How a relatively small number of people can affect an entire nation

TOPICS: From dictatorship to freedom – the ruling elite resists change – three categories of people – lowest 10%, highest 10% and 80% in the middle – fate of a nation depends on whether population follows creative elite or power elite – the top 10% decide which direction a nation will go  by raising or not raising their consciousness – one person with Christ consciousness shifts a nation – power elite controlled by spiritual poisons – dark forces control power elite – by using spiritual tools, anyone can help raise their nation –

Question: You often talk about how the spiritual people need to change society, but you also say we cannot work against he free will of the people. So can you help us understand exactly how a small number of people can have the maximum impact on society? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me describe the process that is taking place in every nation. The specific problems can vary from nation to nation, but all nations go through a process of moving from a dictatorial form of government to greater freedom and democracy. Along the way, there will be tensions in society, and they can manifest in a variety of ways, but there is always a tension between an elite – that is often divided into factions – and the general population.

If you take a look at Europe, you will see that during the Middle Ages, most nations were monarchies. Almost every aspect of a nation was controlled by a small elite who had total control over the general population. Yet there was often a small part of the population who was able to bring forth new ideas. The ruling elite always resisted any change that could threaten their power, but eventually they were not able to maintain total control and they had to give the people greater freedom.

This process of moving away from a society controlled by a power elite and moving toward a society with greater freedom and equal opportunity for all is inevitable. It is a product of the fact that humankind is progressing toward a higher state of consciousness. Yet the process does not happen with equal speed in all nations. And even in western democracies, the process can be temporarily slowed down or reversed when an elite attains power behind the scenes. Columbia is simply a bit behind the nations in Europe, but it is on a track that leads toward greater freedom.

The speed with which this transition occurs depends more than anything on the consciousness of the people. To fully understand this process, it is necessary to consider that people have different levels of consciousness, as I explain elsewhere. To simplify things, let us divide the population of a country into three categories depending on their level of spiritual awareness and Christ consciousness:

  • The people who are the lowest 10 percent in terms of Christ consciousness make up the power elite. I know this will be difficult to believe for many people, because this actually includes many of the people who are the leaders of society, in politics, business, the media and entertainment. These people might seem to be very intelligent, powerful and sophisticated, but I am not here talking about worldly abilities and appearances. I am talking about Christ consciousness. And the bottom line for measuring Christ consciousness when it comes to leadership is described in my statement: And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all. (Mark 10:44) This describes how a person with Christ consciousness acts in a leadership position. This person is not out to get power, money or fame because the person has transcended the desire for personal gain. So the person seeks a leadership position with the pure motive of serving the people. My point being that most leaders are not truly selfless, and this demonstrates that they belong to the ten percent of the population with the lowest level of Christ consciousness.
  • Next we have the top ten percent of the population, and they form what we might call the creative elite—although they ideally should not see themselves as an elite but as part of the population. These are the people who have some awareness of what is going on. They have some degree of creativity that allows them to be the open door for new ideas, and they have some degree of courage to fight for higher principles. Yet they often have no desire for power, so they are easily pushed out of decision-making positions by the lowest ten percent who have an insatiable desire for power.
  • The third group are the 80 percent that make up the general population. Although they have various levels of awareness, they all fall into the category of being followers. They do not have a sufficient level of Christ consciousness to be true leaders, and they do not have a sufficient level of anti-christ consciousness to belong to the power elite. Consequently, they have no desire to lead and they want someone else to lead so they can focus on their daily lives.

The fate of a nation depends largely on whether the general population follow the power elite or the creative elite. Now, one might think that the power elite has an unfair advantage in that they are good at getting power and they are ruthless in terms of crushing opposition to their control. In a sense this is true, and it explains why so many nations have taken a long time to establish true freedom and democracy. In fact, it explains why no nations have truly established a free and democratic society that is not dominated by a power elite.

Nevertheless, the reality of the situation is that the people who are truly deciding the fate of a nation are the top ten percent, the creative elite. If these people do not have a sufficient level of Christ consciousness to pull the population up, the population will either follow the power elite or they will be so controlled by the power elite that they cannot challenge the power and control of this elite.

Yet if the top ten percent have a sufficient level of Christ consciousness, they can pull the population up. And when the population rises above a certain level of awareness, the control of the power elite begins to slip. The more the consciousness of the people rises, the more the power elite will lose their stranglehold on the nation. The reason being that the power elite can maintain their control only by keeping the population ignorant. So when the population’s awareness is raised, the power elite can no longer hide, and thus they must give up some of their power.

Yet the population simply cannot be the driving force behind positive change. They can only follow the strongest current in the nation’s consciousness. So it really is up to the creative elite to manifest a high enough degree of Christ consciousness to awaken the population to the need for change, the awareness of how change can come about, the acceptance that change is possible and the determination to take a stand for change.

Take note that it doesn’t take the entire top ten percent to bring about change. Even one person who attains Christ consciousness can shift the equation of consciousness for an entire nation. In some cases a Christed person becomes the catalyst for change without ever being known to the public. This is the case for many spiritual people who can hold the balance for a nation behind the scenes.

In some cases a number of people have reached a high enough degree of Christ consciousness to be the catalysts for change. One example is the American revolution in which a group of people had some degree of Christ consciousness. Out of such a group often emerges one person who becomes the focal point for national change, such as George Washington, who is today an ascended master.

I am not hereby saying that the American revolutionaries were perfect people or had full Christ consciousness. If they had had a higher degree of Christ consciousness, the revolution could have happened without bloodshed, although it would have taken longer to achieve independence. I am saying that there was enough Christ consciousness to bring the first democratic nation into existence, which was a major victory over the forces seeking to suppress the population. The fact that the birth of the American nation involved bloodshed shows that neither the creative elite nor the population had a high enough level of consciousness to achieve progress without violence. In several European nations, the transition to democracy did happen without violence and this can indeed happen in many other nations today. Yet this can only happen when the consciousness is raised above a certain level.

So what can be done to change the equation in a nation? Well, besides striving for Christ consciousness, it can be helpful to be aware of the spiritual poisons that Mother Mary describes in her discourse. The basic poison is ignorance, and although this poison affects all people, it has the greatest effect on the general population. Many people are simply so overwhelmed by the poison of ignorance that they cannot lift their awareness to find out what is really going on behind the scenes. Many of them don’t want to know because they don’t want the responsibility that comes with knowledge. Yet the extreme effect of the poison of ignorance is an unwillingness to know the truth.

Members of the power elite often have a sophisticated knowledge of the material world but they are ignorant about the spiritual world. Yet they are primarily controlled by the four poisons that are derivatives of ignorance, namely anger, pride, greed and envy. These people are often angry at God and seek to spread this anger to the people. They take great pride in their skills and position in the earthly hierarchy, and their pride prevents them from changing their ways or admitting they have made a mistake. They simply will not see that they are being hypocritical in claiming to work for good causes while suppressing and exploiting the population. Their greed gives them an all-consuming drive to gain money and power, and their envy often splits them into rivaling factions.

For example, before the French revolution, a small power elite controlled society through the monarchy and the Church. Yet this elite was too small to include all those who were in the lowest ten percent of the population. So a rival faction formed, and it was made up of people who were lusting after the power held by the king and aristocracy, a power they could not get because it was inherited. They then formed the revolutionaries who overthrew the king and the aristocracy.

Take note that although these people claimed to be fighting for the freedom and equality of the people, many of them were driven by a quest for power. They did not want to free the people; they simply wanted to steal power from the king. The proof is the grisly blood bath of the Guillotine that would never have been perpetrated by the creative elite. These people set themselves up as a privileged elite by using the government, at the same time as they claimed to be working for the people. This pattern can be seen in many other nations, such as the Bolshevik revolution in Russia that created a totalitarian regime far more abusive than the Tzar. This is also what drives the rebels in modern Columbia, who are drunk with the quest for money and power and have no desire to free the population.

The final poison is non-will and non-being. Again, it affects everyone, but it has the greatest effect on the top ten percent. These are the people who have acquired some level of Christ consciousness, so they have the potential to be the catalysts for bringing positive change. Yet to bring that change, they need to avoid the trap of pride that makes them feel better than the population. And they have to be willing to step into the limelight, which will expose them to attack by the power elite.

This is the story you see outpictured in my life. You will notice that at the wedding in Cana I hesitated to turn the water into wine, even to the point that my mother had to remind me that I could no longer procrastinate my mission. What I was dealing with at that moment was the poison of non-will that prevents so many people from actually expressing their Christhood. As Kim can tell you, this is a powerful poison that he had to fight to start this website and that all spiritual seekers have to fight in order to break through to Christ consciousness.

So one might say that the fate of a nation depends on whether the top ten percent will summon the awareness, determination and courage to overcome the poison of non-will and non-being. Will the creative elite dare to step into the limelight and challenge the power elite? Will they dare to give the population an example of true leadership, so the people have someone to follow and are not tricked into a lynch-mob consciousness, where they blindly scream “Crucify him, crucify him!” and reject the living Christ in favor of a murderer from the power elite.

On top of the poisons, you also have the influence of dark forces who can use the poisons to take over people’s minds. These forces often have complete control over the power elite, and they use them as their henchmen to subdue the population. Once the majority of the people are pacified or controlled, the dark forces can easily milk them of their energy, almost as you milk cows. Once the dark forces control the lowest 90 percent of a population, you cannot expect positive change to come from these people. The reason being that these people are now getting what their carnal mind’s want. The power elite are getting position, fame, privilege, money and power. And the people are getting a somewhat secure and comfortable life, especially in the industrialized nations. So the only way change can come about is if the top ten percent refuse to be controlled through the poisons of pride and non-will, and thereby are able to see through the serpentine lies that seem to solidify status quo.

How can you begin to produce a noticeable change? You can make the greatest possible effort to manifest your own Christhood, because this will not only raise the entire top ten percent but also the population. You can also seek to consume the poisons that keep the people in ignorance or imprisoned by anger, pride, greed or envy. And finally you can educate the people as much as possible.

For those open to the teachings on this website, I strongly recommend seeking your Christhood first. There is an essential truth in my statement:

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)

The kingdom of God is the Christ consciousness. As one of the means to attain Christhood and consume the poisons and dark forces burdening your nation, use Archangel Michaels Rosary to bind the dark forces and the power elite. Then use Mother Mary’s rosaries to consume the spiritual poisons burdening the people. As you begin to manifest your Christhood and lift the heavy cloud of poisons that are weighing down your nation, you will get a clear vision of what else you can do. Yet you will also make it easier for other people from the creative elite to receive new ideas and new courage.

So for now, you are on the right track with your efforts in Columbia. Continue to translate and distribute the rosaries and books and continue to strive for your Christhood. You will then be given additional directions as you are ready to take the next step. I can assure you that Mother Mary is very pleased with the efforts of the group in Columbia and looks forward to her translated rosary booklets to be spread as droplets of light across Spanish-speaking nations. I too am excited to see how much impact small booklets can have on the fate of nations. There are examples from history where a small pamphlet has changed the course of a nation—for better or for worse. In this case, it can only be for the better!

Obviously, I am not saying that using the spiritual tools is all that you can or should do. The spiritual tools only provide the driving force behind change, but people must still take action to manifest that change. They must take a stand for truth. Nevertheless, take note that the deciding factor in any nation is the level of Christ consciousness manifested by the top ten percent and by the general population. So the first step toward positive change is to raise the consciousness of the people. If the consciousness is not raised, there will not be real change. Instead, you will see fighting between rivaling groups of the power elite. This can never improve the lot of the people, and in many cases it makes things worse.

My point being that when a nation seems stuck in a conflict or has problems that seem impossible to solve, the underlying cause is that the creative elite has not manifested a high enough degree of Christ consciousness. The only thing that can break the stalemate is that someone must manifest a higher degree of Christ consciousness. Even one person can make a tremendous difference and a group of determined people can turn around an entire nation. So if you want to improve a kingdom on earth, begin by reaching for the kingdom of heaven. Yet don’t forget that the kingdom of God is not above you but within you.


 Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels