God’s chosen people: fact and fiction

TOPICS: Jesus neither excludes nor favors anyone – all human beings are of equal value in the eyes of God – the desire to be superior generates conflict – the ends cannot justify the means – superiority causes people to violate the laws of God – Israel was a gift to the Jewish people – should have been treated as a gift, not a right – if they had not responded to violence with violence, the Jews would have had far more goodwill – few nations can support Israeli policy, but fear speaking out and being labeled anti-semitic – God’s chosen people: fact and fiction – sponsorship as an opportunity – comes with responsibility – God’s chosen people cannot violate God’s laws and remain chosen – new teaching often released through people who were suppressed – Jesus attempted to renew the covenant between Jews and God – Kabbalah another attempt to renew Jewish religion – how the Jews could regain their covenant with God – Jews need to respond with nonviolence – Israel should not be a Jewish state but a universal democracy –

Question: I would like to know where you get your infomation from. Since i dont think Jesus is on AOL, or can typr, who r u and why do you call yourself Jesus on here? When Kim speaks Jesus anwers her? How is that possible. 

The other Question is, How do u explain the Arabs and the Jews hateing each other the way that u have. If you know anything about the jews, you would know that this is there home, it was given to them, is there any other place in the world that is call a Jews state or country NO!! There Christian and Catholic places, why cant the jews have a place of there own. Do you have a problem with Jews.? The other and last thing is who gives you the right to say some of the things you do on here.
How untrue some of or most of it is.
You are not Jesus who are you? How dare you call yourself someone you arent.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you make the effort to study this website in a little more detail, you will find ample explanations of how the teachings on this website are brought forth. As I explain elsewhere I am indeed the real Jesus Christ speaking through a messenger who has volunteered to be my mouthpiece. Over the past 2,000 years, I have had many messengers who served to bring forth teachings or visions from me in various ways. This is nothing new, except for those who have been bought up in an orthodox religious system that denies the possibility that God could speak directly to and through human beings.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on the situation around modern Israel. Do I have a problem with Jews? I do not have a problem which Jews in general. Jews are my brothers and sisters, as are all other human beings on this planet, including Arabs. I am not excluding anyone from my spiritual family, yet the importance of the fact that I am not excluding anyone is that I am not favoring some people over others.

The Jews respect the Torah, and it states that God is no respecter of persons. If all Jews, in modern times and throughout the past several millennia, would have accepted that statement and truly internalized it, then we could have avoided much hatred and bloodshed in this world.

God created human beings in his own image and likeness. Do you seriously believe that God created some images of himself that are better than others? Obviously, this is not so. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that all human beings are of equal value in the eyes of God. Consequently, all human beings should be of equal value in the eyes of humans. One of the main problems you see on planet earth is that so many people cannot or will not adhere to this simple truth.

You have seen numerous examples of a particular group of people who suddenly began to believe that they were somehow better than others. In many cases this happened because people began to believe that their religion was the only true religion, and therefore they were favored by God over all other people. However, it has also happened for a variety of other reasons including political ideologies, nationality or race.

If you take an honest look at history, you will see that in every single case where a group of people have begun to feel superior to others, it has been but a short step before these people began to believe that the ends could justify the means. Because they were so superior to others, they could treat others differently than they treated those of their own kind. They could even violate the laws of God that they claimed proved their superiority. As I explain throughout this website, the idea that the ends can justify the means is a serpentine lie. It is one of the primary weapons used by the dark forces of Lucifer and Satan to enslave humankind and to create artificial human conflicts that lead to massive atrocities.

Let me state this clearly. There never has been any group of people who could handle the idea that they were superior to others without starting to violate the laws of God. I sincerely doubt that any group of people will ever be able to handle a sense of superiority. Therefore, the only way to avoid this kind of abuse is that all human beings strive to accept the true humility that comes from realizing that God is in everyone and everything. When you realize this fact, you see that all human beings should be treated as individualizations of God. God is infinite, so how could one individualization of the infinite God be of more value than another individualization of that infinite God? There simply is no room for dualistic value judgments in the reality of God.

With that in mind, let me return to your remarks about the fact that the Jewish state was given to the Jews. The creation of modern Israel was a gift from the international community to the Jewish people. Let me state clearly that this was a gift. There was no superior reason or obligation for the international community to give this gift. Therefore, it would have been extremely wise of the Jewish people if they had treated this as a gift and if they had repaid those who gave it to them by always behaving in a Godly fashion toward their neighbors. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case.

I believe that anyone who would take an objective look at the history of the Jewish state will see that the Jews have not always treated their neighbors as prescribed in their own religious scriptures. Nor have they lived up to the standards that have become accepted in the international community, the very standards that were used by the international community to justify the creation of the state of Israel. If the Jews had followed those standards, you would not have seen the amount of animosity and hatred between Israel and its neighbors.

Sure, there would have been animosity and hatred directed at Israel. Yet if the Jews had not responded in kind, they would have not only maintained but greatly increased the goodwill of the international community. Because the Jews chose to respond with violence, they have in large measure dissipated that goodwill, and they have in fact betrayed the trust of the international community. They have created a situation in which few nations can support what Israel is doing, but all fear to speak out against it because they don’t want to be labeled anti-semitic. I can assure you that the Jews in Israel have also betrayed the trust of God and the ascended masters. However, I have no fear of speaking out.

This problem of people violating their own religion originates from a very subtle psychology that traps many Jews. Let me make it very clear that I am in no way saying that all Jews are victims of this psychology or that this applies only to Jews. Yet I am saying that most of the Jews who have been running the state of Israel for the last several decades have been the victims of this subtle psychology. This psychology is based on the belief that the Jews are God’s chosen people. So let me comment on the concept that a particular group of people could be God’s chosen people.

The fact is that throughout history several groups of people have been chosen by God for a particular purpose and mission. These people were given a particular religion – and they were given a dispensation and the support of the ascended masters – in order to bring forth that religious teaching and incorporate it into their culture. In several cases, it was also the hope of the ascended masters that the religious teaching could be spread—but only through peaceful means. The Jews were simply one group of people who received such a dispensation. They were not the only group of people ever to receive such a dispensation. There have been others before them and there have been others after.

The unfortunate fact is, as I explain throughout this website, that the relativity of the dualistic mind can distort anything that we of the ascended masters give to human beings. This is nowhere more true than when we give a dispensation to a particular group of people. The relativity of the dualistic mind will inevitably give rise to a value judgment that makes people feel that because they have received some new religious teaching, they must be favored by God. Therefore, they must be better than other people who are not part of their race or religion. This then inevitably leads to the abuses that I talked about earlier.

The simple fact is that when a group of people receive a special dispensation, it is not a one-way street. The people who receive a new spiritual teaching receive a gift from God, but that gift comes with a serious responsibility. In other words, if people do not embody the teaching, the dispensation and the support of the ascended masters can and will be withdrawn.

Being chosen for a special purpose does not mean that a particular group of people will forever be God’s chosen or favorite people. Being chosen does not mean that you can do whatever you want because you are God’s chosen people. Only the relativity of the dualistic mind can make people believe that God’s chosen people can get away with violating God’s laws. Being chosen means that you have a unique responsibility to live up to and embody the laws of God, as defined in your religious teaching. If you do not do so, the sponsorship from above will be withdrawn and you are no longer God’s chosen people. What I am saying here is that being God’s chosen people is something you must earn on an ongoing basis. The idea that once a group has been chosen by God, the members of that group will be God’s chosen people forever is simply an illusion created by the dualistic mind. It is an attempt to reject responsibility for your situation and salvation.

So what I am telling you here is that the Jews were indeed given a special dispensation through Moses and the exodus from Egypt. However, this does not mean that the Jews were the only group of people ever to be chosen by God. Neither does it mean that the Jews were better or more important than all other human beings. For that matter, the Jews were not better or more important than the Egyptians. However, the Jews did receive a dispensation to bring forth a new religion, which the Egyptians at that time were not open to bringing forth.

The simple fact is that all civilizations tend to become rigid and recalcitrant as long as they feel they are in control. This was clearly the case with the Egyptians. Therefore, we of the ascended masters have often had to turn to groups that were suppressed in order to bring forth a new teaching. Often, only groups who feel they have nothing to lose in the material world are open to a new spiritual teaching. This is a sad fact, but one that we have had to work with for thousands of years. The main problem here is that our sponsorship can give a group of people worldly power, and they often misuse it to seek revenge or to seek more power.

So the Jews were given a special dispensation to bring forth a new monotheistic religion. For a time, they retained their sponsorship and dispensation. Yet because of continued abuses of the trust given to the Jews, especially through the sense of superiority that developed as soon as the Jews began to feel they were in control, that sponsorship was eventually withdrawn.

The Jews were God’s chosen people but they chose not to maintain that sponsorship. Therefore, the sponsorship of the ascended masters was lost centuries before I appeared in Israel. That is indeed why God sent several prophets in an attempt to awaken the people of Israel to the need to continually earn their sponsorship. Part of my mission in Israel was to renew the covenant between the Jews and God by offering them a higher spiritual teaching. If a critical mass of Jews had accepted my teaching, the sponsorship could have been renewed. Yet let me state clearly that the spiritual teaching I brought forth was in no way intended to be exclusively for Jews. It was truly a universal spiritual teaching.

I appeared in Israel in order to give the Jews an opportunity to renew their covenant with God. Need I say that the Jews of the time chose not to renew that covenant? Nevertheless, it is extremely important to realize that most Christians are not correct when they reason that because the Jews rejected me, they are somehow condemned forever—or at least until they become Christians. This simply is not true.

We of the ascended masters never give up on anyone. We have indeed attempted to renew the Jewish religion through the Kabbalistic tradition. Kabbalah was in large part sponsored by the ascended masters as a way to renew the Jewish religion. Even today, if a critical mass of Jews would embrace the Kabbalah, it would be quite possible to reestablish the covenant between the Jews and their God. However, this would still not make the Jews God’s chosen people in an exclusive way. God simply doesn’t grant patents to anyone, and the reason is the abuse I am describing.

Have I made myself clear? Being God’s chosen people is a sponsorship that any human being, or group of people, have the opportunity to attain. It can be attained through adherence to the spiritual laws of God, as they are expressed through almost any of the religions found in this planet and even in a universal manner that is not tied to a particular religion.

Now let me return to the situation in modern Israel. If a critical mass of Jews would begin to adhere to the spiritual teachings brought forth in the Kabbalah and truly abandon the belief that they are somehow God’s chosen people and therefore better than others, the situation in the Middle East could be changed dramatically. The main block to a peaceful resolution is that the Jews are violating the laws of God because they are responding in kind when they are attacked by their neighbors.

As I explained in my discourse on why Jews and Arabs hate each other, people are blinded by their hatred and therefore cannot see what is obvious to people who are not caught in the maelstrom of hatred. Yet all human beings have the option to make an effort to step outside of their own mental boxes. Indeed, doing so is the key to positive change in any situation. If the Jews would make such an effort, it would become obvious to them that responding with violence only breeds more violence and hatred. If instead they would respond with kindness, they would reestablish the trust of the international community and this could bring forth a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East.

Obviously, such a resolution could also be brought forth if the Arabs decided to respond with nonviolence, as is clearly mandated in the Koran. Yet I would like to believe that the Jews have the capacity of being the first people to stop the violence. I would hope they would have this capacity as a result of the persecution they have endured for thousands of years.

You ask why the Jews can’t have their own place, and you say there are Christian and Catholic places. I wonder where those places might be? There are nations in the world that are predominantly Christian, but those nations are democracies and one of the basic principles of democracy is freedom of religion. This has led to the concept of the separation of church and state, which does not allow any particular religion to dominate the life of a democratic nation. Neither does it allow the government to discriminate against people who are not members of a particular religion.

Let me remind you that it was the democratic nations in the international community who created the state of Israel. Israel is a democracy. Therefore, the state of Israel should not be a Jewish state. It should be a state that is committed to the democratic principles, including freedom of religion and nondiscrimination based on religion or race.

Finally, you ask what gives me the right to say what I say on this website. What gives me the right is that I have conquered the dualistic mind and left behind all of the relative human viewpoints that lead to violence and conflict. I have pledged my allegiance to the truth of God, the living truth that can never be fit into any of the mental boxes created by human beings. Therefore, I have a right to state truth. What gives me that right is that I have united with the truth of God. Therefore, I am the way the truth and the life. Join me!


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