Does a power elite have power over us?

TOPICS: The power elite may have physical power, but they have no spiritual power – why power elites cannot be removed right now – bringing the judgment of the power elite – working to have the elite removed – abolition of slavery –

Question: When you talk about the power elite, it seems that they have power over you. You can think that. But in Key 2 (Master Keys to Personal Christhood) you say what is unreal cannot hurt you. I want some more clarity about that.

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

The key is to understand the essential teaching on the Conscious You —you are who you think you are. If you think the power elite is real – if you think they have power over you – then they do. When you recognize that you are a Spiritual Being, that you are real and that the duality consciousness is not real, then you recognize that the power elite do not have power over you as a Spiritual Being. Now, given the conditions on earth, the power elite may have physical power over you – as you indeed have seen in many nations, such as Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and even the so-called “free” nations of today – where the power elite of the government may indeed, under the guise of pursuing national security, violate your civil rights in various ways.

So, if you go, for example, to the Soviet Union, you will see that there were many people who were unjustly imprisoned because they were perceived to be a threat to the state, or for other reasons. Yet, there were some of them who realized that even though they were physically in prison, the government, the bureaucracy, the machine, had no power over their Spirit. And so, as you also saw with the Christians who were persecuted for their religion – or many other people throughout the ages who have been imprisoned for their beliefs – that it is indeed possible to rise above this in Spirit, even if you cannot yet rise above it in the physical.

And why can you not rise above it in the physical? Because, as Jesus has explained, there are not yet those in the top ten percent who have raised themselves to the level of Christhood, where a particular out-picturing of the power elite consciousness can be taken from this planet.

And so, there are indeed those who have come in – volunteering to embody in countries where the power elite has physical power to imprison them – in order to bring forth the judgment of that power elite. For you see, when someone is treated unjustly by the government and they become angry or feel unjustly treated, well then they are still in the duality consciousness. And so they simply reinforce the duality of the power elite. But when someone refuses to react with these lower emotions, but instead reacts by becoming more spiritual – by turning the other cheek as we have said many times – then that turning of the other cheek becomes the judgment of the power elite, which shortens their time span.

And so, you see that we have an Alpha and Omega action here, where the Alpha is that there ideally should be those in the top percent who are raising their consciousness to a particular level of Christhood. But the Omega action is that there are those who volunteer to allow themselves to embody in harms way, so to speak—for they are likely to be abused by the power elite and therefore can bring forth that judgment, shortening the time span that the power elite is allowed to continue.

And when both things work in tandem – as they have done in periods, but not always – well, then you will have those being raised up to the level of Christhood, so that a particular manifestation of the power elite can be taken away. This is what you saw as an obvious example in the abolishment of slavery, where of course, the power elite had no intention whatsoever of giving up free labor. But nevertheless, there came a point where there were certain people that had arisen to that level of Christhood, where the ascended masters could then remove at least some of the consciousness and the beings who embodied the conscious of slavery.

Thereby, it was at least officially abolished, even though we have not yet been allowed to fully remove the lifestreams who are continuing to practice slavery, even to this day. But at least it has been reduced immensely, and many more people are now free from being imprisoned by a power elite. For surely, anyone who had slaves at any point in time, was either part of the power elite or at least tied in to the power elite consciousness of that society. For only the power elite consciousness can make people believe that it is justified to have other people that you own as pieces of property.

So, to sum up, the power elite has no more power over you than you allow them to have. However, given that you are not alone in embodiment, you must always see that even though you might have raised your consciousness to the point where you realize they have no spiritual power over you, you are still embodying in the collective—you are embodying to raise the collective. And therefore, it is still possible that you can be exposed to abuse from the power elite – physical abuse from the power elite – because they are still allowed to remain here because the consciousness has not been raised sufficiently to remove them.


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