God has not created your suffering

TOPICS: Jesus came out of compassion for those who suffer – Jesus experienced suffering over many lifetimes – you desire to transcend suffering – suffering is an inner experience – it can be overcome only in your own mind – God did not create suffering; God gave humans free will – what you have created, you can also uncreate – do you want to continue to suffer, or are you wiling to do something different – true surrender is not escapism – there is always a way to improve your situation – pain is caused by attachments – understanding reincarnation is the only way to transcend anger against God – the danger of appointing a scapegoat – the devil does not respect free will; God does – Jesus will help you as you are willing to surrender –

Question: GOD (The supreme power of the universe) and I GOD is a power of the universe beyond which there is no power. So it is called “The supreme power of the universe.” It is present wherever we go in the world so it is called as omnipresent. Below I mentioning the relation between God and I. It is practically not possible to talk with God but we as humans communicate with God through our emotional attachments through certain religious beliefs and through our extreme devotion with the names of God. My communication with God is each moment of my life in the whole of 27 years. 

He has conditioned my life such a way that all my internal factors (body, mind, psychology, immune system, nervous system, perception, internalizing ability, memorizing ability, etc.) External factors (The social environment, my communication to others, my exposure to the society through my thinking and interacting, etc.). God, the supreme power of the universe has conditioned all the internal and external factor such a way that I can suffering at each moment of life since my birth, I can say with all certainty that God, the supreme power of the universe is doing all this, because He has the purpose in His life that I must suffer at each moment.
He might have planned much time before my birth. He has been succeeding in all His efforts in doing all inhumanity till this moment. I am sure that He will continue till I am alive. Then He will sigh a relief.
In all religious text be it Gita, Bible, Koran, Zenda Vesta, etc. it is clearly written and has been emphasized that ” we are the just means to do anything ” The original one does and directs is the God, The supreme power of the universe
In the whole of 27 years there is no single moment of my life that GOD has spared me from inflicting pain. I really have to believe in God , who is omnipresent . In each of the religious text it is written that He is a omnipresent and has knowledge of whatever happens in the World, there is nothing in the world to challenge him. Perhaps I am only person in the world in the history of human civilization to realize this in the extreme (negative) sense of the term. I fully agree with this concept of God, because there is not a single moment of my life in the whole of 27 years I felt that God is operating inside and outside me to inflict as much pain, depression, suffering and betrayal possible by him.
Not a single moment he has done anything expect giving me all sorts of pain, betrayal, depression, disgust, loneliness, dejection, suffering and anything that can compel me feel irritated, shocked, He will do it definitely. God’s aim is as long as I am alive I should live a life worse than a dirty pig. To satisfy this aim God has can do anything. He can so anything to me wherever I am, whenever it might may be. His purpose is that I should not lead a normal life rather a disgusting and betrayed life. He is always happy in the whole of 27 years because he could see painful tears in my eye every time in all moments of life wherever I am. This is the God! People worship him because they are Getting something or the other from God, (from life) but in my case He is always asking all sorts of sacrifice and at the same time inflicting all sorts of pain to the maximum extent, so that I will feel nothing except dejection and disgusting.
Life has given me nothing in whole of 27 years except dejection, disgust, suffering, and betrayal.
My tears are feeding the hunger stomach of the supreme power of the universe for the last 27 years continuously without any break for even a second. God has smiling at me watching my helplessness for last 27 years.
God has been perfectly playing the role of an enemy for last 27 years without resting even for a moment. I couldn’t see myself to lead a normal life in whole of 27 years, the only thing that I was doing was tolerating all sorts of suffering that God could inflict, I have only all the negatives of life without knowing what the positives of life is. The Pathetic games that God has been playing are heart- piercing. Not a single instance he has forgotten that I should not be inflicted pain for a moment. He is really an imaginable bastard for me, there is no doubt about this.
There is not a single moment of my life that I can say that I felt good at that moment.
The God’s! (The supreme power of the universe ˆ Beyond which there is no power) aim has always been that I must suffer .To satisfy this need He can do anything inhuman, barbaric, mean, stupid activities.
(The question may definitely arise that how can I say that He is doing this .
This I can say with all certainty because I believe He is the one who has absolute control over the whole situations and environment that human world is living in)
He always dictated each moment of life like this: These are the TEN commandants that I am forced to follow since my birth.
1. “You must suffer.”
2. “You must not smile or laugh at anytime.”
3. “You must not feel easy at any moment.”
4. “You must not love life at any moment.”
5. “You must not enjoy life by any chance.”
6. “You must hate your own life at every moment.”
7. “You must always think your life is undetectable and incurable disease.”
8. “You must think to die at each moment of life.”
9. “You must feel dejected at each moment of life.”
10. “You must always feel that you life is worse than any dirty pig.”

This is the short theoretical description of the relation between God and I for the last 27 years. I am not mentioning the practicals, instances, events, details, etc because those are not worth-describing (all bad and dirty things of life). It is also because after suffering for 27 years I don’t want to seek any sort of sympathy from anyone at this moment at least.
It is a sheer waste of God’s time and my time. God was unnecessarily wasting nature’s oxygen, food, and resources that were required for my survival for 27 years. My life has been and is a waste it is as evident as it is. In the whole process God could gain satisfaction by witnessing my tears at each moment my life. Hail God! He has won and has been winning in all his purposes ! this time also He is winning . So it proved that GOD is the supreme power of the universe and there is no power in the universe to challenge.
Whatever I have tried to do from my early childhood which I felt will be good to me has never been succeeded. Whatever be my level of attempt and sincerity I have failed, I have been failing so far and it is from my life experience I can confidently say that as long as I am alive I will fail in all my noble causes. This is really pathetic and barbaric act of God to an innocent human. I don’t blame to anyone for my life failures, has it been one or two instances I would have blamed to any individuals and some systems, but it is the life of 27 years of failures and failures only. So this is divine, no human have so much failures so far in the history of human civilization. It is practically not possible for any human to sustain so much failures and still dare to live a betrayed life.
GOD (The supreme power of the universe) and I: A final letter to God.
Do you remember God how was those days when I completely surrendered myself to you in spite that you have been constantly harassing me and you are continuing with your restless imposition of every suffering that a even a pig is scared of tolerating. In those days when I surrendered myself to you by telling that kill me, I don’t want to live any more, there is no point in living further. I hoped that you will kill me, but you again played drastic by killing very important member of my family, there after I forgot what is the meaning of family. So God you can’t tolerate my worshipping to you. You only want to inflict as much suffering as possible by you (The ultimate maximum). In whole of my life you asked all sorts of sacrifice without contributing anything except suffering and suffering. Even any kind-hearted want to help me in anyway he/she also becomes your enemy .God tell me please what is that actually made you my enemy since my birth. There is no point that I have done sins and being punished. There is no question of such as I have been suffering since my Birth. I born with maximum abnormalities that had not been possible so far, then my days passed in the earth you have given me all sorts of mental and physical suffering, not to mention the psychological traumas each time. Then you have inflicted all sorts of disease that the medical science could never detected. My father become bankrupt to meet my expenses, my family had been stomach half-filled each day to see me happy. But no use, then you started killing my family members with all brutality. Still you are not satisfied and continue to do all barbarism. That’s why I asked you thousand times to kill me, but you are compelling me to live. I never wish to live this sort of life, this sort of life even pigs scare to live, so much of embarrassment, pain, suffering and all the negatives of life. I suggest you kill myself at this moment so that you will lead a relaxed life. Because the moment I try to do something to feel easy that becomes a source of major setback to you, so you are failing that by employing any barbaric measures. So my life is a major trouble for you.
But why are you compelling me to live with all sorts of difficulties.
I have never thought like a businessman for these reasons, I always devoted to human causes, philanthropic causes. Still you don’t have any mercy for 27 years continuously. I don’t have even the bare necessities to sustain in the world but You are compelling me to live by imposing all sorts of suffering .I don’t want to live and you know it God for the past 27 years.
Why don’t you kill me to finish the unusual struggle. The world will not be finished if I am killed, moreover no a single creature to object you in the world if you will kill me.
Can anybody pray for my death immediately.
Ladies and Gentlemen: This is the life that I am leading for 27 years. In whole of my life I couldn’t create my importance on the earth and for that reason after my death there will not be a single creature to remember me.
can you pray for my immediate death

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

My beloved friend, it is precisely because of people like you that I chose to embody on this war-torn planet and go through the trial of my crucifixion and death. I came here moved by compassion for people who are so trapped in a certain state of consciousness that they experience life as a continual string of suffering and pain. My heart cried out for such lifestreams, it cried out for the opportunity to take on a physical body on this planet in order to help lifestreams like you free themselves from all suffering and pain.

In order to fully help other people, I had to gain some measure of experience for what they are experiencing. I had to know what they are going through, and I could do so only by experiencing the situation from inside a physical body. Contrary to the popular belief held by many Christians, the incarnation they recognize as mine, 2,000 years ago, was not my first lifetime on this planet. And contrary to the belief held by many of those who recognize that I had prior lifetimes, I did not have only positive incarnations. I had to experience suffering and pain, and I can assure you that there are few elements of the human experience that I have not gone through personally. Indeed, it was precisely because I have experienced everything that I was chosen to be the lifestream to embody as the savior known as Jesus Christ.

So I hope you can sense my deep compassion for your lifestream and for the suffering that you have experienced in this lifetime. I also hope you will recognize with your outer consciousness that while I can empathize with your suffering, I am a spiritual teacher, and as such it is my role and my privilege to help you rise above that suffering rather than to make you feel like there is no way out. I also hope you will recognize with your outer consciousness that the reason why you felt impelled to send me your story is that your lifestream truly has a desire to escape the suffering. If your lifestream did not have this desire, you would never have sent your story to me.

So the question now becomes what you and I can do to help you move out of the suffering and pain that you have experienced. Therefore I must tell you, although it might seem insensitive to you, that the first step towards moving forward is to recognize that it is not your outer circumstances, or even the inner circumstances of your illness, that cause your suffering and pain. Your suffering and your pain are inner experiences, and they take place in the realm of your mind and emotions. Therefore, that is the only place where you can find relief.

If you will earnestly study the teachings on my website, you might come to a deeper understanding of the importance of free will and the stark reality that when God gave people free will, he gave them the ability to create their separate “reality.”

You say that God is the supreme being of the universe and that he has created every aspect of your situation. You say that God is the one who has inflicted suffering and pain upon you for every moment of your life. I must tell you with brutal honesty that this is an illusion. God has not created your situation and God has not inflicted pain and suffering upon you. Your outer situation is a product of a very complex process that was created by yourself and many other human beings, in fact by humankind as a whole. Over a very long period of time, human beings have created a situation on planet earth that is so far from God’s original intention and design that it almost defies description. It is precisely this false reality that causes many people to experience a life filled with suffering and pain

I fully recognize that what you have gone through in your lifetime is a string of experiences that no human being would consider pleasant. I fully recognize that most lifestreams, myself included, would experience suffering and pain under such circumstances. Nevertheless, the question remains whether you want to continue the suffering of whether you are willing to do something to change the equation of your life?

If you are indeed willing to do something to change your life, then I must tell you that the process must begin with a change of consciousness, a change of heart. You must be willing to change the way you look at life, the way you look at yourself and the way you look at God. You must be willing to stop seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances beyond your control and admit that no matter how difficult your outer situation is, and I fully realize that yours is extremely difficult, there is still something you can do to improve the situation.

You describe how you surrendered yourself entirely unto God and asked him to take your life. As a spiritual teacher it is my duty to tell you that this was not a true surrender unto God. Throughout history, millions of people have committed suicide in an attempt to escape the pain and suffering of difficult situations. What you call a surrender to God was another attempt to escape a difficult situation through death. I highly commend you for not committing suicide, nevertheless I must tell you that asking God to take your life is also an attempt to escape.

If you will study my life, you will see that there were many situations in which I surrendered myself completely unto God and the will of God. The true meaning of surrender is that you are willing to change yourself, meaning that you are willing to change your beliefs, your attitude and the way you look at life, in order to bring yourself into alignment with the reality of God.

What happens to many people is that they get themselves into a crisis situation. Yet because they are not willing to take responsibility for their lives and admit that they themselves had an influence on creating the situation, they do not see any way out, and therefore they want to end their life. In reality, and I know this will sound harsh to people in difficult situations but it is nevertheless the truth about life, there is always a way out. Ending your physical life simply will not end the suffering of your lifestream.

The only thing that can end the suffering of your lifestream is that you change yourself, that you change the way you look at life, the way you approach life. To end this suffering you must be willing to change yourself, and this is the true meaning of surrender.

It is not the outer circumstances that cause people to experience pain. What causes all suffering is that people have developed an attitude, a belief system, a world view which causes them to feel attached to something. It is the attachment that causes the suffering. As long as the attachment continues to exist, the suffering will continue. Therefore, the only way to break the negative spiral of pain and suffering is to surrender the attachment.

I recognize that your life has been extremely difficult, far more difficult than most human beings have experienced. Yet I must tell you that many other people have experienced lives that were fully as difficult as yours. I must also tell you that many of these people felt as angry and rejected by God as you feel. I must also tell you that most of those people refused to take responsibility for the situation. They refused to even consider that the situation might to a large degree be created by themselves.

I know you will say, how can this be possible since I was so burdened from birth? The answer is that you did not create your current situation in this lifetime. It was created over many lifetimes, and that is why it is so extremely important for truly spiritual people to understand and acknowledge the reality of reincarnation. If you do not acknowledge reincarnation, you have no way to resolve your anger against God. If you do not acknowledge reincarnation, you will continue to feel as a helpless victim of circumstances beyond your control. You will continue to blame some outer power, and I can assure you that millions of people blame God for all of their suffering and pain. This will paralyze you.

When people are not willing to change themselves, they look for a scapegoat. God is the ultimate scapegoat, and when you blame God for your suffering, you think there is nothing you could do to change the situation. This belief is a fallacy, and I can tell you where it comes from. It comes from the Devil himself. The goal of the Devil is to set himself up as a false God on earth. The Devil himself wants to be recognized as a superior power, and he attempts to attain this position by controlling human beings. Therefore, I will go along with your sense that some superior power is inflicting your pain and suffering, as long as we can agree that it is not the true God who is inflicting the suffering. Instead, it is a false god, the god of this world, the prince of this world. He has inflicted much of the suffering upon you, but he has done so only because you have allowed him to take over and control your life.

I must assure you that the true God will respect your free will, whereas the Devil has no respect for your free will whatsoever. I must assure you that the true God would never inflict suffering upon you, yet because he has given you free will, he will allow you to inflict suffering upon yourself. He will also allow you to surrender yourself to the forces of this world, and they will inflict suffering upon you. Yet the suffering that they inflict upon you is a product of the fact that you have chosen to surrender yourself, to surrender your will, to them through the attachments you have to this world.

Now my question to you is simple: Do you want to continue to suffer as you have suffered so far, or are you willing to change yourself in order to move out of the suffering and pain?

If you are willing to change yourself, then I can assure you that I will help you, but you must understand that I cannot and will not violate my Father’s Law of Free Will. So far, you have, through your attachments, kept yourself in a state of suffering. By the fact that you have sent this letter, you have shown a willingness to change course and allow me to help you.

My beloved friend, if you will let me enter your heart, I will indeed help you turn your life around. I will indeed help you change your consciousness until you can begin to see that the true God is a God of love. In reality, the true God of this universe has an unconditional, an infinite love, for your lifestream. He has no other desire but to see you receive and accept the unconditional love that he has for you as the most beautiful and unique lifestream that he has created out of himself.

I understand that it is impossible for you to accept God’s unconditional love in your current state of consciousness. I understand that you have gone through much suffering and that you need much healing before you could possibly accept the love of God. Nevertheless, I can assure you that no matter the difficulties of your current situation and life, it is possible for you to rise above it. However, it is possible only if you are willing to surrender the attachments to your outer situation, the attachments to your inner situation, the attachments to your pain and suffering, the attachment to your image of God as an angry God who desires to punish you and make you suffer. If you are willing to go through this healing process, then I am more than willing to help you every step of the way.

If you are willing to go through this process, then make the effort to study the teachings I give on our websites. Apply the techniques I give for spiritual protection, for transforming negative energy and for attuning to my heart and to your Christ self. Use especially the invocations and the Spiritual Crisis Toolkit. 

And if you are truly willing to change your life, then I recommend that you read and absorb the book, Master Keys to Personal Christhood.  

I am indeed your older brother, Jesus Christ, and I love you as one of my own. If you will let me enter your life and heart, I will help you find your way home.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels