Higher self or Holy Spirit?

TOPICS: Two aspects of your being – your basic challenge – the Christ self – expanding contact with your I AM Presence – use our tools but do not be rigid –

Question: What is the Silent Observer that hovers over thy person that seems separate from thy being yet is the totality of thy being. Is this the Higher Self or the outpicturing of the Holy Spirit? How can one retrieve this living experience that has been lost or seems hidden?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

This is a very poetic description of a spiritual experience that many sincere seekers have had and that all sincere seekers should strive for. Every religion or spiritual philosophy aims to describe this experience, and there are many ways to express this experience in words. Let me offer just one of many possible expressions of this experience.

As explained elsewhere,  your being is an individualization of God’s being. You were created in the image and likeness of God, meaning that your spiritual parents individualized themselves as your I AM Presence. However, God has two aspects, as outpictured in the Taoist symbol of the Tai-Chi. Your I AM Presence forms the masculine or Yang polarity of your lifestream, and the Conscious You forms the feminine or Yin polarity.

Your I AM Presence is made of energies of a very high vibration, much higher than the energies of the material universe. Therefore, your I AM Presence cannot descend into the material universe. What descends into this universe is the Conscious You, and to do so the Conscious You takes on the outer garments of the lower self and the physical body. However, the challenge for the Conscious You is to maintain its contact to the I AM Presence while it is immersed in the dense energies of the material universe.

If the Conscious You descends below the 48th level of consciousness, LINK it  can maintain this contact only through another aspect of your being, namely what many spiritual teachings call the higher self. I would like to call this part of your being for the Christ Self, because I was sent to you to show you that every human being has the potential to unite with that Christ Self even while residing in a physical body.

The key to any kind of spiritual experience is to go within and seek to gain contact with your Christ Self. Most people have some degree of contact with this self, and it is commonly called intuition. However, as you expand the contact with your Christ Self, it is possible to experience your I AM Presence. In the beginning, the I AM Presence will seem like a silent observer. However, as you expand this contact, you might “hear” your Christ self or I AM Presence speak to you in the form of words, thoughts, images or even a vibration.

Your I AM Presence is an individualization of the greater Being which humans call God. It is possible to have a direct experience of God’s Being. This has happened to many spiritual people throughout the ages. It has even happened spontaneously to some people who did not consider themselves to be spiritual people.

Therefore, the term “silent observer” can refer to both your personal I AM Presence, the individualization of God, and the greater being of God.

How can one retrieve this experience? By increasing your intuition and thereby increasing your conscious contact to your Christ self. As you begin to increase this contact, and begin to shift your sense of identity away from the dualistic mind and towards the Christ mind, you will have an increased contact with your spiritual self.

What are the practical steps towards this goal? Basically, every true spiritual philosophy or system is aimed at achieving this goal. Use your intuition, the technique for attunement, the invocations and the decrees we have released.

Use a system or technique diligently for some time. When you feel the time is right, seek inner direction to see if you need to find a higher system or refine your practice of your present system. Do not become rigid and fall into the trap of thinking that if only you keep applying a certain technique or system for the rest of your life, you will automatically be saved. The purpose of any system should be to increase your connection to your Christ self so you can receive a living, progressive revelation of your personal path to God.


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