Can the masters help us overcome lower energies?

Question: About imperfect energies we sometimes manifest in our lower being. Could the ascended masters help us overcome the lower energies in ourselves, if we keep silent and not express it outward?

Answer from Master MORE through Kim Michaels (June 2013):

At the lower levels of the spiritual path, even those who are below the 48th level of consciousness, people have low self-control and often express whatever lower energies they feel, such as anger. As you grow to higher levels of the path and become more conscious, it is necessary that you learn to discipline your mind and your feelings so that you can withhold expressions of lower energies such as anger.

This is not something that we of the ascended masters can or will teach you. It is your responsibility to learn to get so much control over, for example, your mouth that you decide what your mouth will say and not the mouth by itself.

It is obvious that if you do express lower energies, two things will happen:

  • You will make karma for the expression you have given.
  • You will reinforce the momentum in your four lower bodies that caused you to give expression to the energy so you are more vulnerable the next time.

As I said, we cannot help you stop this downward momentum for it is your decision to make. We can, of course, help you see the momentums you have, if you make the calls to us. We have given our tools, our decrees for transmuting the energy you have already misqualified and our invocations for both transmuting energy and for helping you see the imperfect beliefs and illusions that cause you to feel that it is justified to express such energy.

Thus, we will help you by multiplying the calls, as you give the calls. But we will only multiply what you bring to the altar.


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