Evil has no absolute or permanent existence

TOPICS: The basic forces of creation are not opposites – evil is not the opposite of God – evil is outside of God’s oneness and creates its own opposites – evil beings must steal light from humans in order to survive – they do this by fooling us to enter their self-created struggle – you have free will – you can choose to follow God’s laws or rebel against them – God will not violate your free will – when you leave God, you must be the one to come back – rebellious beings have built a false image of God as angry and judgmental – when people are in the duality consciousness, they are easily fooled by serpentine lies – it is a lie that evil can lead you back to God – only one way back: Christhood and the ascension – self-transcendence or self-annihilation –

Question: Absolute evil – does it exist?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The short answer is that absolute evil does exist but only temporarily. In other words, absolute evil has no absolute or permanent existence.

The key to understanding this mystery, which has confused numerous seekers over the ages, is to understand the two basic forces of creation, namely the yin and yang, or the masculine and feminine. Everything is created through an interaction of two forces. The important point in this context is to understand that the two basic forces of creation are not in opposition to each other. The two basic forces are complementary, meaning that they do not have opposite or mutually exclusive qualities. Instead, they have complementary qualities. They are two sides of the same coin, and they supplement each other.

Some religions teach that God forms one polarity which is good and that there must be another polarity which is the opposite of God, namely absolute evil. These religions tend to make it seem like evil is just as necessary as good and that only the interaction of the two forces will create a world. This is a very subtle, and for some people very pervasive, idea but I must tell you that it is a lie. In fact it is an absolute lie perpetrated by absolute evil.

When God created this universe, God defined a set of principles, or laws, that guide the evolution of this world. Certain beings decided to rebel against not only God’s laws but also God’s intent to create the universe. Therefore, these beings set themselves apart from God and God’s creation. The essential understanding is that when you rebel against God’s law and set yourself apart from God, you do not create something that forms an opposite polarity of God. In other words, evil has not suddenly become a necessary part of creation.

God’s creation evolves through a harmonious interaction of the two complementary forces, namely the active and passive, the masculine and feminine. Neither of these forces are evil. Both of these forces are absolute good and they are not in opposition to each other or to the basic purpose of creation.

Absolute evil, therefore, is a force that has set itself apart from and stepped outside of the basic polarity that creates the universe. Absolute evil is a force made of beings who have said, “We want no part of God’s creation.”

What you need to understand is that evil can never form a polarity with God. Everything is created by an interaction of two polarities. When they come together, they do not oppose each other or cancel each other out. Instead they complement each other and through their harmonious union create something that is different, that is more, than the original state.

What the beings who rebelled against God have done is enter into the consciousness of separation, in which there is always a set of two dualistic polarities. Thus, they have created a false polarity, that is different from the original yin-yang polarity of God. These polarities are indeed mutually exclusive and can only fight each other—they can never be complementary and create something new. What most people call good and evil are these relative polarities created through the mind of anti-christ. Meaning that what most people call good is also a product of anti-christ.

If you were to take absolute good and put it together with absolute evil, there would not be creation. Absolute good and absolute evil are not complementary forces; they are mutually exclusive. If you put the two together, absolute evil will disappear instantly, as the darkness disappears when you turn on the light in a room. Absolute evil is simply an absence of absolute good, and therefore it has no existence of its own. It cannot continue to exist in the presence of absolute good.

When certain beings rebelled against God’s law, they mentally stepped outside of God’s universe. They cut themselves off from God, and therefore they no longer receive energy directly from God inside themselves. This is not because God hates these beings or wants to punish them. God simply defined laws for how a being with free will receives energy. When you violate those laws, when you refuse to plug your light into the socket, you can no longer receive the energy.

So what has happened is that certain spiritual beings cut themselves off from God. These beings cannot receive energy directly from God, yet they cannot continue to exist forever on their own energy. In other words, when these beings cut themselves off from God, they had a certain amount of God’s energy. God did not take that energy away from them but allowed these beings to create their own sense of being apart from God. These beings could create their own internal world, but they could only use the energy they had at the beginning. They could not receive more without coming back into alignment with God’s law and vision.

So when the rebellious lifestreams started running out of energy, they had to find a way to steal energy from those who can still receive energy directly from God. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of planet earth had descended into a lower state of consciousness, and this allowed certain dark beings an inroad into this planet and into the consciousness of humankind. The dark beings have since then created numerous schemes designed to cause human beings to misqualify the pure energies of God so that the dark beings can steal the energy and continue to exist. The dark beings are like vampires that suck the lifeblood, God’s energy, from human beings.

In their attempt to gain control over the inhabitants of earth, the dark beings have used many clever schemes. As part of this effort, they have created a number of philosophies that seem to justify their existence. One of these philosophies is the idea that since everything must have an opposite, there must be something in opposition to God. Therefore, absolute evil must be a necessary part of creation as the opposite polarity of absolute good. As I have attempted to explain above, this is a lie.

Absolute evil does not form a polarity with absolute good. Absolute evil is not a necessary part of God’s creation. Absolute evil is a consequence of the fact that God gave all of its sons and daughters the gift of free will. When you have free will, you can take one of two approaches. You can recognize the fact that in order to create anything that is sustainable, God must define certain laws which insure the sustainability of the universe. You can realize that these laws are not a restriction of your freedom. Therefore, you can choose to exercise your free will within the context of God’s laws. This has two advantages. By following God’s law, you have the security that you will always have a stable platform for your creative expression. In other words, you cannot suddenly do something that will destroy yourself or the entire universe. At the same time, you still have unlimited opportunity to express your individuality and creativity within the context of God’s law.

The other option you have as a consequence of free will is that you can choose to completely and absolutely rebel against not only God’s law but God’s intent to create. Because God has given you free will, God allows you to make that choice. However, consider the mechanics of making that choice. You are essentially saying to God, “I will have nothing to do with you.” Because God respects his own Law of Free Will, God will not only allow you to make that choice, but God will also take the consequence of that choice. The consequence is that God will leave you alone, and when God leaves you alone, you are completely cut off from God.

God will never violate your free will. In other words, when you have cut yourself off from God, you will remain cut off from God indefinitely, unless you change your original choice and say, “God, I want to come home.” Contrary to how certain dark forces have portrayed God, namely as an angry and judgmental Being, God has no anger and no judgment of dark forces. Such beings can, at any moment, choose to change their original rebellion against God. The moment they express their sincere intent of coming back to God, at that moment God would be perfectly willing to help them do so.

Unfortunately, when a lifestream cuts itself off from God, it inevitably begins to build an image of God that is out of touch with the divine reality. Therefore, such beings cannot understand or accept the unconditional love of God. They project their own qualities of conditionality, relativity, anger and judgment upon God. Therefore, they do not fully accept that they have the option of coming back to God. As a result, they continue to attempt to justify their original decision to turn away from God. In doing so dark forces also attempt to make human beings accept that evil is a necessary part of creation. They want to make human beings accept that absolute evil is as vital for creation as absolute good, and therefore it is acceptable to align yourself with absolute evil.

Many lifestreams on planet earth are fooled by these subtle lies. This is not because these lifestreams are evil, or because they have rebelled against God. It is largely because most people on planet earth have descended into the dualistic state of consciousness in which they do not understand God, especially the unconditional love of God. Therefore, many lifestreams do not believe that they are worthy of God’s love. They think God is angry with them and that God will judge them harshly. They think they are sinners who are not worthy of coming back to God. Therefore, if you are not worthy to come back to God anyway, why not simply align yourself with the dark forces who tell you that it is actually OK to do whatever you want and that God’s law is a restriction of your freedom.

When I walked the earth 2,000 years ago, I made an extremely important remark [quoted from Proverbs 16:25]. I said, “There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death.” The dark beings have attempted to promote the idea that the world is created from two opposite forces, namely absolute good and absolute evil. They have attempted to create the impression that there are two viable roads and that both roads lead to the same end result. In other words, the true goal is to get back to union with God, but you can attain that goal in two different ways. You can choose the high road or the low road, and these dark forces want you to believe that both roads ultimately lead to the same result. This is another subtle and pervasive lie.

When you align yourself with absolute good and express your free will within the context of God’s law, God will give you more life, more energy. This is expressed in the parable of the talents. The servant who had multiplied his talents was given more in return. If you align yourself with absolute evil, then God will respect your free will and leave you alone. The result is that you will not receive more energy from God. Therefore, you will gradually spend the energy that you have. Eventually, you will run out of energy and there will be nothing left. There will be no more energy, and therefore there will be no more you. You will simply disappear. Your lifestream will be erased as if it never existed.

Right now the dark forces can argue that by using black magic you can gain power and energy. This is true because there are still many human beings on planet earth who are receiving energy directly from God. In other words, there is still energy which can be perverted by black magic and therefore stolen by dark forces. However, if this perversion of energy continues until it reaches a critical mass, then the entire planet could be cut off from God’s energy. At that point there would be no more energy coming from God, and therefore the planet and all dark forces upon it would quickly self-destruct.

When God created this universe, he made you a promise. He promised you that if you would align yourself with his laws, he would guarantee you a stable platform for your creative expression. It all goes back to the old question, “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.” Will you serve absolute good and therefore attain life and absolute reality? Or will you serve absolute evil and therefore ultimately self-destruct?


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels