Expressing the Living Word

TOPICS: Let the Holy Spirit blow where it listeth – break down rigid beliefs – many people can covey Living Word – follow the path to Christhood – use spiritual protection – overcome perfectionism – let Living Word flow spontaneously –

Question: Dear Jesus, when you sent your disciples out to preach the Living Word, how confident were they that they could convey the Holy Spirit? You were with them such a short time, they had to learn fast, how did you teach them? How can I learn to convey the Living Word? Do I have to have my full Christhood to do it?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I was quite confident that they all had the ability to open themselves to be instruments of the Holy Spirit. I was also quite confident that they were not attached to a particular outer doctrine or interpretation, and therefore they would not seek to impose that doctrine upon the flow of the Holy Spirit. In other words, I trained my disciples to allow the Holy Spirit to blow where it listeth without seeking to force that Holy Spirit into conforming to or confirming their existing beliefs, doctrines and interpretations.

This then is the first requirement for becoming the instrument of the Holy Spirit, namely a willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to express itself as it wants to do in that particular situation and to that particular audience. This is what many Christians, who claim to have the Holy Spirit, fail to do, as explained elsewhere.

I taught my disciples to become instruments of the Holy Spirit by putting them through a very concentrated course of systematically breaking down their rigid beliefs. This was quite a crash course. Yet you must understand that my disciples had been around me personally, and as stated in the Bible, I did expound all things to them when we were alone together. They had also seen me perform a number of miracles. As a result of this, they had been effectively shaken out of their normal beliefs. I had also taught them about the need for spiritual protection, as explained on our website.

You do not need to have the full Christhood to convey the Living Word. It is something that many people can learn to do quite effectively. However, at this point in time I do not desire to release a systematic procedure for learning how to convey the Living Word. This may change in the future, as time allows.

For now, I encourage people to diligently follow the path of personal Christhood, as described on this website, and especially in the book Master Keys to Personal Christhood. Use the tools for spiritual protection, use the Violet Flame to transmute all imperfect energies and give the Christhood affirmations. Use the technique for inner attunement to build a greater contact with your Christ self. Study my teachings and show yourself approved unto God by being willing to look beyond your existing beliefs to discover the living truth of God.

As you diligently follow this path, you will begin to feel that when you talk to other people, you can express the Living Word. It is important not to have a sense of idolatry concerning the expression of the Living Word. Many people already have the ability to be instruments of the Living Word in their conversations with others. Being an instrument of the Living Word does not mean that you have to stand on a platform in front of thousands of people and give a perfect discourse from a spiritual being. You can very well deliver the Living Word in an everyday conversation by giving another human being a particular insight, which that lifestream needs in order to rise to a higher level on the spiritual path.

Although the Living Word is an expression of the Holy Spirit, that Holy Spirit can only flow through your Christ self. So to open yourself to the Holy Spirit, you must establish the best possible attunement with your Christ self. You might envision your Christ self as a point of stillness, a point a peace, within your heart. When you speak to another, you can learn to tune your consciousness to that point of stillness, and you can then begin to feel that you receive inspiration and words directly from your Christ self. The words are flowing through your heart instead of through the analytical mind or the emotions.

So what I am saying here is that I encourage you to focus your attention on walking the path of personal Christhood and establishing inner attunement with your Christ self. Then allow the Living Word to spontaneously flow through you and do not seek to force it. The Living Word is precisely that, the Living Word, and it is living because it cannot be forced into a rigid or set matrix. Many people have attempted to force the Living Word, and in so doing they have opened themselves to lower, or psychic, forces. I talk about this elsewhere.

If you diligently use spiritual protection, and at the same time do not attempt to force the Living Word, you can protect yourself from such forces. However, it is important to know that they exist and to take proper precautions.

Finally, let me say that is important to overcome all sense of perfectionism concerning the Living Word. Some people adopt the attitude that being the instrument of the Living Word is high and Holy calling, and therefore they must be perfect before they can do so. They often begin to think that their way of delivering the Living Word must live up to some outer standard. Once again, this will impose a restriction that will impede the flow of the Living Word. To become an instrument, you must be willing to express that Living Word even if you cannot yet do so perfectly according to some worldly standard.

God does not abide by the standards created by the world. God abides by a divine standard, which is often quite different from the standards created by human beings. If you are concerned about being acceptable to human beings, you will find it difficult to let the Holy Spirit flow. You must be willing to lose all preconceived opinions to become a clear instrument for the Living Word. In some cases you must even be willing to be a fool for Christ, or at least to let ignorant people think you are a fool.

Do you see the subtle distinction here? The all-important aspect of being the instrument for the Living Word is to let it flow spontaneously through you. And you should not seek to force it to flow according to a particular outer standard. That is why I say to focus your attention on the spiritual path and on attaining attunement with your Christ self. Then, the Living word will spontaneously start flowing through you. As it does, simply allow it to flow without seeking to force it in any way.

As this process moves on, you will begin to experience a stronger and clearer flow of the Living Word through you. Simply allow this to happen in its own good time, and before you know it, you will be a skilled mouthpiece for the Living Word. Seek first the kingdom of God – meaning the Christ consciousness – and all things shall be added unto you.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels