Gratitude helps you realize that matter does not have power over spirit

TOPICS: Create a simple system to remind yourself to be grateful – if you are not grateful, you have a sense of lack – you send the message into the cosmic mirror that you want more lack – gratitude send message that you want to have enough – path is about overcoming illusion that matter has power over spirit – taking command over your emotions – emotions should be under command of thoughts, which are under command of identity –

Question: Can you remind us of why it is important to feel gratitude?


Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:


Consider yourself so reminded, my beloved!

There is no other way than you, individually, making a conscious decision that you will remind yourself of the power of gratitude. In order to do this, you will have to decide what works for you individually in reminding yourself of this. Will you create some kind of device that helps you remember? Will you decide to say a simple affirmation about gratitude every day? Will you meditate on a passage from a dictation or the Gratitude Rosary? Or will you give that Gratitude Rosary on a regular basis?

It is, of course, important to remind yourself of the power of gratitude because, as you know, the universe is a mirror and the universe is designed to give you any experience you desire. So, if you are not grateful, it can only mean that you have a sense of lack, that you have a sense that you do not have enough—and therefore you have no reason to be grateful.

And thus, what is the subconscious message you are sending to the cosmic mirror? It is that “I want to experience lack, I want to experience that I do not have enough, so that I have a reason to feel ungrateful because I want to feel ungrateful. So give me an outer reason to feel ungrateful.” And the universe says: “Well my Beloved, if that is really what you want, then my contract states that I am obliged to give you what you say you want.” 

And thus, of course, when you change your feelings, when you decide to take command over your feelings, your feeling world, and allow yourself to feel gratitude, well then, what is the message you are NOW sending into the mirror? It is the message that you feel you have enough. Or that at least you are grateful for whatever you have and thus you are actually sending the message that “I want to experience what it is like to be grateful and to have more and more.” 

And thus the universe says: “Oh my Beloved, finally you are allowing me to live up to my highest potential of giving you the abundant life, so surely I will give you more than what you have. And as you feel even more grateful, for what you now have, I can give you even more—as I can indeed multiply the talents that you have multiplied, my Beloved.”

So you see, life is a matter of realizing that the universe is a mirror and that the spiritual path is about you overcoming the illusion that the matter world has power over you—the spiritual being.  For what is it that people are believing when they allow themselves to believe that they do not have enough in the material world?  Well, is it not that their material circumstances have power over their emotions, and thus they are saying: “Well I cannot feel grateful when I do not have this or that material condition fulfilled.”  Thereby saying that the matter world, the external world has power over the internal world of your psyche, your feeling body, your emotional body.

Yet the spiritual path is about overcoming this illusion, where you realize that your emotions should be under the conscious control of your mental body, which should be under the conscious control of your identity body, so that you realize who you are a spiritual being. And therefore, you allow that identity to command your mental body, to command your thoughts, so that you realize that you can feel anything you want to feel—regardless of the physical conditions you are facing.

And therefore, you have the power – if you have the will – to take command over your feeling world and feel grateful regardless of what you have or do not have in the material world—which is meant to be the servant of the spiritual world, the outpicturing of the spiritual world so that it can be as Above so below. And so that the abundant life can be manifest on earth and in your personal life, my Beloved.




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