Does pain have a spiritual purpose?

Question: What is the purpose of pain? Does it serve any spiritual purpose? Can it be a warning that we are not moving in the right direction spiritually?


Answer from Master MORE:


Let me begin with physical pain, which of course is the signal that the body, the nerves of the body, sense when a certain part of the body has been hurt. The nerves then send a signal to the brain and this is a signal that the conscious mind of the person needs to pay attention to the area from where the pain comes and therefore potentially do something to either avoid what is causing the pain, or to do whatever is necessary to heal it. So at the physical level, pain is simply the body’s warning signal.

At the emotional level, it is correct to say that emotional pain is a signal that you have become unbalanced and that therefore you are not moving in the right direction. Now it is, of course, necessary to acknowledge how free will works in the physical octave where other people can violate your physical body and your emotional, mental and identity bodies. 

In such case it is not always that pain means that you are going in the wrong direction. You can be quite innocent in a situation and you are being abused by others who are misusing their free will. This can still cause you emotional pain and it is natural to feel this. Yet, when you have negative feelings, a negative view of the situation, instead of meeting it with greater acceptance, then you will magnify the pain. This is what can cause hurt to the soul that you carry on from lifetime to lifetime.

You will notice that when you leave one physical body behind through what most people call death, then when you come into your next lifetime, you will not in many cases have any remnants in your new body of the physical pain you felt in the old body. This signifies that even though you may suffer pain to the emotional body in one lifetime, if you can react with innocence and acceptance, you will, again, not create a scar in the emotional body that you will carry over from lifetime to lifetime. If however you cannot react this way, then you can create a scar in the emotional body that can actually cause you to have pain in your physical body even in the next lifetime. The next body that you take on will to some degree outpicture the scars in your three higher bodies.

Pain does not have a higher function or a higher value. We do not consider pain a teaching device that we would ever use. It is perfectly possible to walk the spiritual path and qualify for your ascension without feeling any emotional or mental or identity pain. Pain is only a function of you having entered the School of Hard Knocks, either in this or a past lifetime. 

What I am saying here is that pain is not something that we consider or that we would ever want or would ever inflict upon our students. We do not use pain as a teaching device. Yet, be careful to acknowledge the subtle reality that when you have scars and wounds from past lives that you have not yet resolved, it can be necessary for a true spiritual teacher, be it an embodied guru or the ascended masters, to challenge the illusions that caused the wound. This can, of course, cause you to experience the pain when you have energy that has not been transmuted. 

Thus, there are many people who from their perspective, have experienced that we of the ascended masters, or an embodied guru such as Guru Ma, cause them pain, emotional pain. Yet, take note that this was their experience. It was not that we deliberately or wilfully caused the pain, nor that we saw it as a teaching device. It is simply that when you start looking at an illusion, you will make contact with the un-transmuted energy created through it and you will therefore feel the pain. 

We would, if we could, gladly help people avoid the pain. We have given our rosaries and decrees for that purpose so that you might transmute most of the energy before you look at the illusion. We have only unconditional love for our students and we would gladly see them make the switch whereby they could face their past momentums and illusions without feeling the pain. This is possible when you have transmuted a critical mass of energy and made this shift in consciousness, as we have instructed many times.



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