Foundational teachings on human prejudice and discrimination

TOPICS: All prejudice comes from the descent into duality – this caused fear of death – creating a mental image that makes you feel secure – when image threatened, you respond with hostility towards others – cause of prejudice – some people can escape prejudice only by experiencing it against themselves – some nazis are now embodied as Jews – prejudice misqualifies energy that can affect other people and create karma for yourself – being too tolerant can also help reinforce a limited self-image – negative and positive prejudice – not judging after appearances – seeing the difference between the lifestream and outer personality – you see imperfections as only temporary – thus you do not condemn, and you do not affirm imperfections as real – seek to enlighten others without forcing them – all limitations are unreal; none worse than others – planetary vortex of prejudice can overpower people – what you do to others, you have subconsciously done to yourself –

Question: I was wondering if you could tell me why people treat homosexuals and others of sexual differences from normal with great animosity and dislike within their hearts. I’ve witnessed this myself and have been the recipient without even being gay.

Why are people like this? I try to love everybody and I can’t understand why others can’t? With comments such as there should be a 2-week open hunting season on gays and should go out with bats looking for them.
I’m one of the biggest gay rights supporters out there but I also know that it goes against the natural order of the universe. It was the souls choice and therefore not my place to say anything. I know that the universe was created out of the divine and therefore two energies yin and yang. Well they’re really one energy in all but to us it’s two. Yes i realize that there is no such thing as a homosexual soul, just ones that think they are. But what the crux of this is that why do supposed “Christians” treat other human beings with such vile usage of god’s essence. And although you don’t see it as normal I’m pretty sure you don’t view people like that or wish that others would treat them as such.
So could you please tell me what the divine wishes how people should treat homosexuals and others of the such?
I don’t know but if you want to get me riled up, you just have to state your dislike of gays and lesbians. But that’s how bad energy finds me, by using this subject to raise my anger for such people but that’s how it is.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You raise a very important question. I would like to step back from the issue of homosexuality and look at the big issue of human prejudice. The animosity against those with sexual differences is simply one effect of the state of consciousness which causes people to feel prejudice towards those who are different from themselves.

One of the recurring themes on this website is that after the Fall of Man most lifestreams on this planet have descended into, and become lost in, a dualistic state of consciousness. In this state of consciousness, people are trapped by relative viewpoints, and they can no longer see the truth of God. It is the relativity of this dualistic mind that causes people to feel prejudice towards those who are different from themselves.

If you could look into the mind of a prejudiced person, as I easily can but don’t particularly enjoy doing, you would see that behind the prejudice is always fear. In reality, there are two basic emotions, namely love and fear. The cause of fear, the essence of fear, is a sense a separation from God. During the Fall, the lifestream, in its own mind, separated itself from God. This inevitably caused fear in the lifestream because at subconscious levels the lifestream realizes that it is mortal. There is immortal life only in complete union with God. When you compromise that union, by separating yourself out from God, you become mortal and this automatically gives rise to the fear of death. With that I mean a fear of the death of the lifestream and not the death of the physical body that you are temporarily wearing.

To cope with this fear, the lifestream begins to create a false image of reality, an image which makes it seem like the lifestream can escape its mortality by living up to certain outer rules. This gives the lifestream a sense of security, and as long as the world around the lifestream seems to follow the lifestream’s mental image, this fragile sense of security can be maintained. When another person does something to question or threaten the mental image of a fearful lifestream, the lifestream will inevitably see the other person as a threat. That is why the lifestream responds with the hostility that is typical when people are driven into a corner. Psychologists call this the fight-or-flight syndrome. People’s first response is to try to get away from or remove the people who threaten their mental image. If that is not possible, they will begin to respond with an ever-increasing hostility.

The more adamant, negative and outspoken people are in their condemnation of those who are different from themselves, the more these people demonstrate that they are consumed by their fears. These people are trapped in a very small mental box, and because they refuse to question the basic assumptions that caused them to create the box, they think they will die if the box breaks down. In reality you should pity such people.

The only real way to help people overcome their prejudice is to help them accept and follow the inner path to personal Christhood. The essence of Christhood is that the lifestream accepts its oneness with God, and this removes the fear of death and gives immortal life. However, the problem is that prejudice causes people to cling to outer doctrines, and this prevents them from accepting the inner path. Therefore, prejudice will be one of the last things that the lifestream overcomes before it truly begins to manifest Christhood.

The more firmly people are trapped by the dualistic mind, the more they are consumed by their prejudice, and the more difficult it becomes to help the lifestream see the futility and the folly of this prejudice. If you try to reason with such a lifestream, the lifestream’s prejudice will almost inevitably cause it to reject what you are saying.

In many cases, the only thing that can help a lifestream begin to look beyond this prejudice is that the lifestream is exposed to the same type of prejudice it feels for others. Only by experiencing such a situation, will the lifestream finally see how unnecessary and damaging prejudice truly is. Therefore, I can tell you that many of the lifestreams who are currently extremely prejudiced against another group of people are likely to embody among those people in their next lifetime.

In other words, some of the people who are currently the most outspoken against homosexuals run the risk of becoming or embodying among homosexuals in a future lifetime. This will not be because these lifestreams choose homosexuality, but because the only way for the lifestream to attain balance is to be at the receiving end of what it has given to others. For example, some of the lifestreams who had leadership positions in the regime of Nazi Germany are currently embodied as Jews. This fact should cause prejudiced people to make an effort to overcome their prejudice. Unfortunately, most of the Christians who are prejudiced against homosexuals are also prejudiced against the idea of reincarnation, so they will instantly reject this idea.

I would like to explain why prejudice is so damaging. I have mentioned throughout this website that you are ultimately responsible for what you do with God’s energy. There is a constant stream of spiritual energy that flows through your subconscious and conscious minds. You direct that energy through the power of your attention. When you send out mental energy towards another person, that energy can affect the person in subtle but powerful ways. One of the most obvious examples is the influence that parents have on their children. If a parent holds a negative or limited image of a child, it can set a negative pattern for the child’s entire life. That is why it is so important for parents to hold a positive image of their children and their children’s capabilities and potential.

When you hold a negative or limited image of another person, you are sending mental energy towards that person. If the person is not protected, this energy will enter the person’s energy field. If enough energy enters the field, it can gradually start creating a vortex or momentum that will begin to affect the person’s thoughts and feelings. Eventually, this vortex can become so powerful that it begins to overpower a person’s thoughts and feelings.

If you hold a negative image of another person, you can eventually create an energy vortex in the person’s energy field which causes the person to outpicture the image you are holding. In other words, your negative image becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is especially dangerous for people you know and who might be more affected by your opinions than strangers. Many people have unwittingly had a negative impact upon the people who are closest to them.

When you understand this dynamic, you can see that it is important to hold a positive image for every person you encounter. You will personally be held responsible for what you do with God’s Energy, so if you hold a negative image of another person, you will make personal karma for doing so. The amount of karma will be proportionate to the amount of energy that you send at the other person. It is in your own best interest, and in the interest of the other person, that you overcome the tendency to hold a negative or limited image of that person.

We now come to a subtle point that will be difficult to understand for people who are trapped in the relativity of the dualistic mind. As an example of this, let me refer to your statement, “It was the soul’s choice and therefore not my place to say anything.” This statement is an example of how people are often polarized towards one of the relative extremes. One of these extremes is the prejudice that you describe in your letter. Such people have gone into the extreme of judging others based on their own relative standard for what they believe is right and wrong. This causes them to hold a negative image of other people, and, as I have just described, this inevitably leads to negative effects for all parties. This is what I call black-and-white thinking.

It is very common that when people begin to overcome this negative prejudice, they swing into the opposite extreme of thinking they have to tolerate anything—what I call gray thinking. In other words, many people today think that they should uncritically accept homosexuality and never speak out against it. If you read my discourse on the cause of homosexuality, you will see that this form of sexuality is not natural and has negative effects for the lifestreams who engage in it. So if you view another human being as a homosexual soul, then you are actually projecting an image upon that lifestream, and that image is out of alignment with the divine potential of the lifestream. In other words, you are holding a limited and limiting image of the lifestream.

Can you see the subtle distinction here? Homosexuality is an unbalanced state of consciousness. Therefore, it is best for the lifestream to overcome this state of consciousness. If you hold the image that another person is a homosexual, and especially if you do it with the attitude that homosexuality is a perfectly acceptable and permanent condition, then you are actually helping to reinforce the lifestream’s limited self image. You are therefore helping to reinforce the unbalanced state that keeps this lifestream in bondage.

What I am saying here is that both the people who are prejudiced against homosexuals and the people who uncritically accept homosexuality are doing a disservice to the lifestreams who temporarily believe they are homosexuals. Both types of people are serving to hold such lifestreams in a limited state of consciousness. That being said, it should be obvious that the people who are negative towards homosexuals often direct greater amounts of negative energy at these lifestreams. A person who is uncritical usually does not have the same intensity of energy, and therefore that person does not make as much karma. Nevertheless, what I am hoping you can see here is that the picture is not quite as simple as many people make it out to be. One might say that there is a negative prejudice (of condemning others) and a positive prejudice (of accepting their imbalances as normal and permanent) and that both are damaging to the victim.

My beloved mother held the immaculate concept for me while I was growing up. I can assure you that I was not an easy child. I was quite headstrong and emotional, and a weaker person than my mother might have allowed me to get away with doing things my way. Yet my mother unflinchingly held the immaculate concept for my spiritual mission, and that had an immensely positive influence on my ability to fulfill that mission.

The bottom line is that you cannot deal with any situation correctly as long as you are looking at it through the relativity of the dualistic mind. You can only take the correct position by rising above that relativity and connecting to your Christ self, so that you can see the true perspective of the Christ mind. That is why I told people not to judge. When you judge based on the relativity of the dualistic mind, you cannot judge righteous judgments, and therefore you inevitably make karma in the process. You will judge based on appearances, based on what you think is right according to the relative standard that you currently accept.

So could you please tell me what the divine wishes how people should treat homosexuals and others of the such?

Jesus: When you rise above the relativity of the dualistic mind, you gain the correct perspective of the Christ mind. As I said 2,000 years ago, God does not judge because he has given it to the Son to judge. The Son of God is the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is the only begotten Son of God, and therefore it knows the reality and the truth of God. Because of this, the Christ mind can judge righteous judgments.

When you look at other people from the perspective of the Christ mind, you see a clear distinction between the lifestream and the outer personality and behavior. You clearly realize that the lifestream itself is a son or daughter of God. Therefore, every lifestream is your spiritual brother or sister. Every other lifestream is simply an individualization of the same God from which you sprang. Through your own sense of union with God, you experience a deep union with all life.

You also see that all lifestreams have currently taken on an outer personality, which is often adapted to the conditions found in the lifestream’s environment. This personality is a conglomerate of the lifestream’s many lifetimes in this world. When you look at this with the clarity of the Christ mind, you see that this personality is temporary and therefore ultimately unreal. You also see that some aspects of this personality are in alignment with the truth of God while others are out of alignment with that truth. Therefore, you affirm those aspects that are in alignment with truth.

Concerning those aspects of a lifestream’s personality that are out of alignment with truth, you will never condemn the lifestream for these temporary imperfections. However, it would not be loving towards that lifestream to affirm a temporary imperfection as if it was permanent or even acceptable. Therefore, you see it as a natural extension of your love for the lifestream that you attempt to help the lifestream grow out of this temporary limitation.

When you deal with another lifestream, your concern is always to help that lifestream rise above its temporary limitations. Exactly how you should do that is a complex topic that must be decided on an individual basis. However, in general you would seek to enlighten a lifestream so that it can make the best possible choices, choices that will help the lifestream grow towards outpicturing its spiritual potential.

In doing so, you must obviously respect a lifestream’s free will. As a guideline, let me tell you that a spiritual master will often be direct, although completely without condemnation, in pointing out a lifestream’s temporary imperfections. If a lifestream rejects the Master’s suggestions three times, then the teacher will withdraw. I suggest that this might be a good guideline for dealing with other people. You can attempt to enlightened a person to the best of your ability, and if the person rejects you three times, you will simply drop the topic until the person brings it up. You can then feel that you have fulfilled your obligation to attempt to help the other person, and you can leave it up to the person’s free choice.

What I am trying to say here is that when you begin to attain Christ consciousness, you stop judging people based on the relativity of the dualistic mind. You therefore see that virtually every human being has certain temporary imperfections and limitations. You are not condemning the lifestream for this, but you take every appropriate opportunity to help the lifestream see through its limitations and make better choices. The consequence is that you would not treat homosexual persons any differently than you treat any other person. Every human being, no matter what their outer characteristics, is temporarily expressing certain limitations. Condemning someone for this only helps bind them to that imperfection. Holding the immaculate concept with the Christ mind will help the person rise above the limitation.

When you judge based on the relativity of the dualistic mind, you think that some human limitations are worse than others, and you base this judgment on your own situation. In other words, people often think that the limitations which they do not have, or do not see in themselves, are the worst possible. When you rise above this limited perspective, you realize that no limitations are worse than any others. They are all unreal and temporary, and they all need to be left behind for the lifestream to grow. So the real concern is the growth of the lifestream, and that cause is best served by holding the mental image that the lifestream rises above all limitations and becomes the whole, balanced spiritual being that it truly is.

I don’t know but if you want to get me riled up, you just have to state your dislike of gays and lesbians. but that’s how bad energy finds me, by using this subject to raise my anger for such people but that’s how it is.

Jesus: I will comment on the fact that if you allow yourself to feel negative emotions towards those who are prejudiced against homosexuals, then you are actually helping to perpetuate the state of consciousness that causes persecution of homosexuals and others.

You see, all kinds of prejudice spring from the same state of consciousness. So if you engage in that state of consciousness, you feed your energy into the planetary vortex of prejudice that has been created by humankind over thousands of years. It is this vortex which overpowers weak-minded individuals and causes them to express prejudice towards others.

Certain people have become so weak-minded that they can become entirely overpowered by such negative planetary momentums. That is why they become the catalyst and commit violent acts that spring from this momentum. For example, a person who burns the Church of a black congregation is acting as a catalyst for the planetary momentum of racial prejudice and hatred.

Instead of becoming angry at such people, it would be more constructive to pray for their deliverance from this limited state of consciousness and to hold the mental image, the immaculate concept, that they overcome their prejudice and achieve greater balance and peace of mind.

The real key here is my statement that as you believe, so shall it be done unto you. When you hold a certain mental image, you cause spiritual energy to flow into that image, and it will eventually manifest as a material reality in your life.

It is an often overlooked fact that whatever you do to others, you are subconsciously doing to yourself. If you have prejudice against another group of people, it shows that you are subconsciously condemning yourself. Therefore, you will inevitably, perhaps in a future lifetime, experience the outpicturing of your mental image. Experiencing this condition might cause you to see the imperfections of that image and accept a better image of yourself and of life. You can then begin to outpicture that vision.

So the bottom line is that the mental image you hold of life will determine the conditions you encounter in life. Therefore, you would do well to hold the highest possible image, the immaculate concept, for yourself and for all other people.


 Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels