Changing an economy controlled by the elite

TOPICS: God wants all people to share the abundant life – co-create abundance rather than pray for it – changing your attitude – pray to be shown how you need to change – transcend poverty through Christ consciousness – the manipulation by the power elite – bringing more abundance into the world – a more equal distribution of wealth – not allowing an elite to control economy – educate others – wisdom and love of the Christ consciousness – 

Question: I pray for a financial miracle, not in greed but for relief and to help so many others both directly and indirectly in the name of JESUS. I’m tired of poverty and really believe that GOD has provision (lottery jackpot) above and beyond here on earth. I can see a great future and GOD in the blood of JESUS does provide. I am not ashamed for this vision of the future that is prayed for. Is this good?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I can assure you that both God and myself would like to see the abundant life manifest on earth. It was never God’s intention that so many people should live in abject poverty. On the contrary, it was always God’s intention that everyone should share in the abundant life in a universal brother/sisterhood in which people would recognize the truth in my statement that inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me.

I am not saying that you should not pray for abundance, both in your personal life and in the lives of others. However, a central theme on this website is that people need to change their attitude towards religion and towards their relationship to God. People need to move out of a passive state of mind in which they expect God to change their situation through some kind of miracle. Instead, they need to get into an active state of mind in which they begin to see themselves as Co-creators with God.

If you truly read the Bible, you will see that this idea is already incorporated in the teachings I gave 2,000 years ago. Take for example my parable about the talents. The person who buried his talents in the ground was rebuked by God because he had not fulfilled the essential command given by God to “Multiply and take dominion over the earth.”

When you are sent into this world, God gives you certain gifts and talents, and it is your responsibility to multiply those talents. When you do, God will multiply your multiplication so that to him that has, more shall be added. If you bury your talents in the ground and passively wait for God to do it all for you, you are simply not fulfilling the covenant that God has offered to man.

So instead of praying for a financial miracle, such as a lottery jackpot, it would be more constructive to pray for God to enlighten you as to how you can play an active part in bringing about this new more abundant future. There are two ways for you to do this, and the first is to change your own state of consciousness. It is a universal law of God that if you want to change your outer situation, you must begin by changing yourself, your state of consciousness.

Begin by leaving behind the consciousness of poverty, which truly springs from a sense of being separated from God, and step up to the abundant consciousness. The abundant consciousness is the Christ consciousness in which you see yourself as a son or daughter of God. You will remember my statement that I am come that all might have life and that they may have it more abundantly. As you will see throughout my website, LINK I came to show all people that they can rise out of the lower state of consciousness, the dualistic mind, and attain a higher state of consciousness, namely the Christ consciousness.

The Christ consciousness is truly the abundant life, and when you attain that state of consciousness, when you seek first the kingdom of God, all else, including material abundance, will be added unto you in accordance with God’s will and your lifestream’s plan for this life.

When you begin to attain the abundant consciousness in your own life, you can then work for bringing about the abundant life on a larger scale. I earlier said that it is God’s intention that everyone should share in the abundant life. So you need to consider why we currently have a situation on earth with such an unequal distribution of wealth that a majority of the world’s population live in abject poverty while a small elite live in incredible luxury. You will quickly realize that this is a manipulation of the original plan of God.

If the situation is to change, two things must happen. One is that more abundance must be created, and this can be done by using the laws of God. The best way to use the laws of God is to attain Christ consciousness because then you will be in alignment with those laws. So one viable way to change the current situation on earth is to attain Christ consciousness and then see how you can help bring about more abundance that you share with others.

The other thing that must happen is a more equal distribution of wealth and economic opportunity. This will require a change in consciousness whereby people begin to see that it simply is not right, according to the laws of God, that a small elite manipulates the economic life of this planet to amass inordinate amounts of wealth and power.

This development is already underway. For example, you will see that slavery was abolished by most nations because the consciousness of humankind eventually rose to a level, where it became obvious to most people that you cannot own another human being as a piece of property. Likewise, the consciousness of humankind is being raised to the realization that you cannot allow a small elite to manipulate the wealth and power of this world.

However, you can greatly accelerate this development by raising your own consciousness to the level of Christ consciousness, so that you can see through the subtle lies about the economy that keep the elite in power. You can then work to educate others, both on how to manifest Christ consciousness and on how to create a more equal distribution of wealth.

Take note that I am not here talking about a communist system in which the state owns all property. I am talking about a spiritual system which is based on the true laws of God. I am aware that such a system could not be put in place at present because the state of consciousness of most people has not risen to a sufficient level. Yet if those who are concerned about abundance will make the effort to raise their consciousness and the consciousness of others, we will, within the foreseeable future, see a shift in consciousness. This will start the process of bringing about the abundant life, which is first of all based on spiritual abundance that is naturally reflected into material abundance.

Let me comment on your expression “the blood of JESUS does provide.” I hope all Christians will recognize that when I broke the bread and wine during the last supper, I did not encourage cannibalism. The body of Christ is simply a symbol for the wisdom of the Christ consciousness, and the blood of Christ is a symbol for the love of the Christ consciousness.

So the saying that life on earth will be redeemed through the body and blood of Christ is true, but only in the sense that it is through the wisdom and the love of the universal Christ consciousness that the world will be redeemed. It is essential to understand that the world will not be redeemed through my sacrifice on the cross alone.

My life was meant to be an example of the spiritual path that all people can walk and thereby attain Christ consciousness. The world will be redeemed only when a critical mass of people decide to embody the wisdom and the love of the universal Christ consciousness and thereby raise the collective consciousness of humankind to a new level.


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