Discussion with Kim about being a messenger

Question: This is for you Kim. This is question about channeling how you channel what you see or hear? What happens in your body? How did you learn this? How do you prepare to become a channeler? 

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

I have talked about this before. Some of you are familiar with it. The reason why I thought I was willing to bring it up is that there are quite a few new people here. I would like to see how many are interested in me commenting on that question. Just a few. I guess I will comment briefly on it.

First of all, I do not really use the word channeling myself. The reason I do not use that is because channeling means so many different things to different people. I do not present myself as “channeler” or the word messenger is what masters have traditionally used.

It is not very easy for me to say how I do it because I really do not do it. I do not do anything. The most important aspect of the whole thing is that I go into a neutral state of mind. I do not have in my outer mind any intentions of what the masters should say or should not say. As I have said before, it is not like I hear words coming from some place and then I repeat them. What I tune into is a stream of energy that comes from the masters and it is not something I can start or I can make happen. It is something that the masters make happen if they do not make it happen, there is no dictation. Once I tune into it, then there is that stream of energy. Then it is not even that I see the words or the ideas or the concepts and then repeat them. It is like the words just start flowing. Then I hear the words as they are being spoken. There is no process in my mind that goes on before the words come out of my mouth. There is not really anything in my mind I can interfere with—I could stop the process, I cannot interfere with it. I cannot direct it, control it. It is dependent on how I express myself at words, how I use words, what concepts I have in my mind. There has to be a vocabulary. It’s not just words but a vocabulary of ideas and concepts that the masters can use. Otherwise there is no structure in my mind. It is like the principle of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is a chalice that is raised up. Then the light from above can be poured into it. If there is no chalice there is nothing for the light to be poured into. If there is a topic that I know absolutely nothing about, I could not take a dictation. There are of course many times where I know something and the masters can say something that is beyond what I know. They often do that.

Sometimes before dictation I have some concepts or even sometimes a sentence that they want to start with. That helps me get going and tune into the flow. And once I am in the flow, it just keeps flowing. There are many times where I really stand up there and I have no idea what it is going to be said. You look at a conference like this where now I have taken, for several days, I have taken five, six dictations that have been up to an hour each. There is no way I could prepare this in my mind. There is no way I could sit at home and write a dictation and memorize it and then come here and mouth it off. It just can’t happen. Neither is there any way I could make this up as I go. I have not studied the topic much, I read that book on elitism, but I haven not really prepared it. It has to come from some other source because my mind could not produce this. You can debate what source that is, but you know, I feel confident in where it is coming from.

In terms of sensations in my body I do not have much sensations in my body. I am not really that attuned with or attached to my body. Sometimes when I stand up, I can feel a little bit the strain of standing up for so long. Sometimes without realizing I am turning to one side and I suddenly found myself looking in a different direction. When I am sitting down, I can go within more because there is not that need to keep my body upright. I always feel that flow of energy through my body and even if I am physically tired, once I start going, it just energizes my body. I always feel after dictation, I feel at a higher level of energy than before I started even if it is late at night and it is a long dictation. If I did not I would be concerned because the ascended masters do not need any energy for me. If the being dictating needed to take my energy, I would know that is not an ascended master. It just can not be. There are some trance channels that are worn out after channeling. I would never do that. There was a dictation in Ukraine with Saint Germain where it was coming as fast as my mouth could say the words. It just kept going that way for the whole time. That was very powerful, very fast. Sometimes there is just that flow. Other times it is like they give more of a teaching dictation like they have done for this conference, where they give these concepts that can be very complex to get. Sometimes I almost lose the connection with the master. I have to pick it up again. Other times they pause in between like you can see Padmasambhava had long pauses Gautama Buddha often has that. I don’t not know why they do it that way. I guess it is just a different master or it depends on what they want to achieve. Saint Germain just wanted to cut through the energy and the mass consciousness with that very powerful dictation. Sometimes they want to give a teaching. They want to give people time to let it sink in.

Comment from audience: Even like when you’re standing there and you have your eyes closed, and  most of time I  think there’s something there is your body is  your hands in more than more than just gesturing.

(Kim) I think that is true. I also sometimes I noticed myself, you know, doing all these things. Most of the time, I am not conscious of it. All of my attention is focused on keeping that connection with the master and getting the next sentence. So I am not really aware of what I am doing. Sometimes I realize it. I do not know why it is. I do not know if there is any pattern in it. There probably is but I do not know what it is. Yeah. It could be that sometime in the future, somebody will watch the videos of these dictations and come up with a whole system. This means that and that meant that.

Question: Why do you sit in the Lotus position?

Kim: It’s not lotus position. It’s just cross legged. And the reason for this is that it’s actually more relaxing in the sense that it, it takes less awareness on the body when I’m sitting. When you’re standing up, you have to keep your balance, you know, and sometimes I almost feel like I’m losing my balance or leaning or having to take a step forward. But when I’m sitting, it’s like I can focus more within and not on the body. Many times the masters want me to stand up. And I think it’s if you if you look at it, when I said it’s mostly Gautama that has that more Buddhic, peaceful consciousness, where Saint Germain is just so energetic, I don’t see how you could possibly sit to a Saint Germain dictation. And so I think that’s what it is, you know, the more energetic, powerful outgoing masters I stand for and then Gautama and Padma Sambhava, I sit.

Question:  For Kim that was not intelligible.

When I was in the Summit Lighthouse, I was listening to Elizabeth Clare prophet take dictations. I would often have a profound experience, or high experience. You know, I was like almost out of my body, sometimes. But that doesn’t happen when I’m taking a dictation because when I’m taking a dictation, I’m in a neutral state of mind. I don’t experience any contrast between the spiritual realm or the master’s vibration. I’m just focused on the words and the energy of the master. And I’m very, very neutral. So people come up to me and say: “Oh, that was a powerful dictation”. And I’m saying: “Was it?” Because to me, I was just neutral, I was completely neutral. So there isn’t that yo-yo effect or contrast.

Now, you could say on a much larger scale, how do I handle the contrast between for example, my data life back in Denmark and coming to a conference like this? I guess what has happened to me is that I made an effort not to drink my own Kool Aid and not to think that I’m special because I’m doing this job. And therefore, there isn’t so much contrast. And when I live in Denmark, I do a lot of physical activities. I meet people who are not spiritual, because I want to have that perspective. So I’m not enveloped in thinking I’m some high and mighty guru. So there’s less of a contrast. I say when I take a dictation now I’m in a neutral state of mind. But in the last couple of years, I’m in a neutral state of mind most of the time. So there isn’t so much of a contrast  and it makes it a lot easier.  It’s almost like  it’s become almost effortless to switch between the different lifestyles.  Because I don’t have a such a distinction but what is spiritual and not spiritual because everything is spiritual. Not in the sense of this high and peak experience because as I was saying to somebody today, I don’t have peak experiences. I don’t have highs and I don’t have lows. I have very even keel all the time. And I think actually that many people who if they could experience the Christ consciousness or the Buddha consciousness would be hugely disappointed because they aren’t the highs and the lows that they’re used to. And therefore there isn’t that contrast? For me, it’s there is it’s just an even keel. You could call it bliss as Gautama I called it, but it’s really just that neutral state of mind where it’s just there’s no high and low

Question: Do you feel the light coming in?

As I said when I’m taking a dictation I’m just neutral. So of course I feel there’s light there. It’s not that but there can be sometimes where I sense the dictation is more powerful than others. That can happen. But most of the time I I’m sort of more on that neutral and it’s, it’s not such a big contrast to switch out of it. Sometimes I’ve caught myself going out of dictation to quickly as soon as the master stops. I ask somebody a question about practical things. And I realized people need a little time after dictation which is why it’s good that there is  music being played, but it’s also a logistical thing you know.

Question: How do you know who the ascended master is that is speaking and how do you know when to stand or sit.

That I just sense, but often it’s just a matter of the master because most of the time the more Buddhic masters I sit down and then the more energetic masters I’m standing up. And so I pretty much know based on the master.

How do I know which master is going to dictate or answer a question? The only way I can really describe it is that over the years, I’ve come to know the vibration of each master. It’s not like I hear the word of who’s going to talk. It’s not like I see the master. It’s just that there is a vibrational signature of each master. And I just sense that when it’s happening. Like when we’re taking questions and answers, sometimes it takes me maybe a couple of seconds to see who is going to answer this. And sometimes I almost feel like there’s several masters that could answer it, but then one is the one who answers it. With a dictation, there are sometimes where, until right before the dictation starts, I don’t know which master is going to dictate. Most of the time I know at least some time ahead of time.

Question: How did you train so when you were preparing to become a messenger What kind of changes did you have to make?

I had a couple of experiences in I think 2000 that I had on my birthday. I can’t remember what year birthday was but doesn’t matter. So it was my birthday. So I was standing in my office, I had the Summit Light House pictures: I AM Presence, Jesus and St. Germain. And all of a sudden it was like my consciousness just zoomed in on the masters. I was looking at their eyes in these pictures. I really hadn’t thought about it, but  I said: “I want more. I want a closer relationship to you. Now I’ve been following outer teachings for so long, I want a more direct relationship.” And that was sort of a turning point for me because it was the first time I really had dared to verbalize that, that I was willing to come into a closer relationship with the masters.

And so then, the following August, I was in my office again, and I think I had to decreed for a while. And it was like, I tuned into this that I had this frustration in me that I felt that there was something I wanted to do I had to do here on earth, but I hadn’t done it. I hadn’t accomplished anything really of what I wanted to do. And what I saw was that this was actually a human ambition that I had, I wanted to do something important. Something that made a difference, something I felt was worthwhile. And I saw it was just a human ambition. And it was like I stepped outside of it. I didn’t know anything about the separate selves back then. But I stepped outside of it. And all of a sudden, I felt this peace come upon me. And I fell to my knees in my office and I just spontaneously said, it was like I felt I gave that up that whole ball of human ambition. And I said spontaneously, I said: “God, you can take me home right now”. And I really was at that state of peace, where if I had died at that point, I could have left the earth and not felt any regrets, not felt there was some unfinished business I had to do. And for me, that was an important step in the sense that it shows to myself that it wasn’t a human ambition that got me started working with the masters. It wasn’t something I wanted with the outer mind for whatever reason, because I gave up that whole human ambition. And I said: “If I don’t do anything worthwhile for the rest of this lifetime, it’s fine”. And so right after I had had that surrender, I felt the presence of Jesus, I identified it immediately as Jesus. And he basically gave me the words: “If there’s nothing you personally want to do on this planet, are you willing to do something for me?” And I just from the bottom my heart, I said: “Yes”. I didn’t know what it was. And so then I got the ideas that he wanted me to do this website where people can ask him questions. And then he was training me for a period of several months where I would do a decree from the Summit Lighthouse  to the Great Divine Director and I had this novena where you would give this decree nine times, and then you would sit with a notebook and you would write down what came to you. So I did that. And then I started getting directions from Jesus every time I decreed: what I should do, what I needed to change, or how I need to change my health. At some point, I had it on the website, but I don’t think they are on there now. And it’s not so important because this was personal to me. So it isn’t really relevant to other people.

And then after that I started preparing for the website. I actually bought this software, voice recognition software, where you speak into a microphone and then it translated it into text. Before I actually started doing the website, I got the direction that he wanted to dictate a book and that became “The Christ is Born in You” so when I then did the website, I put some of the chapters and some of the questions and answers from that book on the website to begin with and that was the first material. But then fairly quickly some people discovered the website, some people from the Summit Lighthouse actually, and they started asking questions and more and more materials started coming on there.

In the beginning, I just thought, well, that’s just it. I mean, I’m going to answer these questions people have asked THE REAL JESUS. It took, I think, was it 2000? It was not so long after I had started where I was actually in Montana, in that valley where the Summit Lighthouse was, and there was some people there that came, I think about 20 people, and I took my first live dictation from Jesus in front of those people. That was the first live dictation and then gradually I started taking some at home and then I think in 2004 we had the first conference because there were some people that said “well couldn’t we organize a conference?”

I was in New York and there were about 25 people there and then I took 5, 6 dictations during that conference, and in the beginning they were much shorter, like 15, 20 minutes. Then we started doing more conferences and I would sometimes get dictation set home as well, and put them on the website. So it gradually grew from there, so I don’t know, in terms of training I guess you could say the whole experience was training (audience member “I think you answered my question”). Okay because there wasn’t like there was this formal program that I enrolled in, you know, and then one day I got the diploma.

But there were a lot of tests and trials that I don’t even remember, you know, and there was a shift in attitude, because see when I was in the Summit, I accepted Elizabeth Clare Prophet as a messenger and didn’t have any problem with the way she was a messenger and I never even considered that I could be a messenger if I’d want it to, it was not even in my mind at all. So in the beginning I thought it would just be answering the questions but then I realized the masters wanted to speak through me and I realized I could actually do this.  Then it just grew from there.  But there has been, you know, a number of step-ups.

I remember the first time was probably back in 2004, 2005 when I started giving teachings on the duality consciousness and the epic mindset. Jesus also gave these ego discourses where he talked about it and black and white thinking, but the masters also started talking more about it (duality consciousness and epic mindset), and I realized that was a big step up from the Summit teachings because this had never really been talked about in the Summit.

I also realized that there would be some people that at that point was following the teachings that couldn’t deal with it, there would be too much for them, and that turned out to be the case when I divorced my second wife. A lot of those people, or not a lot of them but some of them, followed her and I don’t think they were really willing to look at this epic mindset in themselves.

Then a really, really big step up was the “My Lives” book, because again, I knew this was so different from what had been given before and it was so provocative and controversial that some people wouldn’t be able to handle it. So an important part of the test has been that, I was always focused on the masters and being neutral and getting what the masters, bringing out what the masters wanted to bring out and not reacting to the people, whether they could handle it or not, whether they rejected it or not. I’ve focused on the masters and bringing out the message and that has carried me through these outer turbulences of, you know, people’s reactions. It’s always been for me that it was the masters. That was the important thing.

Now today, I would have more resolution about free will where I say, “well, you know, that’s the experience they want to have. Why should I try to change that?” So I don’t know if we’ve gone too far with this or if you have anything else.



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