Exposing dark spirits and protecting yourself

TOPICS: Can you enter into oneness with God? – if you know God, you have no need to test the spirit – do not invite dark forces into your being – invoke protection – no technique will go against your free will – examine subconscious beliefs – law of God allows you to be tempted by dark spirits – Christ discernment is the ultimate defense – Christ consciousness makes you transparent to dark forces; they have nothing in you –

Question: Dear Jesus, In a channeling by Archangel Michael, he said that if we are not sure whether a spirit is of the light or not, we can test it by saying, “Take my hand and be with me in the One. Evil will not give its hand to you. It cannot.” Should we do this?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I ask you to recognize that if you did not already have an intuitive sense that there was something not right about this direction, you would not have asked me this question. It is important for people to become aware of such intuitive feelings and then seek to clarify them by using the higher reasoning faculties of the mind—which is really your Christ self.

In this case, take a look at the direction, “Take my hand and be with me in the One.” If this is to have any meaning as a protection against dark spirits, then “the One” must be God. As a side note you might consider why the word “God” wasn’t used? Do you think Archangel Michael is shy about using the word God?

Anyway, the central point here is that it is perfectly true that evil will not and cannot enter into oneness with God. Yet the real question is, “Can you enter into oneness with God?” If you can, then you have experienced the Presence of God, and that means you know the vibration of God’s Presence and God’s truth. This gives you an absolute standard for testing the spirits, because you can instantly tell if a spirit vibrates at a level that is too far below the vibration of God’s Presence. Thus, you have no need to test the spirit in a way that depends on the reaction of the spirit. You simply know from within. So one might say that if you are able to enter into oneness with God, then you don’t need this direction because you have a better way to test the spirits.

Now consider what happens to a person who follows this direction yet is not able to enter into oneness with God. If you cannot enter into a sense of oneness with God, why would a dark spirit be afraid to enter into oneness with you? In other words, you have just invited the spirit to enter your being, and that is the last thing you want to do with a dark spirit. So one might say that this direction is useless for those who could take advantage of it and dangerous for those who cannot. Do you think the real Archangel Michael would give such advice?

So how do you test the spirits? Your first line of defense is to invoke spiritual protection, namely by giving Archangel Michael’s rosary or the decrees. In the beginning, this might not remove all spirits that have interfered with your lifestream, but by being diligent and determined, you will eventually remove most such spirits and also build a shield of light that keeps most other spirits away. Also, use the Astrea decree LINK to cut yourself free from ties to dark spirits.

If you feel you encounter a spirit, you can make a simple call: “Beloved Jesus, beloved Holy Spirit, beloved Christ self, test this spirit for me and show me whether it is of God.” You can also say: “In the name of Jesus Christ, I demand that you show forth your light or go away.” While these calls will work, their effectiveness depends on your attunement with your Christ self.

There are many beginning students who want to hold on to the idea that invoking spiritual protection and making the above calls is all you need to do and that such measures will defend you against all dark spirits. So if you have a strong attachment to this belief, then the following teaching will be uncomfortable for you. The reality is that there is no technique or call that will defend you against all dark spirits. The simple reason being that no spiritual technique can work against your free will.

For example, say you give Archangel Michael’s Rosary every day and call for the binding of all dark spirits. Yet you maintain a subconscious belief that is distinctly anti-christ in nature. This belief is based on a serpentine lie that you accepted, perhaps many lifetimes ago. As long as you have not consciously uncovered that lie, seen it for what it is and abandoned it by making a better choice, then the lie will give some dark spirits an inroad into your consciousness. In other words, your calls for protection will keep out most dark spirits. But they will not keep out the spirits that have embodied the lie or lies that you still keep in your consciousness.

My point is that you need to realize that God’s law actually allows certain dark spirits to tempt you in order to test your spiritual maturity, your discernment and your willingness to surrender all imperfect beliefs. You will note that I was tempted – tested – by the devil after my stay in the wilderness. In other words, if you maintain certain serpentine beliefs, the spirits that embody those beliefs will be allowed to test you. The only defense is that you expand your understanding of truth and your contact with your Christ self, so that you can consciously see through the temptations of these spirits and then rebuke them, as I rebuked the devil.

I am not giving this teaching to induce fear. My point is that at the beginning stages of the path, a lifestream needs the belief that certain mechanical, outer measures will automatically protect it from all evil. Yet at the more mature level, the lifestream needs to recognize that the prince of this world will keep coming to you as long as he has something in you. And he has something in you as long as you maintain a belief in any of the serpentine lies. Such a belief sprang from a decision you made, and you are the only one who can undo that decision. Free will is the ultimate law in this universe. Nevertheless, even if you still have some serpentine beliefs, you can benefit greatly from invoking spiritual protection or making calls to test the spirits. These measures will keep away most of the spirits, especially the lower spirits.

My point is that at a certain level of the path, the lifestream needs to build a wall of high-frequency light around itself as a defense against dark spirits and lower energies. The lifestream is still too vulnerable, so it needs a wall to separate itself from darkness. We might say this is a force-based defense, like the medieval kings who built a fortress with thick stone walls. The weakness is that any wrong belief will be like an opening in the fortress wall. You also have to constantly make the calls to reinforce and rebuild the walls of light as they are broken down by the energies of the world.

As you climb the path, you can begin to apply a higher form of defense, namely that of transparency. When the prince of this world has nothing in you, you no longer need a fortress wall because anything sent at you by dark forces will pass right through you without having any effect on you. And when the dark spirits test you and see they cannot make you react, they will eventually leave you alone—although they can potentially test you as long as you are in a physical body.

So the most efficient form of spiritual defense is to transcend the darkness, which means that you no longer need to continually maintain a wall to keep it out. You are literally in such a high vibration that the darkness cannot make you react to it. And when it approaches you, you instantly recognize it by its vibration. This is an attainable goal for all sincere spiritual seekers. It may take some time to reach the goal, but it is entirely possible.


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