Falun Gong or Qi Gong

TOPICS: A technique from the East not always suited for people in the West – look at western techniques if you live in the West –

Question: Would you please comment on the practice of Falun Gong. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The practice of Qi Gong is an ancient practice which, if done correctly, can have many beneficial effects. However, this does not mean that I recommend this practice to all students. The selection of a spiritual technique is an individual matter and should be decided by intuitive insight. That is why I have given a technique for attaining such inner attunement.

I would like to point out that many of the spiritual techniques that were developed in the East are not necessarily suited for people who are born in the West. Please do not interpret this statement by taking it into the extreme. I am not saying that no westerner should practice meditation or yoga from the East. I am simply recommending that people from the West take a careful look at the spiritual techniques that have been released in the western world. We of the ascended master have released a variety of techniques adapted to the body types and the psychological characteristics of people in the West.


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