Everyone benefits from abolishing the slavery of poverty

TOPICS: Only the ego upholds the divide between rich and poor nations – immigration controls largely unfair – if too many people leave poor countries, how will they ever grow? – not acceptable that 2/3 of the world population live in poverty – poverty is another form of slavery – the manipulation of the power elite – creating more abundance instead of redistributing wealth – everyone benefits if people in poor nations rise out of poverty –

Question: I, as a person from South America, am concerned about the new laws that the European Union is having now for all the illegal immigrants, and I wonder what is going to happen, the relationship between the governments in South America, in Africa and the European Union. I am concerned about what is going to happen to the people from South America and Africa going to Europe and they need the workers to do the jobs that they do not really want to do. And what is going to happen to these people if they are going to put them in jail for 18 months and not be allowed to return to Europe for five years? 

I feel that it’s unfair that the European Union do this to all the illegal people that are coming to their countries. I feel that they must find other laws or ways to help people to go to their concern about that there is not going to be enough food for everyone in the world.  Why don’t they give all the help to these people who come to their countries and to use better technology to develop their own countries and to have food for everyone and I wonder why they are doing all these things?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels.

When you look at the current conditions in the world – and the inequalities between the rich countries in Europe and North America and the poor countries in other parts of the world – you will see clearly that this can only spring from the ego—the ego’s imbalance, the ego’s non-caring of what happens to other people as long as it has its own privileges, and its lifestyle, feeling secure in its own little world that it has created for itself. As the rich nations have created a world for themselves in which they are comfortable materially and thus can conveniently ignore that their brothers and sisters in other parts of the world are living below the poverty level.

What you see in the enactment of immigration laws is indeed that now the ego, the collective ego, is becoming scared that the influx of people will now be too much, and they will demand certain rights and they will take away the privilege and the abundance. And so the default reaction of the ego is always to put on the brakes, to react with fear, and to stop the inflow that as you pointed out was originally created in order to import labor that would work for lower wages than the people in the rich countries.

And so, yes, indeed, it is largely unfair. This of course is not to say that the United States or Europe should open up for unrestricted immigration, for it is not the long-term plan for the Golden Age, that people in large numbers should emigrate from poor countries to rich countries.  For what you would see if there was unrestricted immigration – and what you already see with the current immigration laws especially in the United States – is that it is often the people who have either the best education or the most initiative who will move out of a poor country to seek a better life in another country, even though that is a difficult move for anyone.

And thus, what would happen if unrestricted immigration was allowed was that the poor countries would be deprived of the people who have the initiative and the education to bring those countries forward and closer to a Golden Age. And so indeed, you see that we must have a certain balance, and obviously the people who are blinded by their egos will not always find the optimum balance and therefore they will sometimes enact laws that are too restrictive and other times they might enact laws that are too liberal in allowing immigration.

Yet what truly needs to happen here is that you need to make calls that go beyond this issue to a raising of the awareness that it is not sustainable, it is not acceptable, to the collective consciousness of the people in the rich nations that you have two-thirds of the population living in poverty.  For as has been said before, a good example of how the raising of the consciousness led to physical changes was the abolishment of slavery, where it suddenly became obvious to a majority of at least the lawgivers in certain nations, that it was no longer acceptable to them to treat other people as pieces of property that could be held in slavery where they could not of their own initiative, of their own accord, change their position and overcome being slaves.

And thus, you see that the current condition with two-thirds of the people living below the poverty level is another form of slavery, just an economic slavery where they in many cases do not have any physical opportunity to actually rise out of slavery, the economic slavery, the slavery of poverty. No matter how much initiative they are willing to show.

And you need to make the calls and hold the vision that the top ten percent of the people in the rich nations come to the awareness that this simply is not acceptable to them and thus the rich nations must change, so that they make it a major goal to provide economic opportunity to all people around the world. So that those who are willing to multiply their talents can harvest a just return of the fruits of their labor and initiative and thus you can begin to build a positive spiral of overcoming poverty and bringing the abundant life to all.

Yet of course, this will also require you to make the calls and hold the vision that the top ten percent of the most spiritually aware people come to see through the manipulation and the lies of the power elite.  For it is indeed the manipulation of the power elite that keeps the current condition of so many people living in poverty. For the power elite in the rich nations are, in their blindness and in their greed, afraid that if economic opportunity were given to people in poor nations, then there would have to be a redistribution of wealth so that they would lose their wealth, their privilege and their power.

And it is true that they would lose their privilege and their power—certainly because there would no longer be the contrast between rich and poor that would make it seem like the rich are really rich.  But what would happen instead is that more abundance would be brought into the material realm so that more people would have more abundance.

And if you will look and compare the situation in the rich nations today to the situation of the feudal societies of medieval Europe, you will see that at the time the power elite seemed like they were very rich compared to the average person who lived in abject poverty. Yet if you compare the richness of the feudal lords to the richness that far more people have today, you will see that the feudal lords were not actually that rich.  They were in reality condemned to living in damp, dark castles that reduced their life span and gave them a rather glum existence seen by today’s standard.

So you will see that the top ten per cent and the eighty per cent of the population need to be raised into a recognition that by extending economic opportunity to people all around the world, everyone will benefit—except a very small elite who is frantically seeking to hold on to their privileged positions.  But those positions are simply relative, and therefore once you see beyond relativity, you can see that it is not acceptable to the majority of the population that the elite is allowed to maintain their current positions because it effectively condemns the two-thirds of the population to living below poverty and even the majority of the population in the rich nations to live at a lower standard of living that is the Golden Age standard.


 Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels