Foundational teachings on (homo) sexuality

TOPICS: How we take on human sexuality – we need to transcend human sexuality in order to ascend – a lifestream alternates between male and female bodies, which can lead to confusion about its sexuality – reincarnation and homosexuality – any condition is a result of choices you made, often in a past lifetime – hatred of women – hatred of men – homosexuality and sin in a fear-based Christian culture – gay rights – free will and homosexuality – both sides have an unbalanced view of the issue – should society recognize people’s right to be homosexuals? – homosexuality misqualifies energy – are homosexuals more spiritual or advanced than most people? – unconditional love and homosexuality –

Question from Kim: Jesus, there has been a lot of attention on homosexuality lately, including the possibility that some states in the U.S. will recognize gay marriages, the possibility that the Episcopal church might elect a gay bishop and the overturning by the Supreme Court of the Texas anti-sodomy law. Recently, a person asked whether his soul could have been created by God as a homosexual soul. Some prominent homosexuals have made the claim that God created them as homosexuals. What is your comment on that?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I welcome the opportunity to comment on a topic that has caused much confusion and much division amongst people. The division and hostility is unnecessary, but it can be alleviated only through proper understanding. I can tell you with absolute certainty that God never created a soul as a homosexual soul. The reason being that God does not create souls.

In order to understand this, people need to study my teachings on the relationship between the I AM Presence, the Conscious You and the 4-fold vehicle or soul vehicle.  When you understand these teachings, you see that the I AM Presence is neither exclusively male nor female but has both qualities. Likewise, the Conscious You is neither male nor female, because it is pure awareness, meaning it has no differentiations—it is created to be an open door, a clear pane of glass, for the I AM Presence.

Thus, the entire issue of human sexuality exists at the level of the 4-fold or soul vehicle. And as I explain, this vehicle was not created by God; it was created by the Conscious You as a vehicle for expressing itself through a physical body. Furthermore, the soul vehicle was for most people created as a result of their choice to enter into the consciousness of seeing themselves as separate beings. As I explain throughout this website, you can see yourself as a separate being only by stepping through the veil of duality—meaning you now see everything in terms of two dualistic polarities or opposites.

Now, this is where you need to be alert and make a subtle distinction. We have explained that in order to create a world of differentiated forms, the undivided Creator started by expressing itself as two differentiated polarities. We have called these the expanding and contracting forces, but in order to make it easier for people to grasp the concept, we have also called them masculine and feminine. You need to be aware that words on earth are not always suited for fully describing such spiritual concepts. My point being that you cannot uncritically transfer human concepts of sexuality to the basic polarities of God. God the Father and God the Mother are naturally beyond human sexuality.

You also need to be aware that the transference of human qualities upon God is the very essence of the duality consciousness and the ego. The ego uses the duality consciousness to build a mental image of the world, and then it projects it upon everything. The ego seeks ultimate validation for its mental images, and it does so by projecting those images upon God, saying that God actually created the image or that the image is not an image but represents God’s reality. This is, as we explain throughout our websites, the very basis for most religions and for all religious conflict.

So there are indeed two divine polarities, but the ego and the duality consciousness can never see them in their pure forms. What the duality consciousness has done is to pervert these two qualities, so that instead of complementing each other, they now appear to oppose or exclude each other. And then the ego has projected these dualistic perversions upon the original—thinking this truly is the way God is.

The point is that there are indeed divine polarities, but that these are above and beyond human sexuality. This means that you cannot fully understand human sexuality unless you understand the fall into the duality consciousness, and how this has had a very profound impact on every aspect of life on earth.

As we have explained, the earth was originally created by the Elohim in a much higher or purer state than what you see today. Matter itself was not as dense, meaning that what you today call physical bodies were not as dense. The concept of the Garden of Eden is a symbol for a state in which lifestreams could provide for all their needs through the powers of the mind.

In this original state, bodies did not have sexual organs. The original bodies were made from energies of a higher vibration than your physical bodies, but they were still made from energy and they had substance. Yet at that time, there was no need to create new bodies at the same level of vibration. “Matter” or substance was not very dense, and thus new bodies could be created through mental powers alone. Lifestreams in Eden still had a differentiation into male and female qualities, but this was beyond physical sexuality.

After the fall into duality, matter literally densified. At the same time, the lifestreams who entered duality lost the mental powers that made it possible to provide for their needs through the mind alone. This is what is crudely illustrated in the story of how Adam and Eve were cast out of Paradise, and instead of having fruits for the taking, they now had to provide for their sustenance by “the sweat of the brow.”

Now, this entire process is quite complex, so in order to avoid going too far off topic, let me simply say that it was only after the fall into duality that lifestreams had to take on the dense bodies that you today call physical bodies. These bodies had sexual organs, because they were the result of the evolutionary process, as Maitreya explains in his book. In other words, due to the fall in consciousness, physical bodies can only be created at the level of the physical octave, and thus physical propagation is necessary.

This shift had a profound impact on the situation faced by the Conscious You, as it had to create a soul vehicle for integrating with these dense physical bodies. Before the fall, there was no need to create a soul vehicle based on a differentiation between male and female sex. Yet after the fall, the differentiation into male and female bodies became one of the defining qualities of physical bodies.

As I have explained, you have four levels of the mind, four lower bodies.  The highest is the identity body, which is where you define your basic sense of who you are in the material world. Thus, after the fall, the differentiation into male and female sex had to begin already at the identity level. The effect of this was that when a lifestream first descended into physical embodiment, it would begin by identifying itself as one sex. For example, a lifestream might have many lifetimes in which it was only in male bodies. Meaning that for relatively new lifestreams, human sexuality was such an integral part of their identity, that they would often come to identify themselves as male or female souls.

Take note of an important insight. The differentiation into male and female bodies is meant as a subtle clue to those in the duality consciousness. As I said, the duality consciousness has perverted the original divine polarities, making them unbalanced. This perversion is outpictured in bodies with male and female sexual organs, and the fact that new life can be created only when a male and female body come together. The hidden message is that when you enter the duality consciousness, you become an incomplete being. While in duality, you can never be whole, and that is why people always feel alone and incomplete. The fact that you have to come together with a body of the opposite sex in order to create new life is a symbol that shows you have to find a divine balance between male and female qualities in order to have wholeness and create the new life of the Christ consciousness. You need to bring together what you now see as opposites and resolve the conflict between them. As long as you are unbalanced, you cannot transcend the physical level, where you have to work at the sweat of the brow.

The purpose of life is the growth in consciousness, which leads to successively higher levels of Christ consciousness, until you eventually ascend permanently from earth. One aspect of this growth process is that you must transcend the human sense of identity, including, of course, human sexuality. I know that we have generally presented ourselves as male or female ascended masters, and we do indeed choose to manifest predominantly male or female characteristics. Yet our qualities are beyond human sexuality, which means you must transcend human, dualistic sexuality in order to ascend.

In other words, you may be in a male body in the last lifetime before you ascend, but you will not ascend if you see yourself as a male soul. You will ascend only by attaining perfect balance between the divine masculine and feminine qualities, so that you are not identified with one over the other. So what will it take for you to attain this balance? Well, it will take that you transcend the human, dualistic concepts of male and female.

As a lifestream matures, it will have to work on overcoming its original identification with one sex. Which means that a maturing lifestream will go through a period where it alternates between male and female bodies. Some lifetimes change sex for every embodiment, while others have three embodiments as one sex before they switch to the other. Yet, you see the point, right? The purpose is to help you overcome your identification with human sexuality, so you do not define yourself based on male or female. In fact, you no longer define yourself based on sexuality, but see yourself as a spiritual being who is beyond human sexuality—although still expressing yourself through a male or female body.

Now, for some lifestreams, it is relatively easy to transcend sexuality, while for others this is much harder. In fact, for some it is the last thing they will transcend before they are ready to ascend. This means that it now becomes possible – as an example – for some lifestreams to have taken on a male body while not having let go of their identification as female souls. In other words, such people are in a male body, but they still have a sexual attraction to the male body from past lives. This can now lead to various issues that people have with their sexuality, from bisexuality, to transsexuality to homosexuality.

What complicates the issue is the entire debate around homosexuality, because for a long time religious people have defined homosexuality as a sin. This has caused some lifestreams to seek to defend their homosexuality, partly because they realize they were born with this propensity and partly out of a prideful unwillingness to let go of the condition. Yet my point here is that in order to grow spiritually and ascend, you have to transcend ALL human sexuality. So whether you are homosexual or heterosexual, you still have to leave behind the tendency to identify your lifestream based on the sex of the physical body. And as long as you seek to defend your sexuality in a dualistic battle against other people (who are also stuck in duality) you simply cannot leave it behind.

You cannot transcend what you seek to defend. You can transcend in only one way: by letting go of all identification with a condition.

Kim: That is a very profound explanation, which explains the confusion I see in many Christians. Since they think the soul was created by God, they cannot understand that if God did not create homosexuals, how does a person become a homosexual? It also explains why many people believe you can be born as a homosexual.

Jesus: The confusion is caused by the fact that the orthodox Christian church, 1500 years ago, decided to ban as heresy the concept of the preexistence of souls. Therefore, for over 1500 years, western culture has been dominated by a belief system, a paradigm, which does not include reincarnation. As I explain in several places on this website, this was an incorrect and political decision that has caused much confusion in the western world. The simple fact is that if you do not accept that the soul has existed long before its current embodiment, there are numerous questions for which you cannot find meaningful answers. Homosexuality is only one of these many questions.

There is a common and widespread misconception about homosexuality, and indeed about many other human conditions, namely that people are somehow victims of this. So many people believe that a particular condition is the result of factors beyond their control. It was something that was forced upon them from without, and now their only option is to live with it.

This is a fallacy. This is a lie. This is one of the most dangerous lies found on planet earth. The lie is that human beings are victims of forces beyond their control instead of authors of their own destiny.

One of the main points I am trying to get across on this website is that human beings have created the current conditions by their own choosing. Because God respects the Law of Free Will, God will not simply change the current misery found on planet earth. This misery can only be removed when people consciously and willfully begin to make better choices than they have made in the past.

Obviously, most people are not aware of the choices they made in the past, and therefore they do not see that they have created their current situations. I feel great compassion for people, and I understand why people feel like victims. Nevertheless the purpose of this website – as any true spiritual teaching – is to help people come up higher in consciousness. It is a brutal fact that you cannot grow spiritually as long as you see yourself as a victim.

You can only grow by recognizing that you do have the power to change your situation. Yet that recognition can only come when you accept that your situation is the result of the Conscious You’s past choices. Only by accepting this, do you become empowered to change your situation. You can do so by making better choices. The key to making better choices is to resolve the false beliefs and psychological wounds that caused you to make limiting choices in the past.

Kim: So are you saying that if people do not accept reincarnation, they cannot explain the cause of homosexuality? 

Jesus: Homosexuality is caused by a choice made by the Conscious You. This choice was not made in the womb or even in this lifetime. The choice was made a very long time ago, and for most lifestreams the choice was made shortly after the lifestream realized that it had fallen into a lower state of consciousness.

The fall into a lower state of consciousness is always a gradual process. It happens so gradually that most lifestreams are not aware of what is taking place. In fact, some lifestreams have not yet come to the realization that they have fallen into a lower state of consciousness. However, many lifestreams do experience a moment of truth in which they realize that they have lost something which they formerly had. They have a “hitting the concrete experience” in which the lifestream realizes that it has fallen from grace. The question now becomes how the lifestream responds to this experience.

When a lifestream realizes that it has fallen, it can react in a variety of ways. Some lifestreams choose to take responsibility for their situation, and they begin the spiritual path that leads them back to a higher state of consciousness in which they have conscious contact with the I AM Presence. This is the spiritual path that I am describing throughout this website.

Some lifestreams refuse to take responsibility for their situation. This leads some lifestreams to react in one of two ways that can both lead to homosexuality. Some lifestreams blame the feminine aspect of their nature for the fact that they have fallen. One of the qualities of the feminine aspect is that it makes it possible for you to adapt to different circumstances. Yet if you adapt too much, you can compromise your divine individuality, and this was precisely what caused many lifestreams to fall into duality. This then develops into a hatred of the feminine aspect of God, a hatred of the mother. This is often outpictured as a hatred of women or milder forms of negative feelings towards women.

This hatred of the feminine aspect of the lifestream’s nature leads to a split in the soul vehicle The soul cannot be whole and balanced without having a proper polarity between the masculine and feminine elements of its nature.

Some lifestreams develop a disgust for the feminine sex, and they often choose to embody as homosexual men. Other lifestream develop a desire to punish or subdue the feminine sex, and they often embody as heterosexual men who become sexual predators or male chauvinists. In extreme cases this leads men to become rapists or even serial killers. In less extreme cases it can cause men to become sexual predators who use women as a form of slaves. This is not done primarily for the immediate sexual pleasure but as an act of punishment against women. Throughout the ages, this has caused immense abuse of women.

Some lifestreams realize that it was the feminine aspect of their nature that fell, but they blame their masculine nature. They feel that the masculine aspect should have prevented the feminine aspect from following the ways of the world. These lifestreams develop a hatred against the father or masculine aspect of God. These lifestreams are driven by a desire to punish the male aspect, which often manifests as a desire to punish men or to make men accept blame.

Some of these lifestreams choose to embody in a female body and become lesbians. They outpicture their hatred against men by having sexual relations with women. Yet other lifestreams choose to embody as heterosexual women and they spend their lives seeking to punish or control men. In so doing, they often use their sexuality or psychological means in an attempt to make men feel inferior or to make men feel that it is all their fault. Throughout history, this has caused much hostility between the sexes and much abuse, primarily psychological abuse, of men.

Please take note that many lifestreams have been on planet earth for a very long period of time. Therefore, some lifestreams have developed a very complex psychology in which the original response to the lifestream’s fall has been covered over by many layers of beliefs and psychological wounds. Therefore, there can be other factors contributing to a person seeing itself as a homosexual. As I explained above, the most common of these factors is confusion concerning the lifestream’s sexual identity due to the identification solidified in previous lifetimes.

What I am saying here is that the cause of homosexuality is more complex than what can be described without writing an entire book about it. My main goal here is to point out that the process whereby a lifestream begins to see itself as homosexual began a very long time ago with the lifestream’s original reaction to the fall into a lower state of consciousness.

Kim: It sounds to me like homosexuality is not created by God, and therefore it is not a natural thing. What do you think about the many orthodox Christians who label it as a sin, as an abomination, and who attempt to make homosexuals feel guilty about it?

Jesus: One of the saddest developments that has happened over the past 2,000 years is that so many orthodox Christian churches have forgotten and departed from one of the most central themes of my spiritual teaching, namely that of unconditional love. Did I not tell all Christians to love their neighbors as themselves? Did I not admonish them to “judge not?” Then why do so many Christians judge their brothers and sisters for what they perceive to be a sin that is worse than others sins?

As I have explained throughout this website, the early Catholic Church departed from my original intent and teachings. Many things were taken out of my original teachings for political reasons. Because of this, the Church could no longer explain many of the questions people have about the spiritual side of life. The orthodox, so-called infallible, doctrines simply did not have many of the answers that people were seeking. Therefore, the Church departed from my original vision of being a church that would provide people with true and valid answers. Instead, the Church only gave people doctrines and then attempted to scare people away from asking questions that could not be explained by official doctrines.

This gradually led to the development of a church culture based on fear and guilt. Obviously, this has numerous negative effects. In this context the consequence is that Christian churches have no effective way to help homosexuals. Instead, they can only label homosexuality as a serious or mortal sin and attempt to make people abandon the outer behavior of homosexuality through feelings of fear and guilt. Obviously, an attempt to suppress homosexual tendencies does nothing to help people resolve the inner imbalance that causes homosexuality.

As stated above, the main issue with homosexuality is that the lifestream does not have the correct balance, the correct polarity, between its male and female aspects. Thus, it identifies itself based on the sex of the physical body. It is true that homosexuality is an abnormal condition that was not created by God. Therefore, it is in the lifestream’s best interest to heal this condition. Yet true healing can only take place through understanding. It can only take place when the lifestream begins to understand the process that led to its current state of consciousness and then makes a conscious decision to take responsibility for its own situation and make choices that will improve its situation.

Contrary to my original intent, most Christian churches fail to give people a higher understanding of the spiritual side of life. Therefore, these churches cannot help people achieve healing, whether for homosexuality or one of the many other imbalances that afflict people—including unbalanced heterosexuality. Instead, the Christian churches serve up a mixture of fear and guilt, which causes people to suppress their psychological imbalances or even deny their existence.

Let me make it clear, as I have done throughout this website, that the only path to salvation is that the lifestream must attain a higher state of consciousness, namely the Christ consciousness. To attain this state of consciousness, the lifestream must overcome its psychological wounds and the false beliefs that caused those wounds in the first place. This can only be done through a conscious understanding which then leads the lifestream to make better choices than it made in the past. This conscious understanding, this conscious healing process, has no chance of taking place as long as the lifestream is ignoring or denying its imbalances.

Millions of Christians have led themselves to believe that they will automatically earn their salvation by being a member of a particular outer church, by believing its outer doctrines and by following its outer practices. This is a fallacy. As I explain in many places on this website, there simply is no automatic salvation.

It is a sad fact that millions of Christians have the same imbalances between the male and female aspects of their lifestreams as many who are openly homosexual. Many of these Christians have simply suppressed the imbalances or gone into a state of denial about them. I see so many Christian men who vehemently condemn homosexuality, yet have not recognized their own hatred of women, that causes them to suppress or even abuse their own wives. These people feel that because they lead an outwardly Christian life, they are not sinning. Yet the truth is that they have the same imbalance as many of the people they condemn.

I see many Christian women who openly condemn homosexuality yet have the same imbalance, causing them to manipulate their own husbands through guilt or the withholding of sexual favors. It is truly an example of how people cannot see the beam in their own eyes.

Kim: What about the other side of the debate, such as the gay-rights movement and other people who work to get society to recognize homosexuality as normal or legal?

Jesus: I have attempted to explain, through a higher understanding and without using fear or guilt, that homosexuality is not created by God. Therefore, homosexuality is not natural, and it would be unfortunate for a society if homosexuality became normal or came to be seen as normal.

The simple fact, a fact that will not be changed by any amount of human reasoning and logic, is that it is in the lifestream’s best interest to heal the imbalance that causes homosexuality (and any other imbalance).

Seeking to get homosexuality recognized as a normal or natural lifestyle will not help lifestreams heal. It will only cause them to become more entrenched in a particular lifestyle and thereby move backwards on the spiritual path. I am a spiritual teacher, and I do not approve of any measure which hinders people’s spiritual growth.

Kim: What about the claim made by some Christians that homosexuality is a sin that will be punished by God?

Jesus: If you look at the Old Testament, you will see that there are several examples of groups of people who lost the clear understanding and clear recognition of the Laws of God. In many cases God sent such people a prophet who would attempt to awaken them to the folly of their ways. Because of the state of consciousness that people had during Old Testament times, the prophet often stated that if people did not change their ways, God would punish them.

As I explained elsewhere, there is a progression in the spiritual life of this planet. Therefore, people in today’s age should have developed a more rational understanding of the spiritual and material laws that God used to create the universe. If people had developed this understanding, they would realize that God does not punish human beings. People punish themselves by violating the Laws of God. People violate these laws because they have descended into a dualistic state of consciousness in which they have no clear recognition of the Laws of God. They do not see that it is in their own best interest, it is enlightened self-interest, to follow these laws.

Because people have descended into the dualistic state of consciousness, they think that everything can be defined in relative terms. People lose contact with the Laws of God and they begin to think that they can get away with violating those laws. As people sink deeper into that state of consciousness, they often begin to develop a paradigm which is in opposition to God’s laws. They often begin to feel that their paradigm is justified. The extreme outcome of this is that people will attempt to make society officially recognize a paradigm that is not in harmony with the Laws of God.

Please take note that this can happen to any group. For example, one of the Laws of God is the law of love. As explained above, many Christians have forgotten and departed from that law, and therefore they have developed a culture based on fear, guilt and judgment of others. On the other side of the coin, you find people who have an understanding of the law of love, yet do not have a clear understanding of certain other laws. These people therefore begin to believe that you need to tolerate almost any behavior in the name of love.

My point here is that homosexuality is not natural and therefore it is not in harmony with the Laws of God. Obviously, a society can depart from the Laws of God to such an extent that it enacts civil laws that are in direct violation of the Laws of God. This has indeed happened to many societies in the past, yet I must tell you that all of those societies have self-destructed. You cannot create a stable and long-lasting society unless that society is in harmony with the Laws of God. If you attempt to do so, you will inevitably experience a rude awakening and your society will begin to self-destruct, either from within or as the result of an attack by an outer enemy. This is indeed the reason many societies, such as the Roman Empire, collapsed under their own weight of the misuse of God’s laws and God’s Energy.

Yet take note that the most basic law of God is free will. All lifestreams are on the path back to God. They walk this path by exercising their free will, and for some this has led them to identify themselves as homosexuals. As I have explained, this is an unbalanced condition, but most other human beings are also in an unbalanced condition. Thus, I would not define homosexuality as a sin, let alone a mortal sin, in the way most Christians do.

Again, all human beings have a right to go through the steps they need in order to transcend a certain state of consciousness. If a lifestream needs to see itself as homosexual for one or several lifetimes, then that is no better or no worse than so many other human imbalances. The ego always defines those who are different from itself as bad, and until people see through and transcend this tendency, they cannot manifest Christhood. That is why I told people not to judge after appearances. Homosexuality is simply an appearance, which the Conscious You has chosen to take on, and most lifestreams will eventually chose to take it off.

Kim: So it seems to me that you are saying that none of the two sides have the full truth about the issue?

Jesus: As I explained in my teaching on the separation of church and state, almost any debate becomes polarized towards two extremes. In many cases these extremes are defined by forces that seek to manipulate society. Yet many truly good people become caught in the trap of one of these extremes, and it is important to understand why.

I would like to make it clear that I do not condemn or judge any human being regardless of their outer behavior or their beliefs. Therefore, I do not condemn or judge the people involved with this debate, no matter what side they are on. However, I also clearly see that both sides of the debate are taking an unbalanced approach to the issue. This has come about because so many people do not have the correct balance between the three basic qualities of God, namely power, wisdom and love.

I have talked about the many Christians who have departed from the law of love. What has happened to many of these people is that they have developed an understanding of and devotion to the power of God. Therefore, they have a devotion to the Laws of God, and they want society to conform to those laws, as they see them through their current Christian doctrine. Unfortunately, these people do not realize that their current doctrine is incomplete and in many ways out of harmony with the Laws of God, most notably with the love of God. These Christians clearly see that homosexuality is a violation of the Laws of God. This viewpoint is correct, but because these people lack devotion to the love of God, they turn this into a judgmental attitude towards those who openly acknowledge their homosexual tendencies.

On the other side of the issue you find many good people who have developed a deeper understanding of and devotion for the love of God. These people truly understand the need to love your neighbor as yourself. Yet because they do not have sufficient understanding of the power aspect of God, they have fallen into the trap of thinking that unconditional love means indiscriminate acceptance of any behavior. They think that you must tolerate people even if they are clearly violating the Laws of God.

The only thing that could potentially bring the debate out of the extremes and back into balance is that more people develop a devotion to the wisdom aspect of God. It is through this aspect that people can develop an understanding which allows them to stay out of the two extremes. That is why the statement “With all thy getting, get understanding” is so important.

A balanced approach to this issue is to recognize that homosexuality is unnatural. It is a condition caused by an imbalance in the lifestream. No lifestream can achieve ultimate happiness and spiritual fulfillment by maintaining this imbalance. Therefore, a lifestream who is sincerely striving for spiritual growth should recognize the need to heal the imbalance between the lifestream’s masculine and feminine aspects. Once you recognize and accept this, you will also recognize that many lifestreams have this imbalance, not only those who are openly homosexual. In fact many lifestreams have no homosexual tendencies but still have an imbalance between the masculine and feminine aspects.

When you develop this understanding, you realize that it is not correct to create a society which openly recognizes or legalizes homosexuality. Yet you also realize that it is not correct to have a society in which people are judged, condemned or discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. In other words, the ideal is a society that does not legalize homosexuality yet does not discriminate against homosexuals.

I am fully aware that it can seem difficult to achieve such a society. Yet this is difficult only because so many people are still trapped in the relativity of the dualsitic state of consciousness. Therefore, as a spiritual teacher, I must point out to you that the only true solution to the problems currently faced by humankind is to develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life and of the spiritual nature of every human being. This higher understanding is the only hope for creating a better age and for preventing humankind from destroying itself.

Kim: I understand your concern for the many people who are caught in either extreme. Yet it seems to me that there is more to the debate than simply a lack of understanding. It seems like some people on both sides are unwilling to gain a higher understanding.

Jesus: That is correct. There are indeed people who are unwilling to change their viewpoints and their ways. Certain religious people are unwilling to change their desire to judge everyone according to their self-defined standard. These people are completely convinced that their standard is God’s standard, and therefore it is completely justified that they judge people according to that standard. These are the very people who crucified me 2,000 years ago. These are the lawyers that would not enter into the middle way of the Christ consciousness and wanted to prevent everyone else from entering.

I can tell you that there are certain lifestreams who held positions of power in the Jewish religion 2,000 years ago and used their power to crucify me. Some of these same lifestreams today hold positions of power in Christian churches, and they are now using their interpretation of my teachings as a justification for their judgmental attitude.

On the other side of the issue you find people who are clearly aware that homosexuality is a violation of God’s law. Yet they have absolutely no desire to change their ways or to come to a higher understanding. On the contrary, they practice homosexuality as a conscious act of defiance against God. They want to keep practicing their homosexuality. They want to recruit other people to be fodder for their sexual predation. And they want society to acknowledge that they have a right to openly practice and demonstrate their sexual perversion.

I am clearly aware that these people exist. I am clearly aware of their psychology and their modus operandi. I am also aware that there is little chance of reaching such people through this website. Therefore, my foremost concern with this website is to reach those lifestreams who are reachable; those who are willing to look for a higher understanding.

Kim: How does the Law of Free Will relate to this? I mean, does a soul have a God-given right to choose to practice homosexuality?

Jesus: As stated throughout this website, the Law of Free Will is the ultimate law for the material universe. God has given people free will, and therefore they have a right to do whatever they want, as long as they do not violate the free will of other people.

You can only have free will if you can make absolutely any choice of which you can conceive. Yet the Law of Free Will does not stand alone. The Law of Free Will is created in a polarity with another law, namely the Law of Cause and Effect. This is the law that the Bible refers to in the saying that as a man soweth, so shall he reap. This is the law that eastern religions call the law of karma.

According to the Law of Free Will, a human being can do anything he or she wants. According to the Law of Cause and Effect, no human being can escape the consequences of his or her actions. As I have attempted to explain throughout this website, everything you do is done with God’s energy. When you engage in thoughts, feelings or actions, you are qualifying God’s pure energy; you are changing the vibration of that energy.

In the book, Save Yourself, I give a deeper teaching about the true meaning of sin. I encourage people to study that teaching. Let me here briefly explain that the original meaning of the word sin is “missing the mark.” This refers to the fact that if you qualify God’s energy below a certain level of vibration, the energy misses the mark and cannot ascend back to God. Any energy which falls below the critical level of vibration is a sin, whether that energy was created through homosexuality or any other type of human behavior.

So a lifestream does have a God-given right to practice homosexuality. Yet that lifestream will inevitably misqualify God’s energy, and the lifestream will reap the consequences, the karma, of its actions. Please take note that I am not hereby saying that homosexuality is right or acceptable. It is a violation of God’s law, yet because of free will a lifestream has a right to violate God’s law and experience the consequences of its choices.

Kim: Should society recognize people’s right to practice homosexuality?

Jesus: This is a complex question. In an ideal society, it would be recognized that homosexuality is an unbalanced condition. Yet such a society would have a culture in which people could openly acknowledge their homosexual tendencies without being condemned. Instead, such people would be offered help to come to an understanding and resolution of these tendencies so they could move forward on their personal path toward spiritual growth. They would also receive help to understand the consequences, in terms of karma and the psychological and spiritual effects, of choosing homosexuality. If they refuse such help, they would be allowed to practice homosexuality in the privacy of their homes, as long as they do not violate the free will of others.

An ideal society would not legally acknowledge a person’s right to practice homosexuality. This would simply be something that was done in the privacy of people’s homes, and society would not step into that privacy (as long as it took place among consenting adults). As long as the practice was kept in the privacy of people’s homes, society would let people do this without legally recognizing or condemning the practice.

Obviously, no country on earth currently has an ideal society. Therefore, there is no clear-cut answer to how a particular society, at a particular time, should deal with the issue of homosexuality. This will be determined by the culture of a particular society, because no society can see beyond its current culture.

My primary concern is not to define how a society should deal with homosexuality. My primary concern is to help any society attain a more spiritual culture, which then makes is easier for that society to deal with any problem in a way that is in harmony with God’s law. What I would like to see happen is that all societies move towards a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life and that they allow this understanding to influence how they deal with any issue in society.

Kim: Can you explain how homosexuality misqualifies energy?

Jesus: God has created the two basic polarities, namely the expanding and contracting, the masculine and feminine, the yang and the yin elements. Everything in the entire universe is created through a harmonious interaction, a harmonious union, of the masculine and feminine polarities of God. When the two come together in a harmonious union, new life is created.

Everything in this universe is an expression of these two aspects of God.
You will notice that when a masculine and feminine body come together in sexual union, new life can be created. However, if two bodies of the same sex attempt sexual union, they cannot create new life. What you see in the material universe is simply an outpicturing of a spiritual principle.

This ties in with the fact that all of your actions will qualify the energies of God. When a man and a woman come together in sexual union, it is possible that this union will qualify the energies of God in a pure, one might say Holy, manner. Therefore, the energies generated by the sexual union can ascend back to the spiritual realm. When this occurs, both sexual partners will have a deep experience of union, not only with each other but with something beyond their lifestreams. They can indeed experience a spiritual union with their higher selves.

However, I must caution that there is no guarantee that heterosexual sex will always produce a sense of union or qualify the energies in a pure manner. On the contrary, the vast majority of sexual intercourse falls below the critical mark and misqualifies the energies of God. This will inevitably occur if people engage in sex purely for the gratification of the body or the physical senses. If there is not a true and pure love and a pure desire for spiritual union, sexual intercourse is likely to misqualify energy.

When you have an interaction between two bodies of the same sex, you do not have a masculine and feminine polarity. Therefore, there is no possibility that the interaction can produce a true union between male and female aspects. I am aware that some homosexual couples feel that they have attained such union. I am aware that some homosexual partners have a pure love for each other. Yet I must tell you that homosexual sex can never produce a true spiritual union. Therefore, homosexual sex will inevitably misqualify the energies of God.

Obviously, if the partners engage in homosexual sex with a pure love, the misqualification is not as severe as if it is done for lower reasons. Nevertheless, if two homosexual people have truly pure love, do they really need to have physical sex in order to express that love? Heterosexual sex has the potential to correctly qualify the energies of God. Homosexual sex simply does not have that potential, just as two bodies of the same sex cannot produce a child. Creation only occurs through a harmonious union between a masculine and feminine polarity. This also explains why a lifestream cannot achieve maximum spiritual growth until it attains balance between its masculine and feminine elements.

Kim: Some people claim that homosexuals are more spiritual than other people. Some claim that only by acknowledging their homosexuality did they make spiritual progress. Some claim that many of the greatest mystics of all time were homosexuals. Even some spiritual teachers claim that homosexuality is a higher form of sexuality and a necessary stage on the soul’s spiritual path. What are your comments?

Jesus: When you understand what I explained in the beginning of this answer, it becomes obvious that homosexuality is not a necessary part of the lifestream’s spiritual growth. I am aware that some spiritual teachings seek to glorify or justify homosexuality. Yet this is simply an unintentional misunderstanding or a deliberate attempt to deceive people.

As I explained above, a new lifestream will often embody in bodies of the same sex for many lifetimes, and this means it comes to identify itself as a male or female lifestream. As the lifestream matures, it needs to overcome this identification, which means it now starts embodying in both male and female bodies. So based purely on this consideration, it is indeed true that many homosexuals are more mature lifestreams than the average person.

Yet it is equally true that a lifestream does not have to become a homosexual in order to transcend its identification with human sexuality. In fact, most lifestreams can do this without becoming homosexuals. I am aware some spiritual teachers have said that homosexuality is a natural or necessary stage in a lifestream ‘s growth, but this is simply a false teaching.

Which means that while it is true that many homosexuals are indeed more mature than the people who condemn homosexuality, they are not truly mature in the sense that they still have an imbalance between the masculine and feminine aspects. Indeed, if a homosexual is truly spiritually mature, he or she will seek to transcend all sexuality instead of defending homosexuality. Take note that I am not hereby saying that people should not work to help society overcome homophobia. Yet a mature lifestream will work for tolerance of homosexual people without glorifying homosexuality as having some ultimate status.

In the book, Save Yourself, we talk in great detail about why a lifestream often chooses to embody in very difficult circumstances. The main reason is that certain circumstances can force the lifestream to deal with some of its psychological hang-ups. Only by resolving these psychological blocks, can the lifestream make spiritual progress. I have explained that homosexuality is an imbalance between the lifestream’s male and female aspects. Some lifestreams have reached a point where they can make no further progress until they resolve this imbalance. Therefore, certain lifestreams can indeed choose to embody as homosexuals in order to force themselves to deal with the issue of sexuality and the imbalance between male and female aspects. Yet this is not done because the lifestream believes homosexuality is more spiritual or a higher from of sexuality. It is simply done as a tool to help the lifestream resolve its imbalances and therefore move beyond all human sexuality.

I can state very clearly that there are no homosexual beings in heaven—no matter what certain people seem to believe. You cannot enter heaven as long as you have an imbalance between the male and female aspects of your own lifestream. When you do achieve the correct balance between male and female aspects, you transcend all human sexuality.

So it is true that certain homosexual people are more spiritual than the average human being. Yet they are not spiritual because they are homosexuals. They chose to embody as homosexuals because they have a great desire to more forward on the spiritual path, and they recognize that what blocks their personal path is the imbalance between the male and female aspects of the lifestream.

This also holds true for the mystics who started out life as homosexuals. You will see that most of these mystics eventually moved beyond any sexuality. The need to express physical sexuality simply faded away, and they started focusing all their attention on the spiritual side of life.

It is true that if a lifestream has embodied as a homosexual for the specific purpose of achieving healing, then a lifestream will not achieve this healing by ignoring or denying its homosexual tendencies. Only by consciously acknowledging a problem do you have any chance of resolving the problem. Yet I must issue a word of caution about this matter.

In today’s world you find certain areas or cultures in which homosexuality is seen as a normal or natural thing. You have strong forces that are attempting to make society recognize homosexuality as normal, and so far they have achieved great inroads in the media. The problem with this approach is that a lifestream who has embodied as a homosexual for the specific purpose of achieving healing can be caught up in this culture. The lifestream might begin to feel that its homosexual tendencies are normal and therefore should be practiced rather than resolved.

In other words, a culture based on an uncritical acceptance of homosexuality, without an understanding of the spiritual cause of homosexuality, can actually abort the lifestream’s chances of achieving its goal of spiritual growth. A lifestream can begin to see itself as a homosexual soul and thereby refuse to deal with its imbalance. In other words, instead of achieving spiritual progress, the lifestream becomes more entrenched in its imbalanced state. From the perspective of a spiritual teacher, this is most unfortunate.

While it is true that some lifestreams will make spiritual progress only by consciously acknowledging their homosexual tendencies, it is not true that this necessarily means that the person has to practice those tendencies. You can very well resolve the imbalance that causes the homosexual tendencies without becoming a practicing homosexual.

In fact, if you are truly concerned about making maximum spiritual progress, it will be extremely wise to avoid entering into a homosexual relationship. Doing so will cause you to misqualify God’s energy, and this will create a magnetic pull that will literally draw you away from your spiritual growth. Engaging in a homosexual relationship also increases the likelihood that you will feel a need to justify your actions and thereby become more entrenched in an unbalanced state of consciousness.

My advice is that if a person has homosexual tendencies, that person should acknowledge these tendencies. However, instead of seeking to justify them or engaging in a homosexual relationship, the person should seek to resolve them through spiritual and psychological means.

There are many psychological techniques that can help you resolve imbalances in the soul vehicle. Within the last few decades, many techniques have been released that are not yet recognized by the orthodox psychological establishment. Yet any person with an open mind will find valuable techniques that can truly help resolve spiritual imbalances. For spiritually inclined people, there are many spiritual techniques that can help resolve such imbalances. In fact, the technique for inner attunement with your Christ self is an invaluable help in this process.

It is a universal principle that if you want to make maximum spiritual progress, you must transcend the lower mind’s tendency to justify imperfection and instead embrace your higher self which lifts you towards wholeness.

Kim: I am sure some people will ask how you can talk about unconditional love and at the same time take an uncompromising stand against homosexuality. They will feel that if you love homosexuals unconditionally, you should show tolerance towards their sexuality.

Jesus: Of course they will, and the reason is that they are trapped by the relativity and the conditionality of the dualistic state of consciousness. As a result, they cannot fathom unconditional love.

Unconditional love does not mean uncritical acceptance of any condition. I love every lifestream on earth with an unconditional love. Because my love is unconditional, I want to see every lifestream come home to God. Yet because I am not trapped by the relativity of the dualistic mind, I clearly see the myriad conditions that prevent lifestreams from coming home to God and that, in fact, threaten the death of many lifestreams on earth.

Would it be unconditional love to watch a lifestream move towards its own destruction without attempting to warn that lifestream? I think not! How could I warn a lifestream without making it clear that certain conditions will lead to the destruction of that lifestream? So how could I feel unconditional love towards the lifestream and at the same time tolerate conditions that destroy the lifestream?

Unconditional love is uncompromising in its devotion to the growth and salvation of the lifestream. Conditional love goes into one of two extremes. One extremes defines a set of outer rules and says that a person who violates the rules is unworthy of love. The other extreme tolerates conditions that destroy the lifestream and calls this compromise for true love. Yet either extreme is conditional love that springs from the relativity of the lower state of consciousness. Only a love based on the discernment of the Christ consciousness can be truly unconditional.

Unconditional love means that I love a lifestream no matter what that lifestream has done or what state of consciousness it currently has. Yet, because of my love, I do not want to see a lifestream remain stuck in its current state of consciousness. I want to see that lifestream move forward towards the Christ consciousness, which is the only means to the lifestream’s salvation.

Because I have an unconditional love for the lifestream, I have an uncompromising devotion to the lifestream’s growth. Therefore, I have an uncompromising attitude towards any condition that aborts the lifestream’s growth.

God does not condemn any lifestream. I do not condemn any lifestream. We do not desire to have any lifestream see itself as a sinner or feel guilty for having made certain choices in the past. We only desire to see lifestream’s move from their current state of consciousness towards a state of balance and wholeness.

We do not condemn homosexuals. Yet this does not mean that we accept homosexuality as normal or natural. We see it as one of many imbalances that prevent lifestreams from coming home. We desire to see all lifestreams resolve the imbalances that prevent them from coming back to the loving embrace of their Father/Mother God.

The fact is that because of my unconditional love, I make a clear distinction between a lifestream and its current – temporary – sexuality. Thus, I never make the mistake of identifying a lifestream with its sexuality—homo- or heterosexual. What causes lifestreams to identify with their sexuality is that they have lost unconditional love. And in their conditional love, they will often project that it is my love that is conditional because it does not conform to their dualistic image of love. Yet as a spiritual teacher, I cannot help people become free by conforming to their mental images—I can do so only by challenging their mental images.

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