Can socialism help remove poverty?

TOPICS: Capitalism has the same end goal as communism, namely a society controlled by an elite – the individual more important than the state – systems are not compassionate—people can be – only spiritual oneness leads to a truly compassionate society – a free-market economy is not an economic system –

Question 1: Jesus said in the book “The Christ Is Born in You” that a perfect society should be a combination between communism and capitalism, so China is an ideal society ?

Question 2: What did you mean by the statement, “the poor ye have with you always?” And why did you not suggest a socialist form of government to deal with poverty? Isn’t capitalism a less compassionate economic system?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me begin by addressing the statement that I supposedly said the perfect society is a combination of communism and capitalism. When reading a spiritual teaching, it is important to read carefully. Here is what I say in “The Christ Is Born in You:”

The serpents in your midst, those who are seeking to manipulate the people of earth, have used the relativity of the dualistic mind to create division and conflict among God’s people. The primary tool used by the serpents is a tactic often referred to as “divide and conquer.” You might recall the statement, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The true meaning is that a lifestream divided against itself by the relativity of the dualistic mind cannot recognize the truth of God, and therefore it cannot achieve Christ consciousness.

The tactic that has been used so efficiently by the serpents in this world is to use the relativity of the dualistic mind to create two extremes that are, or seem to be, in opposition to each other. The purpose is to make you think that truth must be found in one of these extremes. In reality, both extremes spring from the relativity of the dualistic mind, and therefore truth is found in none of them.

By looking at history, you will see how this tactic has been used in many ways. For example, there is the conflict between communism and capitalism. Many people allowed themselves to be drawn into this conflict, and they thought the struggle between capitalism and communism was a struggle between good and evil. In reality, the struggle between capitalism and communism is simply a struggle between two kinds of totalitarianism, two forms of centralized control of the economy.

In a communist system, the state owns or controls the means of production. In a capitalist system, privately held companies are fighting to attain a monopoly. If you take capitalism to its ultimate extreme, one company would own all means of production. However, this can happen only if that company influences (merges with) the government, and thereby the ultimate outcome of a capitalist system is a form of state control that is already present in the communist system. What I am telling you here is that capitalism and communism are simply two different ways of attaining centralized control of the economy.

The middle way between these two extremes is a form of economy called “free enterprise” or the “free market economy” (unfortunately many people believe the lie that free enterprise is the same as capitalism). The very basis of the free enterprise economy in unrestricted competition. In a free enterprise economy, it is not possible to create a monopoly. As long as competition remains free, a company can gain a monopoly only on a temporary basis. It is inevitable that some other company will start producing the same goods at a lower price, and thereby the monopoly is broken. [end quote]

I cannot see how these words can be construed to mean that I advocate a combination of capitalism and communism. I advocate an economy that is neither capitalism, communism or a combination of the two. It is beyond the dualistic extremes.

I do not consider China to be an ideal society, because it places too little value on individuality, elevating the state over the individual. This is not God’s way because in God’s world, the individual is supremely important. The state is made for the individual, not the individual for the state. The path of Christhood is an individual path, and you have a right to pursue that path even if the entire world is against you—as I demonstrated 2,000 years ago.

Now for the second question and the statement “the poor ye have with you always.” This statement was made to help my disciples see that they needed to focus all of their attention on absorbing my Light and teachings while I was still in embodiment with them. It was given specifically for my disciples and was not meant as a statement for all Christians for all time. However, it does contain the message that you need to set your priorities right and that Christhood is always the highest goal for any spiritual seeker. Seek ye first the kingdom – consciousness – of God and all else shall be added unto you.

In terms of socialism being a more compassionate system than capitalism, no system can ever be more compassionate than the people who define, implement and enforce the system. Therefore, no system can guarantee the removal of poverty. I have commented on this as part of another answer:

There is simply no political system – be it capitalist, socialist or communist – that can guarantee social justice, and the reason is simple. Social injustice springs from the dualistic state of consciousness that causes people to see themselves as separated from and in opposition to their brothers and sisters. The only solution is the Christ consciousness which causes people to see themselves as one with their spiritual source, meaning that all other people also sprang from that source. Thereby, people will begin to see the reality behind my statement that inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.

When people see themselves as one with God, they let God act through them, and therefore there is no need for any man-made systems to control life. You can then let God be in command instead of allowing a human elite to control the general population through whatever system – be it religious, political or economic – that they have defined as infallible.

Only when people see beyond the dualistic view of separation and opposition, will they see the reality that all life sprang from the same source. Therefore, if they hurt another, they are actually hurting themselves. And only that sense of spiritual oneness will bring true social justice to a society. Social justice simply cannot be forced by any system because the elite defining and upholding the system will always see themselves as above the general population and right there you have duality built into the system. Duality is the eternal enemy of justice and equality!

Social injustice is caused by unenlightened selfishness. The only way to achieve social justice is to help people achieve enlightened selfishness based on the oneness of all life. [end quote]

As for the question of why I do not recommend a socialist system, how could I possibly support a belief system that is based on a denial of the existence of God and an attempt to elevate the state – and thereby the elite controlling the state – to having the same absolute power as God? I constantly affirmed my oneness with God. When the communists do the same, I might take another look at their philosophy.

My point is that I do not advocate any man-made system. I advocate a free-market economy with unrestricted competition and enlightened citizens. However, for such an economy to work – and avoid falling into chaos or abuse – a critical mass of the population must attain a high degree of Christ consciousness. This will enable the Holy Spirit to flow through the economy and it will manifest the abundant life. It will give equal opportunity to all so that only those who are not willing to make an effort will be poor.

So, once again, the only way to truly remove poverty is for you to make an all-out effort to manifest your individual Christhood and then shout your message from the housetops in order to help others do the same. Remember my statement, “I can of my own self do nothing?” Well, neither can you, but with God all things are possible. God is the only power that can remove poverty but God must act through his sons and daughters. So you must “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” and do the works that I did.



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