain a situation where a small elite can dominate the population. This obscures that there is an alternative to both approaches, namely to reach for a higher understanding of the issue.

The ascended masters are ready and willing to work with the most highly aware people to bring forth a higher environmental awareness. In fact, we have already started bringing this out through various individuals but it has not gained widespread acceptance because the mainstream media ignores it. The basic concept that needs to be understood is that this planet was created for a specific purpose, namely the spiritual evolution of humankind.

Thus, everything on earth is set up to give humankind the best possible opportunity to learn the basic lesson of life, namely that human beings have the power of mind to create their own physical circumstances. Each person has – over many lifetimes – created his or her personal circumstances and humans have – over many millennia – collectively created many of the limitations you see on earth today.

Yet God’s laws are set up so that if people raise their consciousness, the physical environment will respond accordingly. The current imbalances in nature, even the lack of so-called natural resources, is a product of the fact that humans have become unbalanced and have co-created outside of God’s law. The laws of God are set up to provide humankind with the abundant life on earth. And by aligning themselves with God’s laws, people will be able to bring forth conditions that will support ten billion people who live a comfortable material life without depleting natural resources, destroying the environmental balance or disrupting the planetary climate.

The stark reality is that for decades the power elite have been using the environmental issue to set up the belief in an impending doom that will then motivate people to give up their freedom, rights and money. During the Middle Ages, the elite used the Christian belief in hell and purgatory to scare people. Yet when they brought in materialistic science, this belief waned and they had to come up with alternatives. There are several of them, including pandemic diseases, invasions from space aliens, an asteroid hitting the earth, economic collapse, nuclear war and – of course – environmental devastation.

The plan of the elite is to set up a widespread panic that will make people believe they have to choose between two evils, which makes it predictable that they will always choose what seems to be the lesser evil. Yet you only have to choose between two evils because you have a limited understanding of the situation, and you only have a limited view because you have not been willing to use your Christ discernment to seek input from a source that is above and beyond the duality of the ego. That source is, of course, your own Christ self and the ascended masters.

When you seek such input, you will see that there is always an alternative to the man-made polarities. That alternative is to rise beyond the dualistic approach to life in which you are always pulled in opposite directions by two polarities. The alternative is to look at life through the mind of Christ, whereby you see that “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). As explained above, when humans align themselves with the laws of God, it is possible to solve environmental problems without giving up your democratic and economic freedoms and allowing the power elite to control every aspect of your lives.

In fact, by allowing the power elite to continue to control the environmental debate, it is a certainty that the debate will remain off track, and thus environmental problems will only get worse. The power elite are so blinded by spiritual pride that they will continue moving toward the abyss that leads them – as so many times in the past – to kill the goose – in this case an entire planet – that lays the golden egg.

I know my explanation can make it seem like it is hopeless for one person to do anything about this manipulation, but remember that this is what the elite always want you to believe. Their underlying message is that one person cannot make a difference. Yet the underlying message of my life and the lives of many other people is that one person CAN indeed make a difference—when he or she is working with God.

Therefore, let go of all sense of being overwhelmed and let God in you show you how you can make a personal contribution to bringing change. Always remember that for the power elite to triumph, it only takes that the top ten percent do nothing.

NOTE: For a deeper understanding of environmental issues, the power elite and our relationship to the planet we live upon, see the book Healing Mother Earth.


Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels