How can a spiritual seeker best interpret dreams?

TOPICS: Different levels of dreams – some dreams purely chemical – use your intuition – some dreams are projections – dreams from the soul level – premonitions –  do not rely on dreams but on your Christ self – traveling to spiritual retreats –

Question: Many people refer in earnest to their dreams. They see in dreams a source of revelations about their future and many others. But interpretation of dreams is a difficult matter. Could you give a clarification of this question? Is it possible to take anything useful from dreams?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is indeed possible to gain valuable insights from dreams, but as you point out, it can be difficult to interpret dreams.

To correctly interpret dreams, you must begin by recognizing that there are different types of dreams, one might say different levels of dreams. The human brain is an extremely complex organ, and it can be deeply affected by the chemistry of the body. Therefore, many dreams are nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain that are producing certain images or thoughts during sleep. In other words, many dreams are simply chemical reactions, and therefore you should not place any significance upon them.

The science of psychoanalysis is based on a correct recognition that dreams can give insight into what is going on in a person’s subconscious mind. Yet because many dreams are mere chemical mirages, you cannot uncritically attempt to analyze every dream a person has. I see many people who study their dreams and attempt to read meaning into everything. This will lead to an immense waste of time, and it can potentially lead you to make wrong decisions about your life.

You also need to be aware that you cannot correctly interpret dreams with the human intellect. The human intellect is a relative faculty, and it simply does not speak the same language as the deeper levels of the lifestream. So many people, including many psychologists, attempt to use the intellect to interpret dreams. This again leads to much confusion or even wrong conclusions. I can tell you that many people have been mislead by intellectual interpretations of dreams, whether the interpretations were made by themselves or a professional psychologist.

So the first step towards interpreting dreams is to recognize that some dreams are produced by chemical reactions in the brain. The next step is to develop some form of discernment that enables you to recognize which dreams are truly significant. The only way to develop this discernment is by increasing your intuitive faculties, meaning your contact with your Christ self. As you increase your intuition, you will begin to wake up with a remembrance of a certain dream and a sense that the dream is important.

When you do have the sense that a dream is important, you need to avoid interpreting that dream with the intellect. Instead, you need to make an effort to contact your Christ self and receive intuitive insights about the significance of the dream. A good tool for achieving this contact with your Christ self is the technique for inner attunement given on this website. I also strongly recommend that people use the technique for spiritual protection, because some dreams can actually be projections from outside your own mind.

It can also be helpful to recognize that there are two basic types of significant dreams. One type of dreams are messages from deeper levels of the lifestream. The lifestream is attempting to communicate to your conscious mind that there is something in the subconscious mind that needs to be resolved. This resolution can only happen when you come to a conscious understanding of the problem and make a conscious decision that will resolve the problem. We have given teachings on this throughout this website, and especially in our books. However, many books on psychology and self-improvement can help you gain a deeper understanding of the human psyche. This understanding will help you see how to use such dreams, and it will also allow your Christ self to give you more frequent and clearer dreams about the subconscious blocks that prevent your spiritual progress.

Another type of dreams are what one might call premonitions. This can be a sense a warning or even a dream about a specific situation that has not yet happened in the material universe. Once again, it is important not to interpret such dreams with the outer mind. If you receive a premonition in the form of a warning, it is important not to go into a state of fear because fear will cloud your vision and your judgment. Instead, use the technique for inner attunement and get further direction from your Christ self.

Although dreams can be significant and important, I must tell you that important dreams are simply a means of communication whereby your Christ self is attempting to convey a message to your conscious mind. If you will make the effort to increase your contact with your Christ self, you will begin to get more of such messages, and you will receive some of them while you are awake and fully conscious.

Therefore, I strongly encourage people to increase this contact instead of relying on dreams which can be a somewhat unreliable means of communication. Even a significant dream can be affected by the chemistry of the brain, and it is possible that what originated as a true message from your Christ self can be distorted by the brain before it reaches your conscious mind. It is therefore better to establish a conscious contact with your Christ self, because this form of contact is less dependent upon brain chemistry than dreams.

It is also important to recognize that the lifestream can travel outside of the body during sleep. It is possible for the lifestream to travel into the spiritual realms and attend the schools created by the ascended masters. We have many spiritual retreats where lifestreams go to study at night. It is possible that you can wake up with a remembrance of visiting such a retreat. I have given further teachings on this elsewhere on this website, including at technique that can help you travel to the retreats.


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