Foundational teachings on crop circles, UFOs and other phenomena

TOPICS: The fundamental truth is that consciousness creates physical circumstances – why signs from a higher power do not change people’s consciousness – people waiting for signs delay golden age – many people can be open doors for mind over matter – overcome your personal dramas – focus on Christhood not outer signs – the crossover effect explains crop circles and UFOs – life not planted by space aliens – manifesting higher or lower thoughtforms – attuning your consciousness to astral plane or ascended masters –

Question: Are crop circles messages from the ascended masters or do they originate in a lower realm (like the mental realm)? What can we learn from them? Should we be alarmed or happy that there seem to be more crop circles appearing around the world? Thank you for this wonderful website.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

First, a short and definitive answer. Crop circles are NOT messages from the ascended masters. Why would we send messages this way, when we have trained messengers who can bring forth the Living Word?

I know one can argue that we would send crop circles as a visible sign for those who are not open to the Living Word, but this is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of our purpose. You see, our overall purpose is to teach humankind the one fundamental truth about life: Your consciousness creates your physical circumstances.

The material universe is a mirror that reflects back to you (in the form of physical circumstances) the mental images you are projecting with your mind (including all four levels of the mind ). Thus, the imbalances currently found on earth are collectively created by humankind and will only be transcended when people raise the collective consciousness. It will not happen because of some extra-terrestrial power or form of intelligence.

Do you understand what I am saying? Our focus is on YOU and teaching you that YOUR consciousness creates your circumstances. Thus, the only way your circumstances are going to change is if you are willing to change your consciousness. So how can we teach people this by producing some visible signs that obviously come from a higher power? Do you see that this is why I said:

But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it. (Matthew 12:39)

What is an evil and adulterous generation? It is a group of people who are not willing to take responsibility for themselves and accept the basic truth that consciousness creates reality. Thus, they have accepted one of the epic dramas, which has made them believe in the external god, the remote god in the sky, who will come and save them without them having to look at the beam in their own eye. And, indeed, if a physical sign was given to such people, it would only reinforce their epic mindset and give them an excuse for NOT working on themselves—and instead waiting for some higher power to come and solve all of their problems for them.

This is indeed why you see many Christians who are waiting for my second coming, where I will supposedly bring God’s kingdom to earth without them having to do anything. You also see many New Age or spiritual people who are waiting for some miraculous solution, be it UFOs, the physical appearance of ascended masters or the physical ascension of the earth into a fifth dimension.

This mindset does NOTHING to bring about the physical manifestation of a Golden Age. In fact, it only delays the Golden Age because too many among the top ten percent have taken on this passive mindset of waiting for a sign instead of raising their consciousness and co-creating the sign of a new age.

I know one can then ask why I performed a number of miracles 2,000 years ago, and the reason is that people were in a lower state of consciousness back then. I had to wake them up from a much lower state of consciousness than what is common today, and thus it was necessary to perform certain miracles. Yet take note that I did not perform such miracles when demanded by certain people. Thus, I was not doing so to impress people but only to demonstrate the possibility of mind over matter.

This was, of course, used to build the idolatrous image of me as the ONLY son of God, whereas my aim was to show that all sons and daughters of God can be the open door for God to perform such feats—for with God all things are possible. This is still the case today, and today many more people have risen to a state of consciousness in which they too can be the open door for miracles. Thus, it is now even more important that such signs of mind over matter will not be seen as coming from some higher source or one person who is superior to all others. Thus, such signs will only happen when people decide to bring them about—many people, not just one.

So what can spiritual people learn from crop circles? Well, you can learn that mind has power over matter and that crop circles are a product of the crossover effect described below. My point is that it is humankind’s consciousness that produces crop circles and other similar phenomena (including UFO sightings). By acknowledging this, people can then learn to raise their consciousness and produce a Golden Age. By denying or by remaining ignorant of this, people will see such phenomena as signs of a higher power. And thus, they will wait for that power to bring the Golden Age, which will only delay its manifestation. Do you see the point? If humankind’s consciousness is producing visible phenomena that are seen as proving the existence of a higher power, then how will human beings learn to take responsibility for themselves? The real sign to which crop circles are pointing is that your consciousness produces your reality.

You can also learn that as a spiritual person who is open to the teachings of the ascended masters, you need to set your priorities and not put your attention of phenomena that have no positive effect on your personal growth and the growth of the collective consciousness. In other words, stop looking for a sign from a higher power and focus on uniting with that higher power so it can work through YOU. Far too many spiritual or New Age people are so enamored with visible phenomena that they focus on these external things instead of working on their own psychology by questioning their perception. This is, of course, part of people’s personal dramas, but it would be extremely helpful for the ascended masters if more people would overcome their dramas instead of reinforcing them.

Should you be alarmed or happy that crop circles seem to become more frequent? How about simply being indifferent. Crop circles will not stop or bring the Golden Age, so concentrate on things that will bring the Golden Age.

What produces crop circles (at least the ones that are not made by humans)? The simplest explanation is the crossover effect explained in the following quote from Maitreya’s book:

Maitreya: As I said before, the three higher realms of this sphere are made from energies that are less dense than those of the physical realm. Because of the more fluid energies, the higher realms are easily divided into distinct levels, where each level represents a level of consciousness and houses only beings whose spiritual attainment, or lack thereof, is within a certain spectrum. In general, the higher realms were created with only one level (the identity realm was created with two), and the division into more levels happened only as the beings in a given realm lowered or raised their consciousness. In other words, the beings in a given realm have created the levels in that realm. For example, the beings in the emotional realm have created the lower levels of that realm, what I have called the astral plane and which many people have seen as hell. Many people have also seen parts of the astral plane during dreams or while being affected by drugs or alcohol.

As mentioned, the purpose of allowing this division into levels is to protect the more highly evolved beings from direct contact with the beings who are selfish and abusive. Obviously, the beings in the physical realm were meant to have that same protection, but because the physical realm cannot be divided into levels, this was accomplished by spacing galaxies and solar systems so far apart that no physical travel between them is practical.

What I am saying here is that there are millions of planets in the physical universe upon which there is life, similar in principle – although in some cases very different in actual design – to what you see on earth. Yet these life-supporting solar systems are spaced so far apart in horizontal space that direct physical contact between them is in all practicality ruled out. It is actually possible to travel between solar systems, but this can be accomplished only by very sophisticated technology. And such technology can be developed only by beings with high spiritual attainment, meaning that they would have no aggressive purpose for traveling to other planets. They would also understand the purpose of the universe, namely to give beings on a certain planet an opportunity to evolve on their own, and thus they would have the wisdom not to interfere with the process.

My point here is to help you see beyond some of the popular myths that have been created by science fiction literature and movies. Life on earth was not created or planted by space aliens coming to this planet in flying saucers. Nor will this planet be ravaged by space scavengers on a never-ending quest for the resources they depleted on their own planet. And neither will the earth be saved by space aliens with such sophisticated technology and wisdom that they can solve all of humankind’s problems. Interplanetary travel is possible for lower civilizations over short distances, such as within your solar system. However, none of the planets in your solar system do – any longer – support life in the physical realm. The many theories and even sightings of UFOs are due to the fact that such forms do appear in the astral plane. Some people have tuned their minds to the astral plane and have had experiences that were so real that they appeared physical. There are even places on earth where the vibrations of the physical realm have been lowered so that there – at least at times – is a certain crossover between the physical and the astral plane. This effect can even be reinforced by people becoming obsessed with UFOs and thus actually creating some of the phenomena they observe.

Take note of the subtle but all-important ramifications of what I am saying between the lines. Everything in the physical realm is created through a process that started in the etheric realm, where you find the pure thoughtforms that have been created by masters in the spiritual realm. Etheric thoughtforms were superimposed upon the Ma-ter light, thereby lowering its vibration to the mental level. Based on the etheric thoughtforms, more concrete mental images were created and the light was lowered to the spectrum of the emotional. Here, the images were imbued with emotion that lowered the Ma-ter light to the physical spectrum, where it became manifest as physical forms. This process involves self-aware beings on all levels, and because some of these beings have been blinded by the duality consciousness, the lower levels of the etheric, mental and emotional realms contain many impure thoughtforms that distort the light as it passes through. My point is that if the light follows the purest possible path, it can reach the physical without being greatly distorted. Yet if the light has to pass through the lowest levels of the mental and emotional realms, it can become distorted to the point that the original etheric thoughtform is completely obscured or even replaced by an impure thoughtform.

You now see that the conditions on the physical earth depend on whether people in embodiment are able to bring into manifestation the pure etheric thoughtforms or whether they bring into manifestation the distorted thoughtforms on lower levels. If people have a relatively pure consciousness, they can bring etheric thoughtforms into physical manifestation without having them distorted. They will then create what seems like heaven on earth. Yet if people lower their consciousness, they will bring into physical manifestation the thoughtforms that exist in the lower mental and emotional realms. This happens on a planetary scale with certain groups of people tuning their collective consciousness to certain levels of the higher realms. Yet this collective attunement can also become concentrated in certain physical areas. That is why you can see some areas that have a very high and spiritual vibration, whereas other areas seem like hell on earth. This is outpictured in the myth of a Shangri-la that is an ideal society, but in the past many golden age civilizations have physically manifested such a society.

We now see that if people tune their consciousness to the lower levels of the emotional realm, you will see the absolute lowest thoughtforms ever created by human beings and the false gods. Now add to this that the beings who exist in the lower emotional realms must steal people’s energies in order to survive, and you see that these beings are always trying to find an inroad into people’s consciousness. Their primary inroad is fear, and they are always seeking to induce a fear of something against which people think there is no defense. For example, during the Middle Ages many people believed in demons and evil spirits that could attack them physically. They even believed in beings that they thought were physical, such as dragons, trolls and many other so-called mythological creatures. Did such beings exist? Yes, they did and they still exist in the lower emotional realm. Could such beings ever be seen by people and could they affect people physically? The answer is a yes, but only in the sense that people had collectively attuned their consciousness to the lower levels of the emotional realm. This had created a “bridge” of consciousness that blurred the border between the physical and the emotional realm. We might say that since everything is consciousness, people’s collective consciousness had tuned the vibrations of the physical realm to the emotional realm so that a crossover effect occurred. At certain times and in certain areas, people actually encountered dragons and other mythological creatures. Were these creatures actually physical? Well, that depends on how you use the word. For example, people could have an encounter with a mythological creature that they experienced as a fully physical encounter, yet that creature could not move around freely or propagate in the physical realm. It could only exist in a localized area and only as long as people’s consciousness made the crossover possible.

This explains why there were many people in the Middle Ages who claimed to have seen various mythological creatures, whereas hardly anyone in a modern, rational society encounters such creatures. Because of the advent of science, people either do not believe in such creatures or do not believe they are physical. Consequently, the bridge between the physical realm and the emotional levels where such creatures exist has been reduced to the point where there is no longer a significant crossover effect.

The false gods and fallen beings in the emotional realm obviously were not happy with the fact that their power to terrorize people into misqualifying their light was reduced by the advent of science. So they were looking for another way to induce a primal fear by making people believe in a phenomenon from which it seemed there was no defense. This did not become possible until science had advanced to a point when most people realized the universe was extremely vast and believed that life was produced through an evolutionary process. It now became possible to introduce the concept that in this vast universe, sophisticated civilizations had evolved on other planets. As humankind had started to use up resources on this planet, other civilizations had already ravaged their planets and were now roaming the universe in spaceships, seeking for a planet that still had resources left. Because such space aliens had technology far beyond that of humankind, no defense was possible. And since people who believe in science tend to not believe in God, they thought no power – in heaven or on earth – could protect them from an alien invasion.

My point is that much of the science fiction phenomenon has been a tool for the false gods to create a new scientifically based primal fear to replace the religiously based primal fear of the Middle Ages. Thus, they have now created a new fear from which there seems to be no defense. You might find it ironic that the science that helped humankind overcome the fear of the Middle Ages has become the instrument for creating a new version of the same fear.

Do UFOs exist? Yes, they exist in some of the lower levels of the astral plane. Are they physical? Not in the sense that they were built on other planets in the physical spectrum and have physically traveled to earth. So why does it seem like UFO sightings are becoming more and more common? Because as people have collectively tuned their consciousness to the levels of the astral plane where UFOs have been created by the false gods, a crossover effect has been produced. This effect can potentially be increased, and the best thing the most spiritual people can do is to refuse to focus their attention on the UFO phenomenon and instead focus it on the spiritual realm. My point is that most spiritual seekers can – and should – pursue spiritual growth without being concerned with the UFO phenomenon. The fact is that the more you focus on the UFO phenomenon, the more you tie yourself to the astral plane and open yourself up to its energies and thoughtforms. Thus, by invoking spiritual protection and keeping your focus on the spiritual realm, you can rise above any connection to the astral plane and the UFO phenomenon. The prince of the astral plane will come in his flying saucer and have nothing in you (John 14:30).


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