Colombia, poverty, drugs and economic problems

TOPICS: Greed of wanting to do anything for money – overcome poverty through principles of God – being envious of rich nations will not remove poverty – power elite monopolizes natural resources – taking abundance through force creates poverty for all – wanting the elite to make decisions for them –

Question: Beloved Saint Germain, could you give the Colombian people teachings about transcending the main problems of my country, especially poverty, drugs, economic problems, and the fact that the president is controlled by the power elite?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

I have already given teachings on poverty in my discourses in Columbia earlier. Reread them, study them, and see how they apply to all aspects of life, not only in Columbia, but in South America and beyond.

What I will say at this time specifically about the situation in Columbia is that you need to recognize that the entire problem of drugs is fueled by greed. The greed of wanting money at any cost by doing anything possible to get that money.

Thus, what you as the spiritual people in South America need to be careful of is that you discern that the way to overcome poverty is not to do anything possible to make or create money. Truly, the only way to overcome poverty is to realign society with the principles of God that will bring forth the abundant life, as it is designed to do.

And precisely what you see right now in Columbia and other nations is this consciousness that it is somehow unjust that the rich countries have all the money and we have none. And therefore, if we can sell them drugs and get their money, then that is okay, for we deserve to have the money and take it from them, for they don’t deserve it.

This is a consciousness that is completely out of touch with the abundant life, with the willingness to take responsibility for your situation, to multiply the talents you have been given, and therefore have and harvest the return current from God, that is your rightful return. Thus, you need to envision – you need to make calls – that the people of South America overcome this consciousness of greed, this consciousness of injustice, this consciousness of feeling that somehow it is unfair that North America has all the money and that South America has all the children, as the popular saying goes.

The reality is that the conditions in South America are the product of the consciousness of the people in South America. And they need to rise above that poverty consciousness, as I talked about in my discourses. And thus, the solution is not to get money by hook or by crook, but to get it by raising the consciousness into the consciousness of abundance.

For you will see in South America an incredible abundance in nature and natural resources. And this ties in with the second part of the question. Where you see the current presidents, not only of Columbia but in many countries in South America, that are completely in alignment with the power elite of those countries, often enacting laws that give the elite privileges and thereby allows them to monopolize the wealth in nature instead of allowing the people to harvest that wealth.

And this is, again, what you need to make calls about, for this again is the power elite who are so trapped in the consciousness of greed, the blindness of greed. And do you see that such blindness is based on separation, where because you have separated yourself from God, you see no other way to have abundance but by taking it through force. Thereby you having to take it – you meaning the power elite – having to take it from the population.

The total opposite is the consciousness of being willing to multiply your talents, to be willing to work for the raising up of all, so that the entire society is raised up, and so that the consciousness is raised and brought into alignment with the River of Life. Whereby you see that if you actually allow all people to share in the wealth of nature, well then the return current from God will be even more wealth, even more ingenious ways to use the wealth of nature. You can then bring forth more abundance through knowledge and technology than can be brought forth right now, where the abundance of nature is only harvested through forcing the population to do all the labor, therefore concentrating the fruits of the labor in the hands of the few.

You need to make calls for an awakening from that poverty consciousness, held both by the elite and by the majority of the people. Where you have this co-dependent relationship, where the people – as I have already explained in greater detail – will not take responsibility for their situation, and therefore actually want the elite to make decisions for them. Well then, if the people allow the elite to make decisions, is it any wonder that the elite make decisions that are to their own advantage, allowing them to have privileges by keeping the people in poverty?


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