Energy follows attention

Question: What does it mean to say energy flows where attention goes?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well, contrary to what science tells you, my beloved, your senses are not just passive receiving devices. When you look at something there are, of course, light rays from that object coming into your retina, hitting your retina but there is also energy directed out through your vision. Not through the physical eyes because it’s not a physical energy but there is psychic energy, as we might call it – emotional-, mental-, identity-level energy. This goes for anything you put your attention upon. That is why I have in previous dispensations said – in fact, in the alchemy books – that man is a slave of his attention because where his attention goes, there go his energies and man can only follow.

So there is indeed a reality that anything you put your attention upon you will give energy. That’s why we have said that if a group of people get together, for example, in a religious movement, they will create a collective entity, a collective beast over time and it can eventually grow so powerful that it overpowers the minds of the individuals. That’s why you have addictions.

People who have been drinking alcohol for thousands of years have created this collective alcohol entity that is so strong that it can overpower the minds of many individuals. With any field, any human endeavor, there will be a tendency to do this and it is done through your attention. It’s obviously not physical – it’s in the emotional, mental, and identity realms – but it’s a very valid teaching. It is of course important for you to be aware of it and if you feel that you are or have been influenced or people you know are influenced, by such entities, you can certainly make the calls for the people to be cut free and for the entities to be bound and consumed.


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