Common link between the world’s religions

TOPICS: Bring people closer to God – rediscover spiritual identity through mystical experiences – religion must help people have such experiences – mystical approach is only link between religions – universal path to higher state of consciousness – path to union with God 

Question: One of the questions that is on my mind for a long time is this. It is my position that the Christ of Jesus is the Son of God. Also God is one in all his true Sons and Daughters. Therefore what is the common link between all the true Faiths of the world? The importance of this question is to deal with the conflicting ideas of God in the world’s faiths and the false teaching in Christianity that Jesus is God, creator of heaven and earth.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I have touched upon some of the topics you mention in my answer to the questions of whether Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and whether there is only one true religion.

What is the common link between the world’s religions? This can be expressed in many different ways. To me, the most universal element of all religion is to bring human beings closer to God. Human beings have forgotten their true identity and their relationship to God. True religion is meant to help them rediscover their identity through inner, intuitive or mystical experiences so that they internalize and fully accept who they are. True religion is meant to help people attain such experiences and thereby also attain a direct communion with their God.

Obviously, many orthodox religions, Christian and non-Christian, deny people their ability to commune with God. Therefore, the only way to see a link between the true faiths of the world is for people to adopt a mystical or spiritual approach to religion. As long as people are caught in the relativity of the dualistic mind, they will be more concerned about promoting the so-called uniqueness of their own religion instead of promoting the universal elements behind all religions.

The only real solution to the problems on this planet, including the conflict between religions, is that people must rise to a higher state of consciousness. I call this state of consciousness the Christ consciousness, but I have no problem with other religions using a different name.

One might also say that the common link between all true religions is a universal path that gradually leads people to attain a higher state of consciousness, whereby they overcome the relativity, the duality, the conflicts and the sense of separation that springs from the dualistic mind. One might say that the link between all religions is that there is a universal path which leads to union with God.

If you desire to see peaceful coexistence between the world’s religions, then make an effort to promote the universal path to a higher state of consciousness. Nothing else will bring peace among religious people. Peace cannot be brought about through the relativity of the dualistic mind, even if it is disguised as human goodness and tolerance.


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