Experiencing being in the kingdom of God and then being banished from it

TOPICS: Cannot be banished in reality, only in your mind – can always return – first experience will have maximum contrast – gradually becoming more natural – dualistic extremes – God will neither elevate nor banish you –

Question: What happens when one enters the Kingdom of God, realizes his true identity is Christ, feels the Oneness with God, but after a period of time this pure sense of Being is tainted by sin and the person is left alone and suffering? What is there to do? Entering the Kingdom of God is the only true experience, but what happens when after one is banished? Is there a chance to go back again, to be reunited with the Father again.

Example –
Entering the Kingdom of God (Oneness, death of the ego) at the age 17 and remaining pure for about a month;
Straying from the path of Christ and banishment from heaven, resulting in sense of guilt and inner devastation;
Finding a helping hand ( a teacher ?) and trying to achieve Oneness again.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (September 24, 2010)


You cannot be banished from the kingdom of heaven. You can experience that you are banished, but this is your subjective experience and not an objective reality.


Thus, you can always return to the kingdom – no matter what you think you have done – but it requires you to undo the decisions that caused you to think you were banished or that you still deserve to be outside the kingdom.


You need to consider that the path is a gradual process. You will indeed come to a point where you start having experiences of a higher state of consciousness but you are not permanently anchored in that state. Thus, you will have it for some time and then go back to a so-called “normal” state of consciousness. Yet you need to keep striving to raise your consciousness so you again break through to the higher state of consciousness.


It is a common misunderstanding that being in a higher state of consciousness is an all-or-nothing event. In reality, no one has ever attained a permanent higher state without for a time going back and forth between the higher state and the previous state. Obviously, the first time you break through to a higher state, the contrast between this state and your normal state will seem quite dramatic. It will also seem very dramatic to lose the higher state, and this can give rise to the interpretation that the experience is a form of banishment.


Yet after you go back and forth several times, you begin to feel it as a less dramatic shift. Thus, you are no longer worried about losing the higher state and you simply keep working on your psychology until you experience it again. And as you continue doing this, you will start having more frequent and longer periods in the higher state, eventually being in the higher state more than the former state. And when you finally make the shift whereby the higher state becomes permanent, it will not seem like a dramatic event but as the most natural thing in the world.


The sense of drama is ALWAYS a sign that you have not risen above the epic consciousness, and thus you should focus on seeing through this illusion. As always, there are two dualistic extremes:

  • One is to think that because you have experienced a glimpse of a higher state, you are now permanently in a higher state. This causes some people to think they are now superior to others, that they have qualified as spiritual teachers or that they no longer have an ego.
  • The other is to think that because you lost the higher state, you did something wrong, and now you are not worthy to go back—such as thinking you have been banished.

It is extremely important to question both reactions as they will both prevent you from using an initial experience as a springboard towards being permanently in a higher state. It is also important to recognize that you will indeed go back and forth for a time before attaining permanent progress.


This means you need to develop a view of God that is NOT dualistic, and you especially need to overcome the view of God as an angry and judgmental God that will either favor you as a special person or banish you for a mistake you made. This is the only kind of relationship you can have with the real God, who will neither elevate you nor banish you—as the Creator has left everything to your free will.




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