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TOPICS: People must rethink all structures – dictators appear when people not willing to take responsibility for their nations – Islam promotes outer path to salvation – help Arab people attain self-determination – the West has supported dictators in order to get stability – dictators fuel extremism – apply the same standard to Israel as to any other nation –

Question: What can the world do to help Egypt?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (January 29, 2011)

This is not only about Egypt, but the entire Islamic world, and even in a wider sense about dictatorships falling and giving way for more democracy and self-determination. Which is simply the natural consequence of the release of spiritual light that will make all fixed structures will seem to be threatened so they must be rethought. This includes dictators and false gurus of all kinds, including the false gurus who rule Islam. This is not to say that all structures will disappear, but events will force people to rethink their structures.

What you can do as a spiritual person is to hold the vision that the dictators will fall, that democracy will emerge and that this will lead to a shift in the collective consciousness of Muslim and Arab nations. Even if this leads to a period that seems like chaos compared to the forced order imposed by a dictator, you can see this as a necessary step towards growth.

The problem is that because the Muslim world has not gone through the same process of separating church and state as Europe went through as it transcended Catholic dominance, most Muslims have not taken full responsibility for themselves or for their nations. That is why there are so many Muslim or Arab nations that have dictators. The people’s unwillingness to take responsibility has attracted this kind of leaders.

This is caused by the fact that the Islam is the same kind of religion as the Catholic church was (and still to a large degree is), namely one that promotes the external path to salvation, as opposed to the true inner path that we describe on this website. This external path does not require you to take responsibility for your own state of mind or for the fact that your state of mind is what creates your external circumstances.

So as a spiritual person, you can hold the vision for this happening, and you can give invocations to that effect. The invocation for Oneness with My I AM Presence has that effect, and the fact that so many people have given it is a contributing factor to the change that you have seen starting in Tunisia.

You can, obviously, also give the other invocations that focus on the Middle East. [see below]

Now, in terms of what the world can do, the obvious answer is to recognize that Egypt and many other Arab or Muslims nations are indeed dictatorships that suppress their own people in a way that is simply unacceptable to democratic nations. Thus, the democratic nations can commit to doing anything in their power to help the Egyptian and other Arab peoples attain true democracy and self-determination.

This will require quite a change in mindset, because especially the United States, but also many European nations, have for a long time now been willing to turn a blind eye to these dictators as a trade for stability in the region. This goes far back, including a desire to avoid unrest that could cause higher oil prices, but it was especially exaggerated after the 9/11 situation.

Ever since then, too many democratic nations have been willing to not only tolerate but support dictators, such as Hosni Mubarak, in order to maintain this illusion of stability. The doctrine – created by some of the same people in the United States who “justified” the invasion of Iraq – is that a dictator holds down Islamic extremism and thus helps minimize the threat of terrorism.

This is a complete illusion, as indeed a dictator fuels extremism. The fact is that when the dictators fall, there will be a period of turmoil which might seem threatening. Yet gradually the people will begin to realize that when they no longer have a dictator to blame – a dictator whom many see as being supported by the West – they will have to take responsibility for their own situation. Obviously, this might take a while, but it is the only way there can ever be progress in the region. Democracy did not appear in Europe in a week.

Obviously, I am not hereby saying the West should remove a dictator through force, for the war in Iraq should have proven the fallacy of this approach. I am saying the West should shift to supporting the growth of the people, rather than looking out for its own short-term interest and thus being willing to accept any dictator that seems to further those interests.

So the best thing the world could do is to take this longer view and be willing to endure a period of chaos in order to further the long-term growth – and thus long-term stability – in the region. Obviously, I do not accept this to happen overnight, and I predict the United States will be especially reluctant to embrace this change. Nevertheless, there are many intelligent people in the American government and society who might indeed be able to create a shift in the national attitude and policy towards Egypt. The potential is certainly there, so this is another thing to hold the vision for and make calls upon.

Of course, for the United States to shift its policy on Arab nations, it will also have to reconsider and shift its policy towards Israel. It will simply have to apply the same standards to Israel as it does to any other democratic nation, instead of continuing to enable a situation where Israel can claim to be a democracy but in many ways act as a dictatorship that does not respect human rights (or only respects them selectively). So here is another structure that will be severely threatened, as Israel is likely to see a return from the cosmic mirror of what it has projected out.

NOTE: The World Invocations are very effective for situations like this.


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