Did Hitler go to heaven?

TOPICS: Hitler taken to final judgment – went through second death – is no more in existence –

Question: I have read some channeled material that contains the statement that Adolf Hitler went to heaven. This doesn’t quite resonate with me, but I would like to hear your comments.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you want to be very technical, you can say that the statement is correct. After the death of his physical body, the lifestream of Adolf Hitler was indeed taken to heaven. However, that lifestream was taken to a level of the spiritual realm called the Court of the Sacred Fire. This is the place where lifestreams receive their final judgment. The final judgment is the last opportunity to bend the knee before the reality of God.

This judgment is administered only to lifestreams who have consistently denied God in themselves and others and who have rebelled against that will for numerous lifetimes. The lifestream is given a very clear review of its rebellion against God and is then given a final opportunity to bend the knee and start the spiritual path that leads it back to God.

If the lifestream refuses to bend the knee, it will be erased by the sacred fire. This is what the Book of Revelation calls the lake of fire. The lifestream of Adolf Hitler did indeed refuse to bend the knee and was erased in the sacred fire. Therefore, the lifestream, that was Adolf Hitler in its last embodiment on earth, is no more. I would assume that this is not exactly the interpretation that most people would come up with after reading the statement that Hitler went to heaven.


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