How can people who are not open to ascended masters transform negative energy?

Question: This question is about transforming negative energy. The ascended masters have released a number of techniques that can purify negative energy within us. Is it possible for people who are not open to ascended master teachings and do not know about decrees or invocations to transmute negative energy by using techniques not released by ascended masters in order to speed up the process of psychological healing? If so, when someone is trying to transform negative energy, or someone as a psycho-therapist or counseling psychologist is trying to help his client transform negative energy, can the client transform his own negative energy? Can the therapist help his client transform negative energy as long as the therapist can attune to the heart and become coherent when using any kind of technique? And if that is not the case, can you recommend any other criteria for choosing efficient techniques, that those who are not open to the ascended master teachings and techniques need to keep in mind? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

You do see the irony do you not, that you’re asking an ascended master, to tell people who are not open to ascended masters how to transform energy. When we talk about transforming energy, we need to recognize that in order for energy that has been lowered in vibration into a fear-based vibration to be transformed, the only way to accomplish this is to have energy of a higher vibration. And where can this energy come from? Only from the ascended realm.

Now, this does not mean that people have to know about ascended masters or believe in ascended masters in order to receive such energy. But they have to receive the energy from a higher realm. It has to be a love-based vibration that can transform the fear-based energy. So throughout the ages, people have of course found ways to tie into the flow of spiritual energy that we are releasing. They haven’t known about ascended masters, they may not have believed in ascended masters, but they have somehow found a way to open up channels in their being so they can receive this energy and direct it. And however they do it is of course, a valid approach as long as they tie into energy that is love-based. Prayer has been used, invocations, chants, the chanting the “Om”. But there are people who have learned various techniques: there’s Reiki, some people can just tune in in their hearts using their intuitive faculty to tune into this higher stream of energy. And they can therefore help other people with it.

Now, if you’re talking specifically about a therapist, then it requires that the therapist at least is open to using his or her intuitive faculties and has the ability to tune in to a stream of higher frequency energy. Otherwise, the therapist cannot access the higher energy. What often happens in therapy sessions or healing sessions in general, is that the healer or the therapist has a genuine desire to help the client or the patient. And in many cases, the healer or the therapist is then willing to take on the negative energy of the client. And this relieves the situation of the client because they are no longer over burdened by the energy. But it means that the therapist had to take it on and then has to deal with it somehow. And there are people who have had a certain spiritual attainment, they have set themselves up as healers, they have been willing to take on energy from other people. And this has worked for a time because of their spiritual attainment for past lives. But there can come a point where now they have taken so much energy on themselves. And they do not know and efficient way to transmute it, that it begins to burden them. And they might have various psychological issues or even physical diseases as a result of taking on other people’s energy. And this, of course, is not what we recommend from the ascended level. We do not ever recommend that a therapist or healer takes on energy from the clients. We recommend that the therapist helps the clients transform the energy. And of course, that is why we have given our decrees and invocations, because they are the most efficient way to accomplish this, that we have released so far.


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