Foundational teachings on healing your psychology

TOPICS: Which technique works best for you – your personal maze – must see illusions and make a better decision – no tool works for everyone – seek different teachings – be loyal to your own growth, not outer teacher – different levels of healing – no quick-fix – lifetime task – no automatic tool – use spiritual tools – self-examination and self-discipline – seek feed-back from outside your mental box – be open to guidance and use your intuition – no instant psychology – how willing are you to see the beam in your own eye? – eventually, you have to look at the deepest wounds – notice your resistance – ego hides behind what you will not look at – tug-of-war between you and the ego – you need certain experiences in order to grow – healing psychology is key to joy and freedom –

Question: What are the most effective and efficient techniques for healing one’s psychology?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (October 13, 2010)

The most effective and efficient techniques for healing YOUR psychology are the ones that work best for YOU.

What I mean is that every human being is a unique individual. We might say that when you started experimenting with the duality consciousness, you created your own personal maze or labyrinth. And for each twist and turn that brought you deeper into the maze, you made a decision based on a particular belief or illusion. Your personal path back to freedom from duality will require you to undo those previous choices by consciously seeing them for what they are and then making a decision to transcend them.

In other words, the essence of your path is that you come to a point, where you see one of the limiting decisions from your past, see how it is based on an illusion and then accept a higher understanding that will set you free from the illusion—the truth shall make you free. So the tools and techniques that will be most efficient for you, are the ones that help you come to the point of seeing what has been hidden from you perhaps for many lifetimes. Since each individual has his or her unique personal maze, it is not possible to come up with one single tool that will work equally well for everyone. If this had indeed been possible, we of the ascended masters would long ago have released it to humankind.

There are indeed many people who have accepted the same dualistic illusion, but they often accepted it for slightly different reasons. Thus, even if they all have to overcome the same illusion, the same statement of truth will not necessarily work equally well for everyone. That is why there is a need for many different teachings that talk about the same topics from slightly different perspectives. It may take that you study several teachings before you find the right combination of words and concepts that will unlock your ability to see through a particular illusion. That is why loyalty to a particular teaching or teacher is not constructive. What you need to be loyal to is your own inner path.

Consider also that your personal maze has layers or sections. If you look at humankind, you will see that they are at different stages of development, as I have mentioned before. The techniques that will help you see through illusions at one stage will not necessarily work efficiently at another stage.

My point is that if you want to find the most efficient way to heal your psychology, you need to start out by developing the most constructive approach to this task. The first step I would recommend is to accept that there is no quick-fix (for help on this, search our websites for “quick-fix” and read the articles found).

Healing your psychology is something that should be approached as a lifetime task that will continue at least as long as you are in embodiment. Furthermore, it is NOT a mechanical task that you can accomplish by applying what is claimed to be the ultimate tool or technique. There literally is no system that will automatically heal your psychology, because it is all up to the decisions you make and your willingness to multiply the talents.

Yet as I describe in the Book Save Yourself, there are two pillars of progress. One is that you need to transmute the misqualified energy that has accumulated in your energy field and the other is that you need to see through your illusions and thus replace limiting choices with liberating choices.

So let us look at the transmutation of energy. Obviously, if you are open to this website, I would recommend that you make use of the invocations and decrees  we have provided specifically for this purpose. Yet I am not hereby saying that there are not other efficient techniques for this purpose, and if you feel a strong inner prompting to use another technique, by all means do so. Also be aware that at different stages of your path, you will need different techniques.

Another aspect is to stop creating more misqualified energy, and while this can ultimately be done only by resolving the wounds (overcoming the illusions) that cause you to go into certain reactionary patterns, you can indeed accomplish much through a combination of honest self-examination and self-discipline. If you see that you have a tendency to become angry, then you can make progress by making a firm decision that it is not acceptable to express this anger, and then discipline yourself to hold it back. In the short term, this can stop you from making more karma and reinforcing a negative spiral. In the long run, it will not be effective unless you also make a sincere effort to discover why you become angry, and then transcend the illusions that make you think anger is an acceptable or unavoidable reaction.

And this brings us to the next element, which is to find ways to make visible the elements of your psychology that are limiting you and “forcing” you into reactionary patterns that you either cannot break or see no need to break. To this end, you can make significant progress by studying spiritual teachings and general books on psychology. Obviously, my ego discourses and many other teachings on the websites and in our books were released for this purpose. But again, I am not saying you should confine yourself to any one source. On the contrary, you need to allow yourself to be guided to what you need to study. Make a habit of tuning in to your higher self or spiritual teacher and then follow the promptings you get, even what you get through other people or outer circumstances. If a book suddenly comes to your attention, then study it.

Yet even though this can give significant progress, there comes a point where you cannot make any more progress unless you get direct feed-back on your psychology from someone who is not inside your mental box and therefore can see what you cannot see. This is where you need to ponder Master MORE’s saying, “If the guru be an ant, heed him.” In many cases, you get such feed-back from people around you, and often from people you think are below you or not in a position to give you advice. Obviously, you should not necessarily listen to everything people say, especially if you can see they have a negative or selfish intent.

If you truly want to make quick progress, it can be extremely helpful to apply one of the many techniques designed to help you make visible what is hidden in the subconscious mind. Again, there is not one technique that will do it all for you. Start where you are at right now in consciousness and consider what you are aware of. Then tune in and see which technique most appeals to you right now. When you have a clear sense, apply that technique and keep applying it until you feel it has given you a breakthrough and that you need to look for something else.

Then trust that if you keep your mind and heart open to inner guidance, you will indeed receive such guidance. Suddenly, a book will come to your attention or you will read something in a magazine or on the internet. Or you will meet a person who tells you about some technique. I am not hereby saying you should try anything and everything that comes to your attention. You should always refer to your inner guidance and see what resonates with you at the heart level.

Once you have decided on a tool, apply it to the best of your ability and do not stop until you experience some kind of breakthrough. Far too many people try something once or twice and then give up because it did not give them instant results. I have no problem with you eating instant oatmeal, but there is no such thing as instant psychology.

In some cases, a particular tool is meant to give you only one significant breakthrough, but in most cases, a tool can give you a series of breakthroughs that take you to a higher level. Do not overanalyze with the outer mind, but trust hat if you were guided to a certain tool, it has something to show you. And do not decide to stop using the tool with the outer mind, but allow your inner guidance to take you to the next step. If you are truly open and willing to see anything in your psyche that blocks your growth, your guidance will take you where you need to go.

And this, of course, brings up the 64,000 Dollar question, namely how willing you are to see the beam in your own eye. The vast majority of the people who see themselves as spiritual seekers have one or more areas in their psyche that they are not willing to look at, usually because they think doing so will cause them to be overwhelmed with pain, but in some cases because it would shatter their pride.

In the beginning stages, it can be wise not to look at the deep wounds. However, as you move higher on the path, it becomes necessary to look at anything and everything. It is only what you seek to hide from God that will keep you out of God’s kingdom, for in the light nothing can remain hidden. So as you make progress, it is necessary to consider where you have areas of resistance or reluctance. Anything you seek to avoid looking at will be the thing that allows your ego to keep hiding, and as long as the ego can hide, it will keep you trapped.

So in the end, everything depends on your motivation, on your willingness to give up your mortal life in order to follow Christ into the immortal life of being ego-free. In a way, the healing of your psychology can be seen as a tug-of-war between you and your ego; the ego pulling you to not look at the deep wounds and the big illusions. The deciding factor is whether your motivation to be free is greater than your ego’s motivation to survive. Is your desire to win immortal life greater than your ego’s fear of death or its prideful quest for immortality in this world.

I am aware that some will say I have not answered your question because I have not mentioned specific techniques. Yet I am deliberately not mentioning specifics because I do not want people to chose a technique because I have recommended it—and then think it has to be the right one for them at this stage. We might say that part of your healing is to become spiritually self-sufficient, and that means being willing to listen for guidance and then making decisions and learning from the outcome.

In some cases you might actually get guidance to apply a certain technique, but the reason is that you need to learn why this technique will not deliver what it promises. This does not mean you were deceived by your guidance, for you do indeed need certain experiences in order to come to see what you cannot see. And in some cases you do need to pound your head against a concrete wall a certain number of times before you realize that this is not the experience you want to have in life. And thus, you decide to look at yourself instead of thinking it is the wall that has to change.

He that changes self is greater than he that changes the world.

Let me end by saying that I understand that for many people healing their psychology can seem like an overwhelming task. And indeed, it will seem overwhelming for some time. Yet if you truly study the teachings we have given on our vast websites and also apply some of the practical tools, I can assure you that anyone who is willing to look in the mirror will make progress. And once you realize you have made progress, the task of healing your psychology will no longer seem overwhelming. In fact, it will become a task that you see as a natural part of life, while not letting it take you away from pursuing your life’s practical and enjoyable aspects. May you reach that point speedily, so you will be able to find the joy that is awaiting those who have the courage to look at and heal their psychological wounds.


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