Higher perspective on marijuana legalisation

Question: I noticed that the masters didn’t comment on personal drug use and alcohol use but there have been some marijuana legalisations in America – for one instance Colorado – and I was wondering if they could comment on that – both medical and recreational.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018

Again, as Saint Germain expressed, there are no simple solutions to many of the issues that come up on Earth. Saint Germain is the ascended master who carries the flame of freedom. If you take that freedom to its extreme, you must respect free will and say Earth is a planet that is designed to give people a certain range of experiences. So anybody on Earth should be allowed to have any experience that is available on this planet if they think they need it and be allowed to have it for as long as they need it, until they’ve had enough of it. So from this overall perspective, you can say people should be allowed to take whatever drugs they want if that’s what they feel they need. 

People should be allowed to have an abortion if that is what they feel they need and this is true, this is the case because free will is absolute. However the question is – how free is people’s will? How aware are they of the options they have and the consequences of those options? In other words, how can people really exercise their free will if they have a very limited understanding of the options that are available to them and the consequences it has? 

In the present situation, it’s clear that many, many people are using alcohol and drugs as an escape mechanism. Why are they doing this? Because as Jesus said earlier, they have not been brought up with the understanding that there is a systematic path for raising your consciousness. As a result of this, many people don’t have a sense of purpose to their lives – they don’t have a sense that they have a goal that they can go somewhere and that their lives matter. They think, “I’m a nobody, nobody cares about me, it doesn’t matter, I’m not going to live beyond this lifetime so whatever I do here, it just doesn’t have any long-term consequences, so I can do whatever feels good.” That’s why many people get into alcohol and drugs but of course that is a very limited viewpoint, which is forced upon the people by the fallen beings, precisely in order to open them up to these kind of addictive substances so that they take it and so that the fallen beings can then milk them for their energy and get them into a downward spiral where they eventually end up destroying their lives.

We can of course say, “well, why is alcohol legal and drugs illegal?” That’s a valid question to ask. I’m not thereby saying that a society should outlaw alcohol and all kinds of drugs but it is a peculiar inconsistency that society is well aware of the detrimental psychological and physical effects of alcohol but still allows it, as they allow tobacco and they don’t allow certain other substances.

I do not wish to go into a discussion here because I know there are some people who are very attached to defending the legalisation of marijuana and arguing endlessly why it isn’t so bad but the fact is, it is an addictive substance. It does have the effect of putting you in a state of mind where you’re not fully in control of your faculties. You become very, very open to entities and demons in the emotional realm who can insert hooks into your aura. It is often a gateway drug to more severe drugs that have even more effects and so forth and so on.

It is clear that the people who are making a choice to use these substances are not making a fully aware choice. They are not in a state of mind where they have an awareness that life has a purpose and that taking these substances only slows down their growth and diverts them from their growth paths because they are not on a growth path. They don’t see it that way.

What I am saying here is, that when you have a society where people have a higher awareness of the purpose of life, the mechanics of how human psychology works, they have a sense of purpose, then they can be given the freedom to choose whatever they want but until then, this is not really giving them freedom. It is giving them freedom to go into addiction and become a slave by an addiction. But is that freedom?

So again, you know we are looking at democratic nations and seeing them as a teaching device. So whatever a majority of the people vote, that is what they need to experience. Some states have voted to legalise marijuana and so they need to have that experience and hopefully there will be a willingness to look at the consequences and how has this affected people, what are the psychological effects, what are the physical effects and therefore evaluate whether this was a good idea or whether it wasn’t, what is it costing society, what is it costing the individual? And again, this of course needs to be compared with, what are the effects of alcohol, what is that costing society, what is that costing the individual, how’s that impacting families? 

This may lead eventually to a higher awareness, where you realise that the best way to deal with this whole issue is actually to look at, as we have said before, what does it take for a human being to function psychologically and what can we then do to educate people so that they know enough about how the human psyche works that they can put their lives on a positive track and not be diverted by this or that or the next thing. That is why we have said before that the next step for many of the more evolved countries in the world is really to no longer focus on material wealth or welfare but to focus on psychological wellbeing and psychological welfare.


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