How do the ascended masters envision their relationship with us on earth?

TOPICS: Oneness between us and the masters – all people strive to have their personal, inner connection to the masters – people finding their own places in the overall scheme – golden age is not a tightly controlled society – a society guided by the Holy Spirit –

Question: How do the ascended masters envision their relationship with us on the earth and the physical octave in the highest out-picturing of the Aquarian Age?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

We envision oneness. Oneness as above so below—where you do not see yourself as being apart from us, but you see yourself as being a part of us, as being extensions of ourselves. For you recognize that we are extensions of greater Beings and you are extensions of the same greater Beings.

And thus you see yourselves as simply the ascended masters in embodiment rather than the ascended masters in the spiritual realm. And thus you see that you are here to be here below all that you – we – are above and thereby bringing the kingdom of God to earth.

You do not look to us to tell you what to do as an external Presence. And thus, you see that even what you experience right now – where you see me as an ascended master, called Jesus Christ, who is speaking to you through a messenger who is the open door – well this is only an intermediate stage. For surely, it is not our vision for the Golden Age that we have one, or even a number of messengers who are like the oracles of old that the people go to when they need to be told what to do with their lives. Instead, we envision that the majority of the people have at least some connection to their Christ Selves and their I AM Presences, so that they get directions from within.

Now, we may still have a limited number of people who have a broader connection that allows them to bring forth more direct teachings for general use. But certainly, we envision that all people individually, or at least the majority of the people individually, have a connection that allows them to get their personal directions directly from their own Higher Beings—of which we count ourselves a part.

And therefore, all people will naturally and individually find their rightful place in the overall scheme for raising up all life and bringing the Golden Age into physical manifestation. So that we do not need to have an overall plan that is so specific that each person can see on the external plan where they are supposed to fit in.

In other words, we are not envisioning a tightly controlled society—as you, for example, have seen in communist nations. Where they create a five-year plan and essentially assign people to fulfill certain roles as the worker bees in a beehive are assigned to fulfill that role. Instead, we envision that each society has an overall plan that gives the broad strokes for what that society is meant to out-picture. And then, through the agency of inner direction, coming through the agency of the Holy Spirit, each person knows where they will fit in. And thus each person will get their inner direction so that there is precisely the right amount of people to perform each task.

And thus, there is no unemployment, there is no overabundance of a particular kind of people with a particular kind of education, who therefore cannot find work or are forced to seek work in a different field than the one in which they got their education. And thus, you see how the plan can unfold without being controlled by any external authority on earth. But simply by the people trusting in their inner direction, that naturally guides each person to his or her rightful place in the greater scheme for the Golden Age.


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