Explaining the concept of God to a young child

TOPICS:  Children are inherently spiritual – everything is energy – a continuum of vibrations – other realms beyond the material – intelligent beings in those realms – quantum physics has shown that consciousness is the basic reality – human consciousness can interact with matter – what kind of consciousness created the universe? –

Question: What is the simplest way to explain the concept of God to a young child or to someone who is not spiritual?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is quite a difference between a young child and an adult who is not spiritual. The main difference is that most children are very spiritual, a fact that is sadly overlooked by most adults. Many adults tend to think that because children cannot understand adult concepts and language, they are not capable of sophisticated spirituality. This is a sad misunderstanding that I attempted to correct with my statement that unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Most children have an inherent spirituality that makes it very easy for them to understand and accept God as a Presence who is always with them. Therefore, I would say the following to a young child.

“Close your eyes, and you will feel that God is with you inside your heart. When you go inside your heart, you will always feel God’s presence with you. God is here to protect you. God is here to comfort you. God is here to show you what to do. You can always find God in your heart, and he will always guide you in your life. So God is like an invisible person who is always there with you.”

When trying to explain God to an adult who is not spiritually inclined, you face an entirely different situation. Your response must of necessity be adapted to the person’s current beliefs or lack of beliefs. However, as a general guideline I would use the following ideas.

Simply take a look at science. Albert Einstein proved that everything is made from energy. Energy is vibration, and science has shown us that there are many different levels of vibration. For example, we know there is visible light and that there are many types of light rays that our eyes cannot see. So what Einstein showed us is that the universe is a continuum of energy frequencies, and some of them we cannot detect with our senses or scientific instruments.

It is interesting to note that this world view is parallel to what spiritual people have been saying for thousands of years, namely that there is something beyond the material universe. They call it a spiritual world, or spiritual realm, but you could just as easily call it a spectrum of frequencies that have higher vibrations than the energies found in the material world.

In other words, even modern science has now indicated that there might be something beyond the material universe. Therefore, science has opened up the possibility that there could be intelligent beings that exist in a higher realm. These beings could be what spiritual people have traditionally referred to as God or angels.

You can take this one step further by looking at the teachings of quantum mechanics. This branch of physics has proven that whenever we make an observation, for example of a subatomic particle, what we see will be fundamentally influenced by our own consciousness. In other words, scientists have now proven that everything we observe is influenced by our consciousness.

There are even scientists who believe that our consciousness helps to create physical reality. In other words, some scientists speculate that if nobody is looking, the moon simply isn’t there. So scientists are now beginning to realize that the consciousness of a human being can actually influence the material universe. The reason being that consciousness is energy and matter is energy. However, what if energy is really a form of consciousness?

This is not difficult to understand when we realize that everything is energy. The fact that everything is energy has broken down the barrier between matter and mind. This means that the old concept of mind over matter has now taken on a new meaning that is actually supported by the most advanced field of modern physics.

Most people cannot quite accept this idea because they cannot accept that the consciousness of human beings could have crated the entire universe. Therefore, most people ignore the philosophical implications of the discoveries of physics. Yet there is an alternative to rejecting these ideas. That alternative is to recognize that consciousness is simply a form of energy, and therefore consciousness must play a part in the creation of the matter universe.

Obviously, the entire universe could not have been created by the consciousness of human beings. After all, how could human beings have created a planet that existed billions of years before the first human beings appeared? One possible explanation is that the universe was created by intelligent beings who are not confined to a physical body. These beings reside in a higher realm, a higher frequency spectrum. They are the spiritual beings that some people call God.

Such intelligent beings could have used their consciousness to create the material universe, including the physical bodies of human beings. Our lifestreams then descended into our bodies and use them as vehicles for experiencing life in this universe and for learning more about ourselves and our connection to our spiritual source.

So God is a higher form of intelligence, a higher form of consciousness. God’s consciousness might not be fundamentally different from our own. However, God has a much greater awareness of who it is and a greater capacity to create than we currently have.



Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels