Get over being irish!

TOPICS: Get over being Irish – get over being Catholic – people are not happy but still will not change – sorrow of the Irish people comes from attachment – longing for the good old days – assigning unrealistic qualities to the past – paralyzes people and prevents them form changing – the best time for making things better – develop your zest for life – where could the grass be greener? –

Question: A question for Ascended Master Patrick: Could you please release a prayer for the healing of the heart of Ireland, and can I ask you what would you say to Irish people this day?

Answer from ascended master Patrick through Kim Michaels:

Certainly, I have much to say to the Irish people. Yet the first thing I would say is: Get over being Irish!

For as I expressed yesterday, I am an ascended being and I have gotten over being Irish. And if you want to ascend with me, then surely you have to get over being Irish, as the British have to get over being British and as the Danes have to get over being Danes. For when you rise beyond the duality consciousness, beyond the level of the earth, you leave behind all of the divisions on earth.

Why did I come to this nation? Why did I come to this island? It was to set the people free from the state of consciousness in which they were stuck at that time. And what do I desire to see for the people of Ireland today? I desire to see you be free from the level of consciousness in which you are stuck today.

That is why I brought the teachings of Christ back then which, as I explained yesterday, was a much more universal version of the teachings of Christ than what you have in Ireland today, where you see the teachings of Christ through the Catholic filter. So start by getting over being Irish and then move on to getting over being Catholic—and then perhaps we can talk about you accomplishing the real mission that you could accomplish in this age.

For indeed, there is a potential for the mission of Ireland. But it cannot be released at this time, at least not by me, perhaps by Saint Germain who might have other remarks to make later.

But I must tell you, that when I came to Ireland, I met a resistance from the collective consciousness, where the people did not want to change. And I meet the same resistance today, where the people do not want to change even though they know they need to change – they know they are not happy, they are not fulfilled – and they know they carry a tremendous burden of sorrow.

But that sorrow can come from only one thing, and that is attachment—attachment to a certain view of the world, a certain view of yourself. And that is why I say, get over seeing the world through a filter that you have built—the filter of a national consciousness where you think you have to be Irish first and sons and daughters of God second. Whereas the message I brought to this island 1500 years ago was: See yourself as sons and daughters of God first and everything else second.

That is the message I would want to get across. For as has already been said, once you reach first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, then all other things will be added unto you. So I have no prayer, for it is up to the free will of the people, and I do not desire to pray to overrule that free will.

For despite my tough talk, I am not pessimistic about the Irish people and the future of Ireland. I do believe that an awakening is possible and is much closer than it might seem. And thus, I have high hopes that this nation can still fulfill its divine plan and its highest potential.

Consider that – from an objective perspective – one can look at the economy and almost every other aspect of life in Ireland and see that things have never been better than today. And then one must wonder why so many people are still not satisfied and why so many have an – often unrecognized – longing for a past that they think is somehow better—seeing it as the “good old days.”

In reality, most people who lived in what the current generation calls the good old days also looked back to a past that they considered to be the good old days. And this is a pattern you see in many nations, especially in Europe. So one must consider why this is so, and the answer is that there is a pattern in the collective consciousness created over the centuries-long history of many nations. And that pattern pulls the collective psyche toward the past, giving it an aura of being better because no one in the current time can remember – or have experienced – how the collective consciousness was at the time.

This is actually an ego-game of thinking the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, because the ego can assign any quality it wants to the past, seeing that it cannot be challenged by reality, for reality has moved on. So the psychological effect of this is that people are not living in and appreciating the NOW, which pacifies and paralyzes them, preventing them from enjoying life and from doing what they actually CAN do in the now to make things better.

So I desire to have the Irish people – and many other nationalities in a similar situation, such as the people in eastern Europe who look back to communism as a golden time – wake up and recognize that the current time is not only the best time there has been in recorded history but is also the best – indeed the ONLY – time for making things better. And by embracing the now, people can indeed make things better, whereas longing for a past that is forever gone will only postpone progress.

I desire the Irish people to first of all recapture – and develop to its full potential – their zest for life, their joy for life, and simply let go of the sorrow instead of seeking to drown it. For the latter will never work, whereas surrender will ALWAYS work when done with a pure heart. Of course, dissolving the energies in the collective mind through Mother Mary’s invocations LINK will also be of inestimable value and make it easier for those who are not yet spiritually awakened to let go of the past.

Yet the first step must be for the top ten percent of the people to let go of the ego game that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And this should be especially easy for the Irish people—for where could the grass possibly be greener than in Ireland?


 Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels