Celebration of light at the time of Halloween

TOPICS: A positive alternative to Halloween costumes – better to stay away from certain places – be careful about battling with darkness – light does not need contrast from darkness –

Question: Dear Beloved Brother Jesus, Hello! I’ve read your warning on Halloween and can see how “doorways” for darkness can sneak in under the guise of scary fun. However, I wonder what your opinion would be on using this opportunity to costume ourselves in expressions of the unique Love I Am, and using our flashlights (or glowing rings, necklaces etc.) as our outer symbols of Light and Protection. In this way, might we be better servants to All by letting our Light and Love shine and sparkle, thus creating less space for the dark to inhabit? Thank you, and thank you Kim, for your time and Love in considering my questions. 

P.S. While contemplating how to phrase all this, these words came to me: “I Am not afraid to walk in the dark, because i know that’s when my Light can shine the brightest.” It felt important to add this for your consideration. Thanks again!

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is an excellent idea to dress up as expressions of love and do a celebration of light at the time of Halloween. You might celebrate by dressing up as true saints, ascended and unascended. However, this is best done on a group basis, for example by having a party where a group or community works together on celebrating the light.

In terms of one or a few people dressing up in positive costumes and going to a traditional Halloween celebration, one needs to be a little cautious. In many cases it can make a positive statement, whereas some parties are so dark that it would serve no positive purpose and could expose you unnecessarily to dark energies. In other words, there is no black-and-white answer, but it is prudent to remember the saying, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

Although the saying is inaccurate in the sense that angels don’t have fear, it is correct in the sense that angels will actually stay away from certain places. The Law of free will gives people the right to create places where the vibration is so low that it is literally Hell on earth. As a spiritual seeker it is generally better to stay away from such places and to focus on raising your consciousness, whereby you will pull everyone else up and make it easier for people to rise above the lower vibrations.

I am not hereby saying that spiritual people should be passive in the face of darkness or should always avoid a confrontation with darkness. I am simply saying that you need to pick your battles carefully. Therefore, make sure you have adequate spiritual protection and that you have a clear direction from your Christ self. If in doubt, err on the side of caution. Throughout the ages, many spiritual people have rushed into battle with darkness without proper direction and protection, and this is always a pain to my heart.

Concerning the saying, “I Am not afraid to walk in the dark, because I know that’s when my Light can shine the brightest.” This saying is good in the sense that the goal of spiritual growth is to become a radiant being, letting your light shine in all circumstances. Still, one should be careful not to subscribe to the idea that your light needs the contrast of darkness, as I explain elsewhere. And one should still be careful about rushing into dark places. Angels have plenty of light, but they do not cast their pearls before swine.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels