How can spiritual people help bring about change in the Middle East?

TOPICS: Bring forth a new awareness – no ideal solution in the duality consciousness – demand foreign policy for the people not the elite – in the Middle East many people can only learn from hard knocks – resistance to change – hold the vision but let people have the experience they need –

Question: On your website you said the ascended masters was hopeful that the Bush administration would not go to Iraq and said that if they did that it would be a grave mistake. That’s clearly been shown to be true. My question is now, given the chaos of that area in the Middle East and Iraq, the people of the United States are tired of this war and are demanding I think a pull-out in the next six months. My question is what can we as spiritual beings do to hold the light for that area in the greater good at this point. Is it that we get out of Iraq and let them solve their issues, or is there another way?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (July 14, 2007)

The greatest thing you can do as the spiritual people in the United States is to raise your own consciousness and help be part of the movement of bringing forth a new awareness. At this point there is no one ideal solution to the situation in Iraq.

This is, as Saint Germain has explained, a consequence of the fact that whenever you do something based on the duality consciousness, you will create problems that have no solution in the duality consciousness. And thus, the only way out of such a situation is to reach beyond duality and reach for a higher awareness.

So for the United States, the highest potential is that the people will be awakened, as Saint Germain said, to take command over their leadership and demand that their foreign policy is in the interest of the spiritual vision for this nation and not in the monetary interest or the power interest of the elite. And so that the entire nation can learn its lesson from this situation.

The other aspect, of course, is the situation in Iraq. But this is where the spiritual people of the United States have a more limited influence because of free will. It truly is up to the people in the Middle East what they will do about the situation. And that, again, is very much a matter of the balance between the moderates – who are the majority but have so far remained the silent majority – and the minority of the radicals who are seeking to plunge the entire region into chaos which they, for entirely mistaken reasons, believe will serve their cause, their hidden agenda.

Sometimes it is unfortunately necessary to let people learn their lessons in the school of hard knocks, where they sometimes will not learn until the knocks become very hard. The people of Iraq need to come to the point where they are willing to take responsibility for their nation and govern themselves, rather than precipitating one oppressor after another, as they have done for a very long time.

And this, of course, is something that you can hold the immaculate concept for. But nevertheless because of the law of free will, you cannot prevent these people from creating the situation that is necessary for them to learn their lessons—possibly by finally having enough of bloodshed and violence.

The entire region of the Middle East represents an area of almost extreme complexity, compared to the situation in the United States where you have a much greater potential for a breakthrough into a higher state of consciousness. It is, of course, no coincidence that some nations have a higher standard of living, have a more highly developed educational system and scientific system. Because it shows their willingness to come up higher and change with the times.

Whereas, as I said earlier, in the Middle East you have still a very large percentage of the population who want their lifestyle to continue, remaining the same as it has been for thousands of years—not wanting any change in the way they treat women, in the economy, or of course in the field of religion. This is slightly different from what you see in the western world, where it is primarily the elite that is in opposition to change and want to maintain status quo where they are in control. In the Middle East there is a far greater percentage of the population that want to maintain status quo. And this makes it, of course, more difficult to bring about change.

So again, as the spiritual people of the West, focus on your own nations first. Focus on learning the lessons that need to be learned, especially about making yourselves and your nations independent of Middle eastern oil as quickly as possible. This, of course, means that you need to hold the vision that some degree of stability is maintained in Iraq so that the United States does not pull out in such a way that it creates total chaos that will spread to the region and therefore shut down the oil supply.

And thus, even though the situation in the Middle East is far from ideal, you still need to visualize some sense of stability that can be maintained for several years so that we avoid a crisis that can grow to global proportions. And as we have said before, for every day that passes without an outbreak of a major conflict in the Middle East, it is more likely that we can avoid that conflict.

Yet again, there is, of course, no certainty because of free will.


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