How ascended master students should deal with the power elite

TOPICS: This is not a man-made website – spiritual website, not political – progressive revelation is never final or complete – seek further understanding elsewhere – use Christ discernment – look for balanced perspective – you do not need to know specifics about the power elite – be discerning abut conspiracy theories – the power elite cannot control everything because it is divided – knowing enough about evil to separate yourself from it and give God authority to deal with it – focus on the spiritual path and avoid power struggle – ascended master students are not political combatants – people blinded by spiritual pride – seeking truth with open and humble minds – 

Question: Dear Kim, sorry to tell…but you did it again! You tried again to “sell” manipulated Power Elite & Zionist Propaganda to the readers of this web site. – I asked you two weeks ago to make yourself knowledgeable about the fact that 911 was NOT what the US government, the US Media and 911 panel (with clear conflict of interests) told “the world.”  Up to now (two weeks passed) you have not answered to the readers of this forum [The discussion forum]nor did I receive a PM which could shed some light into your “thoughts” or mindset. Instead I find your query from Jan. 27 where you asked Master Jesus: “What really caused the Holocaust? ” Reading it I felt again that you are unaware that you were lied to since your early childhood (about the Holocaust) and that you did not question anything you read/saw/heard about it ever since. I know that you are not alone with that. But the real truth or facts about the “Holocaust” are very different from what the Zionist Propaganda wants the world to believe. It will take you just 30 minutes to read some very different (but scientifically well founded!) viewpoints and facts about the so called “Holocaust”. Doing so you might be shocked about the lies you had taken for granted(!) for so long (and cause you and many to dislike or even hate Germans – which was of cause the plan by the Zionists). In Germany we were also made to see “those movies”…so that we would feel guilty as a Nation for generations to come (also as planed by the Zionists and Power Elite).  I thank Master Jesus that HE did the best HE could (and HE did brilliantly!) to make out of your “finger pointing” (bad, bad, inhuman Germans) queries a Great Teaching. Kim, nevertheless I urge you again: Please educate yourself a little before you ask political questions so that you don’t become a tool of the Power Elite & Co. If you analyze the Archangel Michael Rosary or the judgment calls…don’t you ask yourself who those “Power Elite” folks are? Most of them sit in the USA! Many with “ties” to Israel (& Mossad)! – Last: There are Jews who run web sites like: “(real) Jews against Israel” or “(real) Jews against the Zionist Agenda”.
Dear Kim…please honor Truth even when it is “only” about earthly events! Last: Forgive me – Thank You!

Kim: Jesus, would you like to comment on this?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes because it gives me a good opportunity to explain some of the parameters for this website:

  • This is my website. It is not Kim’s website nor is it run according to the expectations or opinions of human beings, no matter the camp to which they belong. What goes on this website is what I want to be here. When something is not here, it is because I don’t want it to be here (yet).
  • This is a spiritual website; not a political website. The primary purpose of this website is to help people attain a direct connection to their Christ selves who will “teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” (John 14:26) Once you have that connection, you can apply it to any aspect of the human equation and you will be able to discern what is in alignment with the reality of God and what springs from the duality of the human ego. You can then follow the call to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15).
  • When we touch upon political topics, it is not our purpose to give people everything there is to know about the topic. It is our purpose to give people an understanding that will enhance their spiritual growth and help them use spiritual tools, such as the rosaries, more efficiently. In other words, I had no intention of explaining every aspect of the Holocaust and that is why my discourse was focused on the spiritual cause. I am quite capable of giving Kim the questions I want him to ask—as I am able to give him the answers. Furthermore, I am quite capable of going beyond a question when I give an answer. So the topic of the Holocaust was covered the way I wanted it covered at this time.
  • The essence of this website is that it is progressive revelation. Nothing brought forth through progressive revelation – wherein I include every true spiritual teaching ever brought forth on this planet, including some books of the Bible – should ever be considered the final word about the topic or be used to create an “infallible” doctrine that can never be changed or expanded. Certainly, there is more to be said about many political topics. However, I have given people what I want to give them at this time, based on where most people are in consciousness.
  • It is not stated anywhere that you should allow the teachings on this website to prevent you from seeking a deeper understanding of a specific topic elsewhere.
  • In seeking a more detailed understanding, be aware – be very keenly aware – of the need to use Christ discernment. If you have not yet attained full discernment, always look for the most balanced perspective. The main characteristic of the human ego is duality, which means that from the consciousness of the ego spring two extremes. In this case, it is true that one extreme is the propaganda about the Holocaust spread by certain Jewish organizations, which makes it seems like the Holocaust was the greatest atrocity ever to take place on this planet. However, the opposite extreme is represented by certain individuals and organizations who claim the Holocaust never happened. Both reactions spring from the duality of the ego and are clearly unbalanced.
    Unless you have a very clear Christ discernment, I advise you to stay away from the extremes and look for the most balanced perspective on any issue. The balanced viewpoint may not always have the full truth, but it is likely to have more truth than either of the extremist camps.

Certainly, it would be possible for me to spell out very specifically which individuals and organizations make up the power elite. However, at this point I have no desire to do so. One reason is the safety of my messenger, for although he is willing to “lose his life for my sake” I would much prefer to keep him in embodiment. Another reason is that in order to make effective calls, you don’t need to know exactly who is a member of the power elite. Archangel Michael is not stupid. He will know how to use your calls according to the law of karma and the law of cycles.

Until people attain a certain degree of Christhood – and the non-attachment that follows – it is safer for them not to be too specific when making calls on the power elite. If you know names, you are more likely to qualify your calls with human emotions, which would be a misqualification of God’s energy. Thus, it is safer for most people to make general calls without attachment and trust that Archangel Michael will know what to do with those calls. As you attain more Christ discernment, you can make more specific calls, but you always need to be non-attached.

I am quite aware of the many conspiracy websites out there, but I strongly advise the visitors to this website to exercise caution when investigating them. Again, avoid the extremes and seek balance. The problem is that most of these websites promote extremist viewpoints – often the more extreme the better – and thus few of them even strive for balance. If you do not feel you can discern the difference, you are better off avoiding them altogether. You need to know that a power elite exists, but you don’t need to know everything about them.

It is important to realize that although almost every aspect of life is influenced by a power elite, this does not mean that every aspect of life is controlled by a power elite. It is unbalanced to reason that there is one, united and cohesive power elite that controls everything behind the scenes. The power elite uses the divide-and-conquer strategy to divide the spiritual people on earth. Yet what you do to others, you have already done to yourself. So the power elite has divided itself into a number of rivaling factions that compete for ultimate power. And in so doing, they prevent themselves from ever attaining this ultimate power. Ultimately, God is in control, and when the children of God choose to give God the authority to step in, God will overthrow the powers of this world. Yet if good people do nothing, evil will triumph for a time, until it self-destructs. The story of Nazism is a good illustration of how any power in this world will destroy itself if it attempts to gain ultimate power.

Whatever you put your attention upon, you will reinforce through the power of your mind. Some people take this to the extreme of thinking they should ignore all evil. Yet evil is the result of choices made by human beings, and it must be replaced through choices. Thus, you cannot remove evil by ignoring it. However, you can remove it by knowing enough about it to separate yourself in consciousness and to make the calls that give the ascended masters the authority to remove evil from this planet. This is expressed in my saying, “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). Know that evil exists and then be non-attached so you don’t give it power. If you allow yourself to be pulled into one of the relative extremes, thinking you have to combat a specific form of evil, you will only reinforce the consciousness of duality that is the origin and sustainer of evil.

If a person has been attracted to this website, he or she is a spiritual seeker. Therefore, your first and foremost priority should be to walk the spiritual path and attain your Christhood. As I said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). Therefore, you should always be on the alert against anything that pulls you away from the spiritual path and pulls you into the age-old, never-ending human power struggle. The Christ never allows himself to be pulled into any of the dualistic extremes of the ego. He stays above them through non-attachment.

Over the ages the ascended masters have started a number of organizations for the purpose of inspiring people to make an effort to raise the consciousness of humankind. These have always been spiritual organizations, yet in every movement, some of our students have been pulled into a political struggle. They found some political cause that they gradually came to believe was more important than the spiritual path. And then they began fighting for this cause in an unbalanced manner that caused them to lose ground on the path. So even if the cause was worthy, the unbalanced approach still compelled our students to make karma and to sink deeper into the duality consciousness. This is the last thing we want to see for our students, and the cause is always that the student could not remain balanced and was therefore pulled into one of the extremes. Why do you think I stress the need for balance over and over again on this website?

As I explain elsewhere, there is a great difference between the lowest and the highest state of consciousness found on this planet. When you release a spiritual teaching, you cannot reach everyone, so you have to select a target audience, a range of consciousness. This website is meant primarily for people who range from advanced beginners to those who have discovered the inner path and are pursuing their Christhood. My point is that there are indeed some people who no longer need most of the teachings on this website. And, obviously, they should feel free to look elsewhere—primarily within.

Yet there are also some people who find this website, and because it doesn’t live up to their expectations, they think they are far more advanced than the teachings on the site. Thus, they overlook the opportunity to immerse themselves in my vibration until they can get truth from inside themselves. Most of these people are blinded by their spiritual pride and are looking to affirm their egos rather than overcoming their egos. They are not willing to go through the basic initiations of humility that all seekers must go through to shed the snakeskin of the ego and put on the mind of Christ.

There are few people on this planet who could not benefit from this website in some way. A truly advanced seeker recognizes truth and never ignores it. A somewhat advanced seeker recognizes when his ego is trying to make him ignore truth. An immature seeker believes his ego and thinks it is giving him the truth. Blessed are those who become as little children and seek truth with open minds and pure hearts. They shall indeed see God.


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