Do we have to like everybody?

TOPICS: Setting yourself and others free – liking someone becomes irrelevant – love is not always soft – 

Question: You say we must love everybody, but I was wondering because I’ve heard it said: “but you don’t have to like everybody”.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

When you love somebody with the unconditional love of God, you are setting that person free to be who he is, and in so doing you are setting yourself free to be who you are. When I say you must love everyone, I mean that you must love everyone with the unconditional love of God. That love is unconditional, meaning that it is above and beyond all human likes and dislikes.

When you truly embody the unconditional love of God, you no longer consider whether you like somebody. You simply express love to everyone you meet without expecting a particular response in return. When you no longer have human expectations, you have achieved spiritual freedom, the freedom that I demonstrated.

However, take note that unconditional love is not always soft. When I rebuked the lawyers, I did so with the unconditional love of God that simply would not allow them to remain stuck in their self-centered state of mind. Therefore, my challenge, given in the firmness of love instead of the inharmony of human anger, did give these lifestreams an opportunity to choose the Light of Christ over their self-imposed darkness.


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