Correct use of psychic abilities and astrology

TOPICS: Everything connected through Christ consciousness – ability to tune the mind to other realms – discernment is essential – your astrology – avoid fatalistic approach – your astrology cannot limit you – you can rise above any prediction – the limits of computer-based astrology –

Question: How is our relationship to the universe and the earth, as in astrology and future predictions, as well as (some of us having) psychic abilities (the ability to make some future predictions) fit into our spiritual growth and relationship to you and God?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As explained in the answer to another question, everything is made from the universal Christ consciousness. Therefore, everything is connected at deeper levels. Because human beings have descended into a lower state of consciousness, they have lost their awareness of the deeper connection between themselves and the fabric of life. They no longer realize that they are part of a larger whole.

Because of the deep connections between all parts of life, it is quite possible for the mind of a person to connect to something beyond its limited sense of identity and awareness. It is possible to turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to a level of reality beyond the material realm. This is what you see as various types a psychic abilities.

A genuine psychic ability helps you connect to a larger part of yourself, such as your Christ self or a spiritual being who is serving as the teacher of your lifestream. However, the lower psychic abilities can make you tune in to lower beings that are seeking to thwart your spiritual progress. That it is why it is important to develop discernment, as I explained in my discourse on channeling.

Because of the deep connection between all parts of life, there is indeed a connection between your current lifetime and the astrological configurations present at your birth. However, it is extremely important to have the right approach to both psychic forms of communication and astrological interpretations. What has happened to many people is that they have used astrology or psychic readings to develop a picture of an event that will happen in the future or develop an image of what they can or cannot do in that lifetime. In other words, these people have used such portents in a fatalistic manner to set up boundaries for their potential in this lifetime. This is always a misuse of such abilities.

The overall purpose for your life is to grow spiritually, meaning that you must transcend and rise above your current state of consciousness and your current limitations. For example, your personal astrology can be used to find many valid pointers about the psychological makeup you have in this lifetime. This can help you determine what you need to work on, meaning the limitations that you are meant to overcome in this lifetime and the positive potential that you are meant to magnify and develop.

The problem occurs when people look at their astrology and determine that “I can’t do this or I’m no good at doing that.” Therefore, they decide to use their astrology as an excuse to ignore the challenges that their lifestreams wanted to overcome in the current lifetime. In other words, instead of seeing life as an opportunity to overcome certain limitations, they accept boundaries for their growth. This has indeed been detrimental to the spiritual growth of many lifestreams, and it is a clear misuse of the science of astrology.

Likewise, many people have used psychic premonitions or predictions made by psychics to develop a fatalistic approach to life. Once again, this is a complete misuse of such gifts, and such misuse is especially tragic if the psychic reading was not accurate to begin with it.

Instead of taking a fatalistic approach, lifestreams should use astrology and psychic predictions as pointers that might help them map out the challenges they need to overcome and the positive potentials they need to magnify. Then, lifestreams can use the spiritual tools given on the toolbox website, or some of the many other spiritual tools available, to overcome their limitations and magnify their potential. I would especially recommend that people use the decrees and the invocations to overcome any negative portents in their personal astrology, or even in the world astrology,  as well as any negative psychic premonitions or predictions they have encountered.

Let me also mention that the only way to correctly interpret astrology is through intuitive faculties, meaning an inner guidance from your Christ self. A computer simply cannot correctly interpret your astrology. An intuitive person who is skilled in astrology can give you much more valuable insights. Yet in the end you should never let anything outside yourself become a substitute or replacement for intuitive insights that come directly from your Christ self. Therefore, it is extremely important to work on your personal discernment. This involves protecting yourself spiritually from any outside influences and establishing the best possible contact with your Christ self.



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