Do you make karma for paying a bribe?

Question: What sort of karma will a lifestream who pays a bribe make? What sort of karma will a lifestream who receives this bribe make? What is the difference if a lifestream who pays a bribe was forced in some way?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Obviously, bribes and corruption are not part of the golden age so you need to hold the vision that societies, all societies, will move towards a point where corruption is stamped out. Nevertheless, we are of course practical realists, and we realize that there are many nations around the world where corruption is such an ingrained part of the current culture that it is almost impossible to live, have a job, or especially conduct a business, without giving bribes.

I would, of course, very strongly advise against people who are ascended master students taking bribes, accepting bribes. It would be strongly advisable for you to find another occupation where you do not have to accept bribes. Yet, we also need to be practical realists and say that there are some nations where you cannot conduct a business without giving bribes. You are in many cases facing the question of do you want to conduct business, and give a bribe, or do you want to not give a bribe, and then be unable to conduct any business?

There is no question that you always make karma by giving a bribe, but if it is ingrained in the culture, and thus virtually unavoidable in the present situation, the karma is less than if you did so in a country where it is not a normal or accepted part of the culture. In other words, in a country where corruption is at a minimum and is very rare, you would make a more severe karma than in a country where it is almost a daily part of business.

You will, of course, be wise to keep this to an absolute minimum. If possible, look for an occupation where you do not have to give bribes, but if you deem, according to your own choices and inner discernment, that you cannot get along without doing so, then accept it as a necessary evil and move on with your life. Be prepared to give some violet flame to consume the karma, but do not engage in any spiral of feeling guilty or negative about it.

You may think that we would give a more stern advice on this, but we are simply being practical realists. There is hardly a country in the world right now where you can live without making karma. This is not because of corruption, but there are many other ways to make a certain karma by being engaged in certain activities. If, for example, you live in an affluent country that has the means to help, say, starving children in Africa, but is not using those means to its fullest potential, then you are making karma for that. You are making karma for not speaking out.

If you are living in a country such as the United States, as Saint Germain said, where there is a strong power elite that is literally bleeding the lifeblood out of the financial system to the detriment of the people, then even those among the people who allow this situation to continue are making a certain karma from this.

That is why I am saying that we are practical realists. It is difficult to live anywhere in the world right now without making a certain amount of karma. Thus, you need to be realistic and say that there are certain countries where you have to do certain things in order to manifest your life plan. You will, of course, do well to strive for Christ discernment in such matters.


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