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TOPICS: In a polarized debate, no side has truth – One extreme: pro-choice – can you make a free choice without understanding the consequences? – Another extreme: pro-life – The balanced view of the Christ mind – life is an opportunity – many lifestreams waiting to come into embodiment – pregnancy is always a unique karmic opportunity for all involved – society must protect those who cannot protect themselves – in an ideal society a women would have the right to an abortion, but unwanted pregnancies would be extremely rare – in today’s society best for everyone if abortion illegal – national karma from abortion – the best interest of women is to make choices based on the highest understanding – problems created because people make choices that limit their future options – there is a way out of all human problems – best time to choose is before becoming pregnant – contraception is not a sin – your higher will and your conscious will – adoption is perfectly acceptable – the need to help women grow spiritually – abortion and overpopulation – growth in population is what overthrows the power elite – power elite seeks to limit size of population to what they can control – overpopulation is a myth designed to justify an unequal distribution of wealth –  the earth is designed to house 10 billion people who live in abundance –

Question from Kim: Jesus, I am reluctant to bring up abortion, because it is such a complex issue. Yet I feel that people on both sides of the abortion debate will misunderstand the remarks about free will given in your talk about the man who killed an abortion doctor. I think people from both sides will use your remarks to defend their viewpoints. So I feel the need to clarify your views on abortion.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I agree that abortion is a complex issue, and at some point I would like to give more detailed teachings about it. However, let me for now give a very concentrated teaching on abortion.

Let me begin by stating that the abortion debate is the perfect example of what I talked about in my remarks about the separation of church and state. When a debate becomes polarized towards two extremes, the first casualty is truth, the balanced perspective of Christ truth.


One extreme: pro-choice

The current abortion debate has been distorted by two extremist viewpoints. One is the belief system of scientific materialism which states that there is no God and therefore no higher authority. Consequently, it is up to human beings to define right and wrong. The fallacy of this viewpoint is, as I said in my remarks about the man who killed an abortion doctor, that God’s law is not altered by human beliefs and opinions. So when pro-choice people make the claim that a woman should have the right to decide what to do with her own body, they are both correct and incorrect at the same time.

I clearly understand and recognize that there are many people in the pro-choice movement who are acting out of a sincere desire to help pregnant women in distress. I also know that these people truly believe in their cause and believe it is a just cause. As I stated, the Law of Free Will is the fundamental law of this universe. The very purpose of life is to give people an opportunity to learn by exercising their free will. Therefore, one might reason that a woman has a right to terminate an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.

The problem is that this viewpoint is often promoted by people who are followers of scientific materialism. Therefore, these people do not recognize the existence of God’s law and the fact that no person can escape the consequences of her actions. The central issue here is that unless you fully understand the potential consequences of a particular action, you will not be able to make a completely free choice in the matter.

In other words, unless a woman consciously understands the spiritual consequences of having an abortion, consequences that are not altered by her belief or disbelief in God’s law, she cannot make a truly free choice. Therefore, the simple fact is that the people who are encouraging women to have an abortion are actually encouraging these women to violate God’s law and thereby create spiritual consequences, or rather karma, that their lifestreams might take several lifetimes to repay. I firmly believe that if a woman truly understood the spiritual implications of abortion, she would most likely choose not to have an abortion.


Another extreme: pro-life

Now let us go to the other side of the debate, namely the pro-life people. Most pro-life people come from an orthodox or fundamentalist Christian background, and therefore their approach to the abortion debate is heavily influenced by Christian beliefs. Once again, I fully recognize that most of these people are sincere and truly believe in their cause.

Yet, as I am trying to explain throughout my website,  orthodox Christianity has moved away from my true teachings and my true intent. As I explained elsewhere, humankind has moved into a more rational state of consciousness. Unfortunately, most orthodox Christians have not embraced this rational state of consciousness. Therefore, they find themselves in the difficult position of having to defend Christian doctrines, doctrines that did not come from me but were made by human beings for political reasons.

Because modern Christians cannot give people a rational explanation for these doctrines, they are left to use the same means that orthodox Christian churches have been using for almost 2,000 years, namely an attempt to scare people with hellfire and damnation. In a rational age, this approach simply will not work.

In today’s rational age, it has become much more difficult to alter people’s behavior through fear. Instead, you must give them a rational understanding which makes them see what is in their own best interest. Because orthodox Christianity has not been willing to go back and correct the political errors made by early church fathers, they have no efficient way to explain their viewpoints to people in a rational age.


The balanced view of the Christ mind

Although there is much more to say about what is really going on behind the scenes of the abortion debate, I will, in the interest of brevity, focus on what has been lost in the struggle between these two extremist viewpoints. What has been lost is the balanced perspective of the Christ mind. This perspective is focused on the fact that life on planet earth is an opportunity for lifestreams to grow. To fully take advantage of this opportunity, a lifestream must inhabit a physical body.

When a woman becomes pregnant, that pregnancy represents a unique opportunity for a particular lifestream to enter the material world and work out its divine plan. There are currently a large number of lifestreams that are eagerly and earnestly waiting for the opportunity to inhabit a physical body on earth. Because of changing demographics, and in large part because of abortion, there are many lifestreams who have been denied their opportunity to enter this world. In many cases this has delayed and severely complicated the ideal growth path of these lifestreams.

So any pregnancy represents the best possible opportunity for one particular lifestream. When you fully understand the reality of karma and reincarnation, you realize that most lifestreams have, over many lifetimes, created a very intricate net of associations with other lifestreams. Before lifestreams can become permanently free of the earth plane, they must pay back their debts to any lifestreams they have harmed in previous lifetimes. The best way to accomplish this goal is to embody with these lifestreams in a family or group situation.

Therefore, a pregnancy not only represents an opportunity for the incoming lifestream, it also represents an opportunity for the parents of that lifestream. When a woman has an abortion, she not only aborts the spiritual opportunity of the child. She also aborts her own opportunity to balance karma with that lifestream. She aborts the opportunity of all of the lifestreams that her child might have met during its lifetime.

I am aware that most of the people who have gravitated to the extremist viewpoints on both sides of the abortion issue will vehemently reject what I have just stated. Yet I must once again say that God is not mocked. God’s laws are not altered by human beliefs or disbeliefs.

I can assure you that I council and comfort many lifestreams who die, look back at their lives and then clearly see the consequences of their choices. I can assure you that there are very few people who do not have regret for their mistakes and who would have done better if they had known better. I can assure you that there are very few women who do not regret having an abortion. In other words, if a pregnant woman truly understood the spiritual consequences of an abortion, most women would voluntarily choose to give birth to the child.

In that respect, let me make it clear that in many cases a woman can balance her karma with the incoming lifestream by giving the lifestream an opportunity to embody. It is not necessary that the woman raise the child as her own. Therefore, from a spiritual perspective, adoption is in many cases a perfectly acceptable alternative to abortion. It represents a win-win situation that gives an opportunity to all lifestreams involved.

Kim: So what about society. Should the U.S. continue to legalize abortion, or should it be illegal?

Jesus: When you truly understand that abortion takes away a lifestream’s opportunity for spiritual growth, in the same way that murder does, you clearly see that abortion is a violation of God’s law concerning free will. It prevents the incoming lifestream from exercising its free will in the same way that killing a human being does. Therefore, if a society makes it illegal to commit murder or suicide, how can that society make it legal to kill an unborn child?

It is a recognized fact that the lower aspects of human nature can cause people to commit selfish acts that violate the rights of other people. Therefore, it is recognized in all civilized nations that society must step in to protect those who cannot protect themselves. This most certainly applies to the unborn child who has no voice and therefore has no way to influence the decisions of the mother, decisions that profoundly affect the lifestream of the child.

Let me say that in an ideal society all people would have a clear understanding of the spiritual reality. Therefore, they would fully understand the consequences of an abortion. If a woman had a clear understanding of the spiritual consequences of an abortion, the Law of Free will would mandate that the woman should be allowed to have an abortion without reprisal from society. However, in an ideal society women would have a much greater understanding of their right to avoid sexual exploitation. They would have better tools for controlling their own sexual desires, and they would know how to protect themselves from an unplanned pregnancy. Therefore, in an enlightened society, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies should be a rare exception and not the common occurrence they are in today’s society. What I am saying here is that in an enlightened society the number of women wanting and abortion would be so small that the issue of whether to legalize abortion would be relatively insignificant.

However, even in an enlightened society, the Law of Free Will demands that the rights of the mother be balanced against the rights of the unborn child. Therefore, even an enlightened society might well choose to make abortion illegal.

In today’s unenlightened society, it would be in the best interest of everyone, including society itself, that abortion was made illegal. This would protect not only the rights of unborn children, but it would also protect women from creating consequences for their lifestreams that most women would choose to avoid if they truly understood what is at stake. It is commonly recognized that one of the purposes of enacting laws is to protect people from themselves and each other.

Furthermore, let me say that just as an individual can make karma, so can an entire nation. Currently, the United States and many other nations that allow abortions, have made severe national karma. Once again, people on both sides of the abortion debate will deny or ignore this fact. Yet, as I have now said many times, the law is the law and it is not changed by human opinions. It is truly possible for a nation to make such severe karma that it can affect the entire nation for generations to come. Thus, the sins of the fathers can truly come back to haunt the third and fourth generation.

Kim: What about the interests of the woman. I see many people who are engaged in the abortion debate out of a sincere desire to help women. How could these people best channel their energies so that they avoid working for an extremist viewpoint?

Jesus: With all thy getting, get understanding. The solution to any problem must begin with a higher understanding of the problem.

I would encourage these people to start by developing a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life. I fully understand that many people are truly concerned about helping women who face an unplanned pregnancy. I also understand that at first glance these people might think that my suggestion is simplistic and ignores the very physical needs of pregnant women. Yet in reality my viewpoint is far from simplistic.

As I attempt to explain throughout this website, virtually all of the problems currently found on planet earth spring from the fact that human beings have descended into a dualistic state of consciousness in which they no longer understand their situation. Therefore, people continue to create problems; they compound error upon error, until it seems like there is no way out. When you look at current social problems, it is very understandable that people give up in despair, thinking that there is no solution. Yet I must tell you that although the sense of hopelessness is understandable, it is based on an illusion.

People have created their current problems because they do not have a clear understanding of the spiritual and material laws that God used to create the universe. Therefore, people are constantly violating those laws and creating problems that limit their freedom. The only way out of this impasse is that people gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual reality. If people would attain this understanding and begin to use God’s laws correctly, they could very quickly resolve, and I mean truly resolve, the vast majority of problems now found on this planet.

Let me make a very clear statement. There is a solution to every problem. The key to finding the solution is to realize that every problem is created by people who have descended into a dualistic state of consciousness. Therefore, the only way to find a solution is to reach beyond that state of consciousness. Only by reaching beyond the relative, dualistic, self-centered viewpoints of the lower mind, only by reaching for the middle way of the Christ consciousness, the balanced perspective of the Christ consciousness, the higher understanding of the Christ consciousness will people be able to find the spiritual solution to human problems.

Take note again that planet earth is a schoolroom for lifestreams. People have two ways to learn their lessons. They can align themselves with the truth and reality of God and thereby receive help from above. Or they can cut themselves off from this help and thereby assign themselves to the school of hard knocks. Currently, most people have rejected the enlightened perspective that God is ready to give them. Instead, people have chosen to learn by reaping the consequences of their actions.

What is happening right now is that people are violating God’s laws to such an extent that they are literally boxing themselves in. Unfortunately, humankind at large have not yet reached the point where they are willing to change the situation. They might not reach this turning point, they might not reach bottom, until they have created so many problems that they literally feel they can no longer move.

I am a spiritual teacher, and I am ever ready to help any human being who reaches for the enlightened perspective of the Christ mind. I do not want to see people paint themselves into a corner where they feel like there is no way out. I came to earth to show people that there is indeed a way out of the dualistic state of consciousness.

That way is a higher understanding, a higher state of consciousness, what I call the Christ consciousness. Every human being has the potential to discover and follow that way out by making inner contact with his or her Christ self. This is the path that I am attempting to describe on my website. By following that path, any human being can begin to identify with the Christ mind. Thereby people can gradually come to the point of union with the Christ self so that they can literally say, “I am the way the truth and the Life.”

When people attain this Christ consciousness, they will become the open doors that will bring spiritual solutions to the man-made problems that currently seem to have no solutions. So if people are truly concerned about the abortion debate, about helping women in distress, about solving social problems, political problems, economic problems or environmental problems, let them reach for the only possible solution. Let them reach for a higher understanding, a higher state of consciousness.

You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem.

Kim: You said that everyone has free will. How can a woman’s free will best be protected in relation to the abortion issue?

Jesus: As I said, the Law of Free Will cannot be separated from the Law of Cause and Effect. No intelligent person can deny the fact that everything you do has certain consequences. Only those who seek to manipulate others will attempt to create the illusion that it is possible to do something without reaping the consequences of your actions.

Therefore, every human being should know that when he or she engages in a certain action, there are potential consequences. If you do not want to experience a particular consequence, then you must take the necessary actions to avoid that consequence before it becomes a manifest reality. So what I am saying is that the best time to exercise free will is before a woman becomes pregnant.

Because we live in a rational age, it simply is not possible that a woman (in an industrialized nation) can fail to know that having sex can lead to pregnancy. Likewise, no woman should be unaware that there are ways to have sex without becoming pregnant. In other words, contrary to the doctrines of the Catholic Church, it is perfectly acceptable to God that a woman uses certain means whereby she can have sex without becoming pregnant. In other words, contraception is not a sin.

A woman then has numerous opportunities to exercise her free will. She can choose to educate herself about contraceptive methods. She can choose to employ contraceptive methods that will not have a negative impact on her body chemistry or hormonal balance. She can choose to realize that she has no obligation to be an object for the sexual exploitation of men, no matter what kind of pressure she might be exposed to. She can choose to realize that the challenge faced by human beings is to take control over their sexual desires instead of allowing body chemistry to run their lives. By exercising these options and making intelligent choices, most women should be able to avoid an unplanned and undesired pregnancy.

What I am saying here is that even though many lifestreams are waiting to come into embodiment, a woman has a right to employ measures to avoid becoming pregnant. If the woman employs such measures and still becomes pregnant, the woman should recognize that something bigger has overruled her conscious will.

In many cases, the inner knowledge of the lifestream can actually cause a woman to become pregnant without consciously wanting this to happen. The reason being that the woman knows, deep within inner memory, that she has chosen to give birth to a child at a certain time. At that point, an enlightened woman should resolve herself to the fact that she is pregnant and determine to give birth to the child.

Yet the woman has not exhausted her options. As stated earlier, it is perfectly acceptable that many women give up a child for adoption. This then gives all lifestreams involved, including the lifestreams of the adoptive parents who cannot bear children, the maximum opportunity for growth.

In that respect let me mention that when you fully understand karma and reincarnation, you realize that the choices you make in this lifetime can limit the choices you are able to make in a future lifetime. I can state with absolute certainty that when a woman chooses to have an abortion, she creates karma for herself that will limit her future choices. However, if a woman protects herself from unplanned pregnancy, becomes pregnant and then chooses to give the child up for adoption, she will not limit her future choices.

The reality of free will is that all of your choices have consequences, and some of those consequences will limit your options. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Your present choices can limit your ability to make choices in the future. If you do not recognize this, you are not truly exercising your free will. You are simply allowing yourself to be manipulated by temporary pressures, either from outer conditions or from unresolved aspects of your own psychology. The central challenge of life is to rise above both inner and outer limitations and thereby exercise your free will in an enlightened way that brings you where you truly want to go in life.

I fully realize that in today’s unenlightened society many young women do not understand that they have an alternative. They are completely boxed in by pressures created by the lower mind, either in themselves, in the people around them or in the larger culture in which they live. I am not discounting the need to go in and help such women improve their situation. I strongly encourage that various groups help such women in all ways possible. I am simply pointing out that by encouraging such women to have an abortion, you are not helping their lifestreams grow.

It would be far better to work to make it easier for women to avoid unplanned pregnancy and to choose adoption over abortion. I also encourage people to realize that the way to truly help such women is to help them attain a higher spiritual understanding which will empower them to permanently rise out of their present conditions. Do you give a starving person a fish or a fishing net?

Kim: What about the fear that without abortion the earth would quickly become overpopulated, and we would destroy the environment.

Jesus: I fully recognize that there are many people who have a sincere concern for the environment, which in reality springs from a love of the earth mother, even a love for the feminine aspect of God. Yet I must tell you that many of these people have been fooled into working for the cause of elitism.

Once again, this is a very complex issue and there is much more to say about it. However, the essence of the issue is that you cannot separate the concept of overpopulation from the fact that a small elite, for millennia, have attempted to gain control over the general population. Time and time again, the control of this power elite has been overthrown by the growth of the population beyond a certain limit.

This was clearly demonstrated in medieval Europe, when the noble class could no longer maintain its privileged position because the population had grown beyond the level that was sustainable with an uneven distribution of resources. In today’s world, you have a very similar situation in which the industrialized nations have taken the role of the medieval noble class and the less developed nations play the role of the lower classes.

Let me state clearly that overpopulation is a myth. It is an illusion created for the purpose of maintaining an elitist system that is based on an uneven distribution of God’s resources. God never encouraged the formation of such an elitist system. God envisioned a planet in which every human being would share in the abundant life. What has happened is that a small elite has amassed an immense amount of wealth by creating an artificial scarcity of wealth and resources.

When the seven Elohim designed planet earth, it was designed to comfortably sustain 10 billion people. With the current uneven distribution of resources, it is true that the planet could not sustain 10 billion people. Yet this is a product of man and not a product of God.

Therefore, the people who are concerned about the environment should seek to find a spiritual solution which would remove elitism and injustice from this planet. Thereby, the earth could be realigned to the original design, and it could comfortably sustain 10 billion lifestreams. This would then allow the planet to fulfill its intended role, its God-ordained role, as a platform for the evolution of lifestreams.

Once again, these are complex issues that cannot easily be explained in few words. Therefore, I am aware that my brief remarks might disturb some people. I encourage such people to ask further questions, and I will be happy to give a more detailed understanding. Once you have understanding, you will attain peace.

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