How evolution and genes have been used as an excuse by people who will not change themselves

TOPICS: God does not create the programming of genes – genes are affected by our individual and collective consciousness – genetically related diseases not created by God – thinking you are not responsible for your situation is a false path – looking for an excuse to avoid personal responsibility – evolution has been used as an excuse by many people unwilling to change – prophecy about a new understanding of evolution – homosexuals as parents –

Question: About homosexuality…. there is a homosexual gene (okay there is a gene that promotes a murderer’s personality too). How does God expect someone to change their natural inclinations? I support homosexuals because they are not hurting anyone. In fact there is a whole lot of very loving homosexuals whom I’d rather see parent a child than some very unhealthy-minded heterosexuals. God created the gene?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I have been waiting for someone to ask this question ever since my discourse on the cause of homosexuality was posted. I have already given some teachings on the true nature of genes as part of another answer,  and I would like to insert those teachings here:

Modern science has also correctly discovered that people’s behavior can be influenced by hereditary factors. Some of the more open-minded scientists have started realizing that the human genes are simply storage facilities for information. These scientists have also begun to realize that information always originates in a conscious mind of some kind.

This web page is stored on a computer in the form of a meaningless sequence of ones and zeros that form a collection of data. The computer itself simply stores and displays the data without attaching any kind of meaning to it. In other words, the computer stores and displays data, not information. However, when that data is displayed on a screen, a human being can decode the data and what was meaningless data is now transformed into information. This information exists only in the mind of human beings. My point here is that information cannot exist independently of a conscious mind.

The consequence of this fact is that a person’s state of consciousness will be affected by, and has an effect upon, the person’s genes. In other words, current scientific doctrine, which states that human beings are slaves of the genetic code, is not entirely correct. What I am saying here is that if a family has lived in a fear-based culture for generations, the fear and hatred will have affected the genes in that family. Therefore, children born into that family will be genetically predisposed to respond to life with fear and hatred. In other words, the tendency to respond with fear is built into the genetic material of the children’s brains and bodies.

The downside of this is that it truly is difficult for people to free themselves from this genetic influence. The upside is that the genetic programming was created by the human mind. What the human mind has created, the human mind can uncreate. So even if a person has been bred to hate, that person does have the option to overcome the genetic programming. Doing so will take a very determined effort. However, knowing that the effort requires of reprogramming of the genes can be half the victory because the person sees the need to dig deep. [end quote]

The key insight here is that the universe is entirely based on or created from information. You will find some interesting teachings on this in the answer to another question. The universe is created because a conscious mind imposes an image or blueprint upon the basic substance of God’s light. This causes the light of God to take on a certain form, and the particular characteristics of that form are determined by the information contained in the blueprint.

You say that God created genes, and in a sense you are right. God, or rather the seven spiritual beings, called Elohim, who created the material earth did indeed create genes. However, the genes are created as carriers or containers of information. And although the Elohim did put basic information into human genes, human beings have the capacity of consciousness to alter the information in their genes.

Indeed, since the Fall of man, human beings have created many alterations of the genes, and that is why you see so many genetically related diseases. These diseases were not created by Elohim. They were never part of the original blueprint for a human body or mind. They are imperfections that have been imposed upon the human genes through the dualistic state of consciousness to which human beings have descended.

As I explained above, it is perfectly possible for human beings to program hatred into their genes. It is also possible to program the tendency to commit murder or the tendency towards homosexuality.

In another discourse I talk about the need for spiritual seekers to abandon the outer path and lock in to the inner path to God. When people are trapped by the relativity of the dualistic mind, they also become trapped by the outer path. This is the way that seems right unto a human, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. When you follow this outer path, you think you are not responsible for your own situation and your own progress. You think you are somehow a victim of forces beyond your control. For thousands of years, religion has been used to reinforce this sense of being a victim by promoting the idea that human beings are entirely the slaves of God’s will.

As I explain throughout this website, God has given human beings free will, and therefore they create their own reality. Because people are reluctant to take responsibility for their own situation, it is very tempting for them to subscribe to such fatalistic or deterministic philosophies. That is why materialistic science has become so popular and why fatalistic religion has been so popular for thousands of years. When people are trapped in this state of consciousness, they are always looking for some kind of condition that is beyond their control and therefore gives them an excuse for continuing to do what they are comfortable doing. They are constantly looking for an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for their lives and making the effort to change their situation, meaning both their inner and outer situation.

The current knowledge of evolutionary theory has been used as such an excuse. Many people, certainly not limited to homosexuals, have used the current understanding of the human gene as an excuse for not changing themselves. This can never lead to spiritual progress, and as I point out in my discourse on homosexuality, it is indeed in the lifestream’s best interest to heal the imbalances that are the cause of homosexuality. Saying that homosexuality is determined by the genes and accepting the idea that the genes are beyond your control simply will not lead to the spiritual progress of the lifestream. It will only impede or even abort that progress. Saying that God created the genes and therefore God created homosexuals will have the same effect.

As a spiritual teacher I am forever dedicated to the swiftest possible progress of every lifestream on this planet. Therefore I will speak out against any man-made idea which impedes this progress.

I will hereby prophesy that the cutting-edge scientists in the field of biology and physics will, within the next decade, bring forth theories that will ultimately, when these theories are finally accepted by mainstream society, completely transform current evolutionary theory and the current theories about the human genes. It will be seen that the human genes are simply carriers of information and that people do indeed affect their genes through their state of consciousness. [NOTE: For proof of this prophecy, see the books Spontaneous Evolution and The Genie in Your Genes.]

This will open up for a deeper understanding of the process of evolution, whereby it will be seen that the process of evolution is not a random process guided by chance. Instead, it is a process guided by conscious beings who impose information upon the energy that composes the matter universe. Therefore, human beings themselves have a profound influence upon the evolutionary process, both through their genes and in other ways. There are already scientists who have realized what I am saying, as there are advanced healers who have developed techniques for helping people reprogram their genes. Such methods will become more developed and more accepted in the coming decades.

You are quite right that many heterosexual couples are unfit to be parents. I have no aversion against homosexuals as persons and do not judge them as a group. Many homosexuals have admirable qualities that make them able to bring up a child with much greater harmony than many heterosexuals. However, ideally a child needs the presence of both the masculine and the feminine qualities of God to have a harmonious childhood. And the natural way to provide that is through a father and mother in a heterosexual relationship.

I do not deny the current social reality of millions of broken homes that cannot provide such an upbringing. I do not deny that some children have been so abused by heterosexual parents that they would have been better off being raised by homosexual parents with greater harmony. However, the current social conditions are caused by an incredible inharmony and imbalance in society. As I have said before, homosexuality is one type, and certainly not the only type, of imbalance in the lifestream. Legalizing and institutionalizing such imbalances will not reduce the sum of imbalance, and therefore it simply is not an effective way to reduce social problems.

The reality of the situation is that the current social problems are a direct result of a lack of Christ consciousness and Christ discernment, whereby people gradually begin to accept conditions that are out of alignment with the basic principles that God used to create the universe. This causes society to enter a downward slide that leads to further imbalances. In such conditions it is very tempting for people to begin to accept that unbalanced conditions are normal, unavoidable and should be tolerated or even legalized.

This is a very subtle fallacy that simply will not stop the downward slide. Stopping the slide can be done only by returning to a Christ standard that brings society back in alignment with the laws of nature. To do this people must strive for Christ consciousness that will teach them to discern what is in alignment with natural principles. It will not help to subscribe to the “anything goes” philosophy that started the slide in the first place.


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